Occasionally an artist shows up who is absolutely, definitely, poised for something special. Roxanne De Bastion fills that category perfectly. Oozing potential through the sweeping soundscapes of her music and the totally relatability of her lyrics, De Bastion is already coming to the attention of the great and the good of the music industry. She can be confident that her latest single, “The Painter”, will receive critical acclaim, and we are delighted to premiere it here today.

De Bastion served a worthy apprenticeship, composing and performing from the age of 15 and quitting school in her home town of Berlin at the earliest possible opportunity to move herself, her guitar, and her songs to London. It seems she made the right choice, having since graced Glastonbury’s legendary acoustic stage, performed a showcase at Folk Alliance in the USA, opened for Martha Wainwright, Ricky Ross and Thea Gilmore as well as touring in her own right across Europe, among many more.

Remaining resolutely independent, De Bastion self-releases “The Painter” as the lead track on a double-A single, which will be released on 28th July. Opening with Brit-pop vibes, the track travels lightly into folk-rock territory, delivering layered arrangements and harmonies that tantalise the ear. There’s a nod to the ’60s, too, with shades of Marianne Faithfull in the closing bars. Roxanne explains the evolution of the song:

“I wrote ‘The Painter’ together with my good friend Thom Morecroft. I don’t often co-write, but this was one of those magical moments when a song just seems to appear out of this air. Thom was playing piano and I was on the guitar, we started playing and the song just happened. He also sings guest vocals on the track, which he recorded remotely from Liverpool. Oh, and this is a super silly fact, but I’m playing Howard Jones’ harmonium on the track…I didn’t know it was his at the time! One of those little quirks of musical trivia.”

Catch Roxanne live at the Cambridge Folk Festival on Saturday 29th July, and she’s on tour, supporting US artist Lambchop, between 8th and 18th August. Full details of the tour can be found here.

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And to enjoy the premiere of “The Painter”, just click the audio link below:

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