The Matinee July 3rd is full of awesome new tunes for all of you state side listeners that might be enjoying a 4 day weekend. We hope you find your new favorite song or band. Artists are representing Canada, The UK and the US today.

BOYS – “Dreamland” (London, England)

RIYL: The Drums, Beach Fossils, Ducktails

“Dreamland” is the newest track from London based BOYS. It’s glorious dream pop at it’s finest. “Dreamland” is the perfect combination of jangly lo-fi guitars, hazy vocals and just the right amount of reverb. The song is quite hypnotic from the get go and definitely uplifts your mood even though the lyrical content isn’t overtly happy.

The band shares a bit behind the track: “it’s a love song about originally feeling very strongly towards someone but later questioning yourself about that person and whether it’s the best thing to be around them”.

BOYS are Ross Pearce (lead vocals), Kane Butler (lead guitar), Mike Stothard (harmonies/rhythm guitar), and Dan Heffernon (bass).

“Dreamland” is the title track from BOYS’ upcoming EP.

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Bravestation – “Up For You” (Toronto, Canada)

RIYL: BLAJK, Mating Ritual, Night Drive

We have a new release from Bravestation. They continue to release upbeat indie pop that forces you to move. “Up For You” is out just in time for you to add to your upbeat summer playlist as the band shares: “Up For You” is an ode to that euphoric feeling we all long for; summer days and nights, someone’s touch or love, that rush you can’t get enough of.”

This is the first single release of this year and we are hearing a bit more upbeat indie pop compared to songs from their last EP V. This time around Bravestation worked with an outside producer (Michael Sonier) and engineer (Jason Dufour) which explains a reason for a slight adjustment in sound.

Bravestation are brothers Devin and Derek Wilson with childhood friend Jeremy Rossetti.”Up For You” is going to be part of their upcoming debut album which should be coming in the near future.

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Glaze – “Chow Mein” (Austin, USA)

RIYL: A Perfect Strangers, EAT FAST, No Joy

Glaze is producing some mind blowing rock-gaze that we can’t get enough of. “Chow Mein” starts of with a killer bassline and then explodes into screaming guitars and as the tempo changes again, just the right amount of reverb surrounds impressive yet subdued vocals.

The track is so explosive it makes you want to let go of any pent up emotions that might be hiding deep down inside. There is a strong chance their live set is probably pretty amazing.

“Chow Mein” is taken from Glaze’s new EP, Wasted Mind, and it is available on Bandcamp.

Glaze are Stephen McElwee (guitar/vocals), Austin Yeates (bass), and Jake Villarreal (drums).

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kyd the band – “American Dreamer” (Nashville, USA)

RIYL: CAKE, The Killers, Portugal the Man

kyd the band are brothers Kyle and Devin Guisande and “American Dreamers” is their first official release.

The song is quite infectious and reminds of 90s bands like CAKE or The Killers with a bit of a rap element you would hear from modern stars Twenty One Pilots. The song is of course about wanting to provide financially for a new love and the track also has meaning that hits home for the artists.

The brothers share about this experience: “When we were 15 and 16 respectively, we watched our parents lose everything from our house to our car to our furniture. We actually remember watching a bank rep walk up to our front door and tape a foreclosure notice on it. This instance inspired by the line, ‘I think I wanna buy you a house, and if the bank man comes to steal it away, I hope you stay.’

With just the right amount of infectious beats, memorable lyrics and upbeat tempos, kyd the band could have a bright future ahead of them in the indie pop arena.

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Mondo Cozmo – “Plastic Soul” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Spiritualized, Phosphorescent, Patrick Watson

Mondo Cozmo has made a great impression so far with the singles that have been released from their forthcoming debut album. “Plastic Soul” is the title track and it’s pretty amazing.

The song is a beautiful soul filled track with a bit of punk shining through that makes you immediately fall in love. The track is even sweeter when you find out the motivation behind the song. Mondo Kozmo explains: “you know my wife and I always joked about if we would meet up like in the next life. If we’d keep meeting up. I just thought that was a cool way to think about things.”

As the track progresses we get the feel of traveling through different eras as the lyrics tell the story with “the best days of all my lives were spent dreaming of the afterlife”. Mondo Cozmo has a way of creating tracks that exude a sort of spiritual experience, thus why their work so far is pretty amazing.

The song is from Mondo Cozmo’s debut album, Plastic Soul. It comes out August 4th via Republic Records.

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thanks. – “Your World” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Beck, Grouplove, MGMT

“Your World” by thanks. is another upbeat indie pop track that can also be immediately added to your summer playlist. It’s groovy and infectious. thanks. has a way of combining soul and psych pop together into something quite addicting (think early MGMT).

Mario Borgatta shares a bit about the new release: “the idea was inspired by George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” and though our lyrics aren’t meant to express any opinion towards a specific political idea or belief, we hope to motivate people to take action in what they believe in”. 

thanks. are Mario Borgatta, Steve Pagano, and Nick Monahan.

thanks. debut full length album Colfax is due for release summer 2017.

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