Cabbage are a five-piece, post-punk band from Manchester. I’d like to review the opening night of their tour on Thursday 29th June at Scala, but I don’t think my words are going to do justice as to how amazing these guys are.
Fresh from performing on the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury, Cabbage are really making a name for themselves. They opened with “Kevin”, a song about being in trouble. It’s loud, it’s fun, and it’s full of attitude. This could be used to describe many of their songs!

T-Shirts on sale at the merch stall include: “Theresa is a terrorist” and “Born in the NHS”. It’s a left-wing evening with the crowd singing Jeremy Corbyn’s name at any opportunity. It’s a chant that’s becoming increasingly popular at music events around the country.

Cabbage’s choruses are just as catchy. “Terrorist Synthesizer” contains some of my favourite lyrics I’ve heard. “All I need is my MIDI keyboard because I’m a terrorist synthesiser”. The words to many of the songs won’t be for the easily offended, especially “Necro Flat at The Palace”. I’ll let you Google that one!

The night ended with crowd surfing, flying beers and lead vocalist Lee Broadbent leaning in with the crowd as they went wild for “Uber Capitalist Death Trade”, the opening song from their debut album Young Dumb and Full Of… which is an absolute cracker and definitely worth a listen. It’s available at iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Cabbage are now on tour for the rest of the year. All dates are available here and I strongly recommend you see them. Just stand out of the way if you’re not into moshing or crowd surfers.

“Fraudulent Artist”
“Celebration of a Disease”
“Terrorist Synthesizer”
“Dinner Lady”
“Network Betrayal”
“Tell Me Lies About Manchester”
“Necroflat at The Palace”
“Asa Morley”
“Because You’re Worth it”
“Uber Capitalist Death Trade”

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Strange Bones

We weren’t gently eased into the night! Opening act Strange Bones were straight out and in with the crowd to get them pumped up for the night ahead. Singer Bobby Bentham was straight over the photo pit with his mic and running around the audience.

Balaclava clad for half of the set, the punk trio were in your faces and definitely fun to watch.

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The Blinders

The young band charmed the crowd with their slightly calmer performance. Continuing the political theme for the night there was a massive anti Tory message throughout their set, they had the crowd bouncing and ready for what was to come from Cabbage.

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