The Community Festival is a new, one-day event squeezed into the now packed UK festival calendar. Held in Finsbury Park in London, the day brought together some of the best established and new indie bands – and all for less than half of the price of an Adele ticket.

Our lensman, Marcus Jamieson-Pond, spent the day running between the two stages to bring you a flavour of what was on offer. Due to the number of bands and artists, Marcus has split the photos over two days. Here is part 1.


Singer-songwriter from Northern Ireland (who is yet to post any tracks on Soundcloud!). With his guitar and a drummer, he was setting the scene for the day. Powerful vocals reminded me of his fellow countrymen Keane. Only there was no piano, and he played with more edge (no not the guy from U2). One to watch out for.

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Saint Phnx

Guitar and drums (theme emerging?) with major energy being put into their performance. Given the early slot and the second stage, they did well to get the crowd singing two-part accompaniment. But when two brothers from Glasgow are intelligently beating the shit out of two drum kits, you’re going to take notice and do what they say. Compulsive viewing and listening. One of the highlights of the day.

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Wild Front

A regular feature on the stages of this Summer’s festivals (having been at Glasto on the Introducing stage the week before). The four-piece from the South Coast delivered clever pop-rock tunes with choppy guitars and three-part vocals. I left the photo pit as they started to play ‘Her’, which drew me back to the side of the stage and meant I was a bit late for the next band, but hey, you’ve got to be wild sometimes!

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Stereo Honey

Four-piece faves of Radio X, but maybe under-appreciated elsewhere – for now? Vulnerable and delicate falsetto vocals and catchy pop tunes will mean that people will always say they sound a bit like Temper Trap. I was reminded of The Associates from the early ’80s (ask your Mum), but these guys are certainly in the here and now.

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With the temperature rising, Laura La Hayden poured beer onto the stage whilst strutting about looking like a 1970’s rock goddess. Well, their latest EP is called Drunk after all, an early favorite for one of our best EPs of 2017. Sass with hypnotic riffs and rhythms – I suspect they’ll be headlining some pretty big venues soon. A fellow lens-man commented afterwards, “She’s a photographer’s dream. Just like Debbie Harry”.

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Clean Cut Kid

Last up on the second stage, the prize for the best team tattoos – I spotted a few little magnets and TVs – and for the best beard of the day. (That beard was once smelt by the TV presenter of Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch). Nifty two-part girl/boy vocals and catchy poppy songs from their debut album Felt about taking vitamins and leaving people behind. A great way to round off the show at the top of the park. I suspect the tattoos and beard will be featuring on more mainstream music channels in the near future.

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Watch out for Part 2 – the main stage – or to see more photos see

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