The Matinee July 7th has 9 awesome new tracks for your listening pleasure. We have a myriad of indie alternative tracks you today. Artists are representing Australia, Canada, the UK and the USW today. We get things started with songs by two indietronic groups who unexpectedly released new music – one in the wee hours of the morning.

Rhye – “Please” (Los Angeles, USA & Toronto, Canada)

RIYL: Rhye, Cigarettes After Sex, Sade, Phoria

It’s been a long time since Rhye have shared anything new. Four years to be exact. Sure, they’ve shared remixes of their previous songs, but in terms of new music the last we heard from them was the exquisite 2013 Woman. Singer-songwriter and vocalist Mike Milosh and and Danish instrumentalist Robin Hannibal, however, have been busy during this time. Milosh focused his attention mostly on his solo project while Hannibal has been producing songs and albums for the likes of Chairlift, Cee Lo Green, Little Dragon, Lion Babe, and host of others. Just as we started to wonder if we would ever hear from the duo again, they released a gem in the early morning hours.

“Please” is the definition of a sweet, sensual affair. It is everything that we’ve come to love about Rhye – Milosh’s stunning and intimate vocals, his personal storytelling, and Hannibal’s breathtaking production. Nothing is hurried, and every note and lyric is expressed with the sincerity of a person saying goodbye to a loved for the very last time. If you happen to be next to your partner, play this song and hold them tight. This is a song to make a new memory. Mmm… absolutely gorgeous.

In addition to “Please”, Rhye also released a second single, “Summer Days”. It is slightly more upbeat yet still very sensual. It is available on SoundCloud (Go account only), Spotify, and probably other streaming services. There is no video for the song.

The split single is out on Last Gang.

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Cut Copy – “Airborne” (Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: LCD Soundsystem, Caribou, Tame Impala

Speaking of unexpected “comebacks”, Aussie super-electronic group Cut Copy haven’t released any new in years. Well, they did release the ambient EP, January Tape, and a mixtape in 2015, Forest Through The Trees, but we’re not counting those. Their last proper album was 2013’s Free Your Mind. What they’ve been doing in between is unclear, but the time off sure has done them a wealth of good because their new single has the major “Wow” factor.

Before you hit play, light up the disco ball, put on your dancing shoes, and let out the sequins shirts because “Airborne” is a psychedelic-infused, disco-inspired, electronic orgasm. Elements of funk even percolate throughout the track with the stammering guitar rift, but it’s the hazy synths, the bubbling beats, and Dan Whitford’s delirious vocals that steal you away. When the song hits the chorus, images of John Travolta strutting to the Bee Gees’ “Saturday Night Fever” come flooding into mind. Now this is the way to tell people, “We’re back!” Time to get the party started!

“Airborne” is out now via AstralWerks. Other streaming and purchasing links can be found here. Cut Copy will kick off their next tour on July 19 in Sydney. Maybe that means a new album is on the horizon!

Cut Copy are Dan Whitford, Tim Hoey, Mitchell Scott, and Benjamin Browning.

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Faith Healer – “Light Of Loving” (Edmonton, Canada)

RIYL: Janis Joplin, The Black Lips, Courtney Barnett

Two years ago, Jessica Jalbert released one of the best debuts of 2015 with Cosmic Troubles, which was a dazzling psychedelic experience. Then in December, she shared “Cry”, which raised our hopes a new album was in the works. Sure enough, the Edmonton native is indeed releasing a follow-up, and the lead single is from the forthcoming album called Try 😉 (yes, the winking emoticon is part of the official title), is a cracker. Or maybe more accurately, it’s as explosive as a ten thousand firecrackers.

With “Light of Loving”, Jalbert amps up the intensity and ferocity, and in the process she unleashes her inner Janis Joplin and Patti Smith. The song showcases Jalbert’s fierce, psychedelic rock hooks, though her sound is now supplemented by drummer/multi-instrumentalist Renny Wilson. Together they create a massive wall of sound akin to the earth-shaking volume of Courtney Barnett or The Black Lips if fronted by Amber Webber of Black Mountain fame. The song starts off with a blast, but the flaming guitars and power organ at roughly the 3:05 mark are mind-blowing awesome. After 45 seconds, the song subsides, but only momentarily. Then the song turns into a dirty garage rocker. By the end of it, you’ll be uttering the words, “Holy cow!” We did anyway.

Jalbert’s sophomore album, Try 😉, is out September 8 on Mint Records. It can also be pre-ordered on Bandcamp. We cannot wait for this one!

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Japanese Breakfast – “Road Head” (Philadelphia, USA)

RIYL: Mitski, Half Waif, The Sundays

For us, calling an artist unpredictable is one of the biggest compliments we can give. We love being surprised, especially by an artist whom we’ve grown fond of over the years. Michelle Zauner, who is better known as Japanese Breakfast, is one such artist who continues to surprise us with everything she writes. Her debut album, 2016’s Psychopomp, was a devilish indie-rock delight. For her sophomore album, however, she has gone all over the map.

The first single, “Machinist“, which was released in May, was a club-inspired, synth-pop gem. “Boyish”, which was the second single, was a languid but stunning ’70s-esque, stoner, folk-rock ballad. Now with the third single from the album, “Road Head”, Zauner draws inspiration from David Lynch and Twin Peaks. Like the famed director and iconic television series, “Road Trip” is delirium personified. The psychedelic swirls of the looping guitar riff, the humming synth, and Zauner’s distant vocals are hazy yet stunning, and the effect is akin to hearing a song being filtered through a kaleidoscope. Zauner’s storytelling is even Lynch-esque about two free spirits on the run. The trippy video, though, might have you reconsider exactly what is a free spirit in Zauner’s world.

