It’s the twentieth year of Truck Festival, the independent music festival based in Oxfordshire, England. It all began after the organisers decided that all the main music festivals had become too obvious and commercialised.

Twenty years on and they’ve got three cracking headliners in The Libertines, Franz Ferdinand, and The Vaccines, and a whole list of amazing up and coming acts who are smashing their way through the British music scene. Oh, and they’ve only gone and got Heimdall doing a late-night set!

We’ve picked through some of the names we’ll be looking out for over the three days.

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BlackWaters – 13:30 – 14:00 The Nest

Expect BlackWaters to be down the front with the crowd getting them going. Their songs are loud and get straight to the point. The Surrey based Punk-Rock band will be the perfect way to start the weekend.

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Francobollo – 14:30 – 15:00 Market Stage

The Swedish band have somewhat of an eclectic style of music. It’s hard to describe their exact style, but you’ll soon realise that if you don’t like what they do, they won’t care. They’re wonderful and weird, and we’ve become big fans.

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Dream Wife – 17:30 – 18:00 Market Stage

Part Icelandic, part British, full Pop-Punk. The trio are one of the quick rising female bands in the UK. They have a good reputation for their lively shows, and they’re definitely helped out by their lively following. This is a band we’ve longed to see after hearing them for the first time in 2016.

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Arcane Roots – 18:30 – 19:00 The Nest

I can’t recommend catching these guys enough. They’re like the love child of Muse and Biffy Clyro. Only they’re better than a love child, because everyone will adore them.

The three piece alt-rock band are getting a good name for their lively performances. Arcane Roots have a new album due out soon and they’ll be keen to grab some attention from the crowds. They won’t disappoint.

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Idris Elba – 23:55 – 02:00 The Temple

Heimdall. It’s fucking Heimdall! Taking time off from guarding the Bifröst, Idris Elba will be doing a late night set. If you’re partying late into the night then he’s worth catching. Just so you can say you’ve seen Heimdall.

Did I mention he plays Heimdall?

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The Night Café – 13:00-13:45 Truck Stage

These four Liverpudlians are making catchy, jangly pop-rock that is made for dancing and consuming your favourite beverage. They’re the perfect band to catch early in the afternoon, as their songs are like a shot of adrenaline. So get in early and find out what the neighbourhoods to the north already know (and what we also have found out over the years).

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Dead Pretties – 13:30 – 14:00 The Nest

If I could tell you what to expect from Dead Pretties I’d be lying. Expect the unexpected. The London grunge band will provide you with a bit of social commentary and plenty of energy. That’s about all I can be sure of.

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Psyblings – 14:30-15:00 The Barn

The psych-rock quintet from Manchester will provide some chaotic drumming and fast guitars. They’ve got a ’60s feel with a cool modern twist.

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YONAKA – 15:00-15:30 Truck Stage

One of Brighton’s biggest secrets is set for massive things later this year and into 2018. For us, they’re the next Wolf Alice and Black Honey – a band making big, bold music without shying away from the subjects that matter. You don’t want to miss a band who could very well be the UK’s next big thing.

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INHEAVEN – 17:30-18:00 Market Stage

Another one of our favorites is about to release their eponymous debut album on September 1st, and it’s one of the most highly-anticipated records of the summer/fall season. Their alt-rock approach is primal, heavy, and cathartic with lyrics often politically and socially relevant. If we were to host a festival, they would be near the top of the list, as they have long blown us away.

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Sundara Karma – 18:00 – 18:30 Truck Stage

Sundara Karma are a band I’ve been waiting to see for a while now (the entire crew here are huge fans). The indie band appear to have broke the scene in Britain and are now looking to crack it in the US.

With an appearance at SXSW earlier in the year, the debut album release, and being on list of the top festivals in the UK, it’s been a bust and very successful year for them.

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PUMAROSA – 18:30-19:00 Market Stage

The London-based quintet merely released one of the best albums of the year with The Witch, which was a dark, anthemic, cinematic masterpiece. Even before the LP release, PUMAROSA were regulars here – from The Matinee series and occupying our Favorite Songs of the Year playlist in 2015 and 2016. Now with a slot at Glastonbury and a performance on Jools Holland on their résumé, PUMAROSA are the verge of super-stardom. Catch them now before they explode.

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Sløtface – 15:00-15:30 Market Stage

One of Norway’s great indie bands is making the trek to the UK in preparation to win over another sizable audience with their perky indie pop-rock music. Sløtface, though, aren’t just another band. They’re resurrecting some of the great music and pop-culture references of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. To us, they are the equivalent of Andy Warhol, taking something familiar and making it vibrant and refreshing. They’re all-time favourites in these parts, so they’re a band we’re excited to see.

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Girl Ray – 16:00 – 16:30 Market Stage

Songs of heartache. They’ve got a real 70’s style, and it’s really refreshing. Well written and easy to listen to. The North London trio are bound to impress on the final day.

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Cabbage – 16:30 – 17:00 Truck Stage

Cabbage are a fantastic act to catch live and are quickly picking up a decent following. Politically charged and extremely catch songs galore. Expect some crowd surfing to happen during their set, which we’ve witnessed first-hand already.

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No Violet – 17:15-17:45 The Barn

The four-piece grunge band from Bristol released their debut single “Pretty Child” earlier in the year, and they will be looking to show it off over their list of festivals this summer. We’ve a soft spot for female-led bands, so will be making sure we get to see No Violet this weekend.

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Honeyblood – 18:00 – 18:30 Market Stage

Another act that has hit the UK by storm. Scottish grunge-pop duo Honeyblood have blown out drums and a distorted guitar, and sound bloody brilliant live.

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