The Matinee July 10th includes 6 awesome new tracks for your listening pleasure. We hope you find you new favorite song or band to kick off the start of your week. We have artists representing Australia, Ireland, The US and the UK.

The Academic – “Bear Claws” (Mullingar, Ireland)

RIYL: Coasts, Two Door Cinema Club,  Viola Beach

The Academic have just released their newest single, “Bear Claws”. It’s super upbeat melodic indie rock. The track is vivid and anthemic with a perfect mix of strong vocals, catchy melodies and expertly executed guitar.

The Academic have turned heads with their 2015 EP release Loose Friends and will be touring this fall in the US with Judah & The Lion. The band shares a bit about the motivation behind the track:

“Bear Claws is a song about when you are coming of age, that period of your life when you’re just starting to socialise, getting out there and doing it. We all do stupid things at that time of our lives, not thinking about the longer-term implications. It’s also about asking people to be honest and open rather than holding back, which in adolescence is easier said than done.”

The song is out on Universal Music Group and Downtown Records.

The Academic are Craig Fitzgerald (vocals/guitar), Matt Murtagh (vocals/guitar), Stephen Murtagh (vocals/bass), and Dean Gavin (vocals/drums).

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Baby Strange – “Young Team” (Glasgow, Scotland)

RIYL: The Clash, Swim Deep, Superfood

The newest track by Scottish rockers Baby Strange is titled “Young Team”.  Even though the track is fast and upbeat with a bit of a Clash-like vibe, It’s a song about teenage Glaswegian gang culture. The lyrics include themes of territorial youth  “Shaved my head when I was 15 the boys for fun again…Where do you come from?..What is your problem?”

The theme of their upcoming EP titled Extended Play seems to take the same route chronicling the reality of disaffected teens growing up in Glasgow.

Extended Play will be released July 14th on Public Records.

Baby Strange are Johnny Madden, Connaire McCann, and Aidan McCann.

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Blood Cultures – “Detroit” (somewhere in New Jersey, USA)

RIYL: Brothertiger, Chain Wallet, Jai Paul

Blood Cultures just released their newest track titled “Detroit”. The track is a bit of a hazy, other-wordly synth laden dream that brings the listener close to a hypnotic state. The vocals are quite comforting and have that higher pitched octave similar to Rhye’s Mike Milosh.

We aren’t exactly sure where Blood Cultures is located in Jersey, or much about who is behind Blood Cultures. We just know we are digging the vibes they are creating so far and the mystery behind the band has really intrigued the blogosphere.

We do know the song is taken from Blood Cultures’ forthcoming debut album, Happy Birthday, which is out July 21st.

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Hayden Calnin – “Collision” (Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: Haux, S. Carey, Axel Flovent

“Collision” is the newest track from Australian singer-songwriter Hayden Calnin.  So far Mr. Calnin is providing a winning formula to perfectly frame his compelling vocals with just the right amount of wind instruments, subtle percussion and simplistic acoustic guitar. The result is always a beautiful and sweeping backdrop to let his voice shine.

Mr. Calnin shares a bit behind the track: ‘Collision’ is an expression about a really dark time for a friend of mine. And, like my previous single, ’Waves’, following that exploration of mental health in young adults.” is the newest track from Australian singer-songwriter Hayden Calnin.

Calnin’s forthcoming new EP, Dirt, is due out later in the summer.

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Sundara Karma – “Lakhey” (Reading, England)

RIYL: Gengahr, Gang of Youths, Jinja Safari

“Lakhey” is the newest single to be featured from Sundara Karma’s recently released debut album. We provided a review of Youth Is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect when it first came out earlier this year.

We also let everyone know to see this band live if they are ever in your area after being quite impressed from their SXSW performance back in March. “Lakhey” is a dreamy and awesome face paced rocker that perfectly frames Oscar’s vocals and the ability for Sundara Karma to get you moving after listening to any of their tracks.

Sundara Karma have re-released the LP with additional songs including “Lahkhey”,” Another Word for Beautiful” and “Explore”.

Youth Is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect is out now via Sony Music and Chess Club. The band is comprised of Oscar Pollock, Haydn Evans, Ally Baty, and Dom Cordell.

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Talmont – “Moving Further Than Before” (London, England)

RIYL: Bad Sea, Chairlift, Pegasus Warning

Talmont is a trio that is hard to describe. They are definitely a band without one particular label. With “Moving Further Than Before” we are impressed with their expansiveness that crosses over multiple genres that you wouldn’t normally think would work.

With “Moving Further Than Before” we have an amazing mix of jazz, old school hip hop vibes and that definite indie element. It’s an enjoyable track that frames Ms. Gibbons’ unique and smoky vocals just right. After first listen we immediately want to hear more from this talented trio.

Speaking on the song, Talmont explain:

“‘Moving Further Than Before’ is about gaining a new outlook following the end of a relationship. It explores the indecision and self-doubt that we often feel when moving on, especially when having to leave a person that it’s hard to imagine being without… ‘Moving Further Than Before’ is about closing a chapter of your life, but knowing that you’re heading in the right direction as a result; it’s about moving past a point.”

The single is out on Ont’ Sofa Records.

Talmont are Martha Gibbons, Joe Elliott, and Jules Temple.

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