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Japandroids at San Fran Bath House in Wellington (photo essay)


On Saturday night (July 22nd), Canadian rock duo Japandroids made a stop at San Fran in Wellington, New Zealand as part of their world tour in support of their excellent new album, Near To The Wild Heart Of Life. In his review of the record, Ben wrote:

(‘Near To The Wild Heart Of Life’) matches the sonic intensity of Springsteen’s Born To Run and Television’s Marquee Moon. Their songwriting, however, reaches another level, specifically the sweeping narration of Neil Young and the lyrical poignancy of David Byrne. Near To The Wild Heart Of Life, as such, is not just a great record; it likely will be one others will try to replicate in the future.

Live, however, Brian King and David Prowse ramped up the intensity and blew the roof off with a fiery set. For just two blokes, this was one crazy gig! Here are some pics from the gig.

Near To The Wild Heart Of Life is available now via Anti Records and Arts & Crafts. Order the LP here.

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Japandroids at San Fran in Wellington, New Zealand
Japandroids at San Fran in Wellington, New Zealand


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