Japanese Breakfast’s new album, Soft Sounds From Another Planet, arrives July 14th via Dead Oceans with pre-orders here or on Bandcamp.

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TheNovemberTakeback – “The Sameway” (Pittsburgh, USA)

RIYL: New Found Glory, Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday

We previously featured this band two years ago when we had our Twitter Tuesday feature (we would scour our Twitter followers who were bands and feature their music if we dug their sound). Since 2015, only two more tracks have appeared, and “The Sameway” is the latest release.

We still don’t know much about TheNovemberTakeback except they are producing some lovely emo-tinged indie rock that sounds quite polished for a DIY band. “The Sameway” chronicles that relationship where you feel worlds apart and you really wish that both felt the same way about each other. It’s possible the relationship is also about to end. Not only are there some great 90s influences shining through on this one, but there are some definite Van Halen-ish guitar vibes which makes this a true indie -ock gem.

Two years ago, we noted that TheNovemberTakeback was the solo project of Chris Diana, but we aren’t sure if that is still true as the website has very little info about the band/artist.

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Slowlights – “Overgrown” (London, England)

RIYL: Eliza and the Bear, High Tyde, Marsicans

Although Slowlights’ tagline is “London’s 128th most attractive band” (which pokes fun at the massive amount of London area indie bands), they actually are being quite modest. “Overgrown” is an emotional rocker that has everything you need to fill any melodic indie-rock fan’s desires (like ours!). There are tight vocals, an addictive chorus, and lovely melodies floating over wailing guitars.

Lyrically, it’s a track about a relationship that is quite “overgrown”, as the singer declares: “I guess that you don’t need me like I need you. I guess I’ve always known cuz I feel low when you go, I guess we’re overgrown”. Ah, the words from a young broken heart, to which we all can attest. 

The single is from their atest EP release, I Try So Hard, which is available via super UK indie label Killing Moon.

Slowlights are Dan Clark, Bill Dukelow, Tim Hillier Brook, and Stephen Dukelow.

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Wild Honey – “Break Away” (Sydney, Australia)

RIYL: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, The Belligerents

Wild Honey have just released their newest single, “Break Away”. It’s an upbeat and laid-back rocker that is completely energetic in a classic ’60s psych-rock kind of way. The song is summery, warm, and uplifting, and it will lighten up even the darkest of days. The vocals are crisp and urges the listener to get up and make a difference in your own life, whatever that may be. As frontman Thom Moore exclaims, “Let it shine!”

There is a personal meaning to the song for Moore, and he explains the motivation behind the track

“After my Nan died, I just couldn’t seem to adjust. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life working in a job that failed to satisfy me, and really only served to cover the rent. I want to believe there is more to life than that, and it’s up to us to go and make that happen”.

One thing is for sure, Wild Honey are definitely making things happen with their music, and more will come soon.  Their forthcoming debut album is expected later this year.

Wild Honey are Thom Moore, Adam Della-Grotta, Jackson Love, Thom Eagleton, and Sam Barron.

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WOOF. – “Apply Changes” (Montclair, NJ, USA)

RIYL: Beck, Bop English, Guided by Voices

WOOF. is definitely an alumnus here at The Revue because we’ve shared several of his songs (he might be the most featured artist here). About every three months, WOOF – aka Kelan Bonislawski – will post a new single on SoundCloud, and he’s been doing this for the better part of two years. His latest single, “Apply Changes”, is another tasty treat.

More experimental and psychedelic than his past songs, this rocker explains the conundrum of many folks out there that want to make a change in their lives yet don’t. Nothing can be different, unless things are done differently. Thus, the song title of “Apply Changes” which proclaims: “Apply Changes, just hit the button cuz you don’t want to end up like a good for nothin’ so you apply changes. No way around it.” 

This is the perfect song for those people you know that continually complain about their unhappiness, but don’t take any action to change their circumstances. So instead of waiting for things to happen, taken control as Bonislawki smartly advises us. Given the state of the world, things won’t be getting easier any time soon.

WOOF. is Kelan Bonislawski, and most of his entire catalog can be found on SoundCloud. His two albums are also on Spotify.

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Wyldest – “Hitchhiker” (North London, England)

RIYL: Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, HAIM, JAGARA

Wyldest are expertly combining dreamy, psych pop/shoegaze with ’80s synth, and it totally works. The trio’s latest single, “Hitchhiker”, is a perfect example of their artistic brilliance.

Their band’s signature, hazy vocals remain, but the Debbie Gibson / Tiffany vibes really add an extra element that immediately draws you in. It’s like the perfect ’80s song, except this song is actually about a hitchhiker and not an allegory about love and growing up.As frontwoman Zoe Mead explains:

“I recently became obsessed with a true story I read about a hobo hitchhiker. This dude had nothing material, but anyone who met him saw him as the happiest person they’d ever met. ‘Hitchhiker’ is about the dream many of us have about ‘escaping’ society and rejecting materialism in favour of living alone with nothing but nature, our own thoughts and air in our lungs. The art of being happy just to exist with your own mind as entertainment. What a power that would be.”

For three-and-a-half minutes, our escape is back to the future, and a moment to relive our lives and simpler times.

Wyldest are Zoe Mead, Mariin Kallikorm, and Jack Gooderham.

Their EP, The Hitchhiker, will be released September 29th via Hand In Hive.

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