It should be another packed night at the RBC Bluesfest because superstar rockers Muse are in the house. There is, however, plenty of other artists to check out on this full day. We offer our picks for Day 9. The full schedule can be found here.

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Thornetta Davis – 5:00, Black Sheep Stage

Long-time and celebrated singer-songwriter, Thornetta Davis, returns to Bluesfest for the first time since 2014 when she won over the audience. Featuring a lengthy catalogue of soul and Detroit blues-rock, she’ll have people dancing in front of the Black Sheep Stage, on the hill, and everywhere else. Her voice, however, will leave you in awe. It’s also safe to assume that the Texas Horns will join her on stage for a few numbers, making it a splendid Saturday evening.

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Wide Mouth Mason – 5:00, City Stage

Wide Mouth Mason was a staple of Canadian rock stations through the ’90s and early 2000s, spurning several hits that will be familiar to most people. Canadian guitar icon Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar, Grady) has replaced Earl Pereira on bass, joining original members Shaun Verreault (vocals/guitar) and Safwan Javed (drums/vocals). This definitely adds another exciting element to their live show. Whether you want to hear some of your older favourites or hear their newer sound you will not be disappointed, make sure to head in early enough to catch Wide Mouth Mason this year!

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Hamish Anderson – 6:00, Bluesville Stage

Two years ago, Hamish Anderson entered the Barney Danson Theater for a late-night affair, and it was a rarity – not a single person left the room. Now he gets to perform on a bigger stage for more people to discover his old-school blues and roots sound with touches of modern-day indie rock. If this doesn’t interest you, then maybe knowing that he opened for the late B.B. King and performed with him on stage might get pique your interest.

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Xavier Rudd – 9:00, Bluesville Stage


For nearly a decade, Xavier Rudd was a mainstay on the Ottawa music scene. Tulip Festival (when it use to host concerts), Bluesfest, the Bronson Centre, you name it and Rudd was there. Then he was a one-man band, but for the past 7 years he’s been performing with various musicians from across the globe and expanding upon his Aborigine-inspired music. We’ve seen him perform across the globe and every single one has the same outcome – an uplifting and memorable performance that borders on the spiritual.

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Bob Moses – 9:30, Black Sheep Stage


Bob Moses have been one of the fastest-rising electronic duos over the past year, but it’s not necessarily because they’re doing the tried-and-true EDM method. Instead, they’ve been creating some sultry electro-pop tunes that are made for intimate underground clubs. The Black Sheep Stage could be one sweaty mess this night.

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Local artists performing:

PINE – 3:00, City Stage

  • Ottawa’s own PINE have had an eventful few years. They’ve been signed to No Sleep Records, and their release party for their EP Pillow Talk was held just over a month ago at House of Targ. If you didn’t catch them there, you’ve got another chance as they open up the last weekend of performances at Bluesfest.

How Far to Mexico – 3:00, Bluesville Stage

  • Arrive early and head for the Bluesville stage for some psychedelic indie-pop from the new-ish (not quite) kids in town. It’ll agree with you like a cold bevvie on a blue-skied summer day.

Emma Lamontagne – 3:00, Barney Danson Theatre

  • This talented 17-year old Ottawa native is just getting started, and Bluesfest has helped ignite her career. She was the winner of the 2016 She’s the One contest and now she returns with her own set. Come see for yourself what won over the judges last year and why she’s one to watch.

The Bushpilots – 3:30, Black Sheep Stage

  • For an infusion of rock and roll to get your day shaking and quaking, get to the Black Sheep Stage for the start of the afternoon shows. No strangers to the local music scene, The Bushpilots have put out their 5th album in 2015, All The Little Things, which is full of big sound.

Mushy Gushy – 4:00, Claridge Homes Stage

  • Combining hair metal and garage rock into a style they like to call “Butt Rock”, come check out Mushy Gushy to hear what that sounds like.

The Jivewires – 4:30, Bluesville Stage

  • The Jivewires have been described as “the missing link between swing and rock ‘n roll”. Enjoy a bit of a throwback in time and come get your feet moving to their style of “jump blues”.

Blakdenim – 6:00, Claridge Homes Stage

  • This local hip-hop/funk band has been on the Bluesfest bill two years ago and their performance caused quite a buzz. Since then, they been busy recording and in 2016 released their second EP, Complexus, which they are eager to show off at the festival.

Jessica Pearson & The East Wind – 7:30, Barney Danson Theatre

  • If country, bluegrass and folk swirled with a bit of Celtic sound is what you crave, Jessica Pearson & The East Wind are to your taste. Having released their first single Think of Me in 2016, they using this year to tour and work on their new EP.

Night Lovell – 8:00, Claridge Homes Stage

  • Ottawa rapper Night Lovell is primed for big things. Last year saw the release of his sophomore album, Red Teenage Melody, making new fans and waves on iTunes. He’s the final show on the Claridge Home Stage on the Saturday night. Get primed for Muse with this young talent.


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