New Moons: Vol. VIII, the latest compilation from London label Killing Moon, is out today, and we are excited to share this amazing collection. Killing Moon have an affinity for finding, promoting, and sharing emerging talents who then transition from obscurity to stardom. (Alt-J ring a bell?) 

With their New Moons series now on its eighth volume, you are sure to find new artists to love. This compilation features a wide range of genres – from ambient electronic to indie pop, blues-rock, and edgier punk – and is available here.

Here are just a few of the standouts from this 20-song collection. The full tracklist is below along with an entire stream of the compilation.


WILLIAM. – “Blindside”

“Blindside” is four minutes of smooth, R&B-infused ambient pop/soul with a slow-burning, come-hither allure. The atmospheric charm of James Blake permeates every note as the song builds. The crescendo is deliberately delayed as he heightens the suspense with a sly tease around the 1:38 mark. But when it finally erupts at the 3:15 mark into a euphoric rush of bold guitar, percussion, and soaring vocals, you’ll be left breathless, hot, and steamy – but also thoroughly satisfied. “I’ve got one thing on my mind,” he croons on the chorus. Yes, WILLIAM. So do we.


Ginger Snaps – “Number Crunching” 

Kick off your week with this banger from Northampton duo Ginger Snaps. They blend very Beck-esque brush strokes with Fatboy Slim accents to the upbeat palette of “Number Crunching. The result is an anthemic cure to workplace malaise. If you’ve ever felt like “a 9-to-5 job seems like suicide” (and who hasn’t?), then welcome to your life’s new soundtrack. Leave it to Jay Brook and Lee Irons to provide the audio ammunition you need to get through the work week without losing your mind or your job.


Bad Pop – “Same House” 

Killing Moon include more than just European artists on this collection. They also feature one of the hottest emerging Canadian art punk/pop outfits, Bad Pop. The intricate guitar work and energetic, syncopated rhythms on “Same House” will have you raising a middle finger to your exes as they proclaim, “I don’t want you” and “It’s easy just to not commit or give a shit to anybody.”  Hear, hear! If you’re a fan of ’90s indie pop-rock (The Dandy Warhols, Supergrass, Von Bondies), you will want to keep this one on repeat. It’s quite the ear worm that will take up permanent residence in your head anyway, so why fight it?


PARKER – “Runs & Rides”

Dive into this pool of sultry midnight vibes from emerging 21-year-old British artist Bryony Parker, aka PARKER. Waves of ambient electronic elements wash over you as she lures you into her sonic paradise on “Runs & Rides. It’s dark and beguiling with just the faintest hint of danger lurking on the perimeter. Picture a moonlit beach on a steamy evening. You can stay on shore or explore what lies beneath the waves. This siren’s song beckons you to take the plunge. Fans of Lorde and Halsey are sure to become smitten by this Australian-raised future star. You can “Play it cool when the sun goes down,” as she sings on the chorus, or view the video.


SYKES – “Glimmer”

London-based trio SKYES continue to show the world why they’re one of the hottest emerging indie pop bands. “Glimmer” finds the trio of Julia, Kristian, and Will channeling pop titans Matt & Kim and Sleigh Bells with this instantly addictive, utterly danceable hit. Their steady rise to the top is due to brilliant gems like this one. It’s no wonder they have been criss-crossing the globe playing festivals all over Europe and North America recently. They are blazing a path straight to superstardom with their intoxicating tunes. Get to know SYKES now if you haven’t already discovered them.


John J. Presley – “Left”

Move over, Jack White and Reignwolf: Birmingham’s John J Presley is laying down some scorching blues-rock on “Left” that will send chills up your spines. This song has swagger and snarl aplenty as it sinks its hooks into you. “Left” has the machismo of a guy who either steals your date or starts a barroom brawl (or both), but either way, it’s leaving on top and satisfied, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Have a few pints ready when you play this one, because you’ll need it to help you cool down afterwards.


No Middle Name – “Saturday Girl Sunday Boy” 

Bask in the breezy, harmonic delights of “Saturday Girl Sunday Boy” from No Middle Name. This two-minute, hook-filled smash mixes the baroque pop of Belle and Sebastian with hints of the ’90s-era Madchester scene for a sunny, beach-ready hit. The carefree vibes come naturally as No Middle Name hail from the seaside hamlet of St. Leonards in Sussex. Frontman David Bailey (The Title Sequence) will have you dancing in a matter of seconds, much to the delight of your elevated mood.


Killing Moon ‘New Moons: Vol. VIII’:

  1. WILLIAM. – “Blindside”
  2. Oyama – “Handsome Devil”
  3. Aztec – “Girl” (feat. MBD)
  4. Ginger Snaps – “Number Crunching”
  5. Gallery Circus – “Sugar”
  6. Baby! – “Home Sweet Home”
  7. Draper – “reaction” (feat. Milck)
  8. Bad Pop – “Same House”
  9. PARKER – “Runs & Rides”
  10. SYKES – “Glimmer”
  11. John J Presley – “Left”
  12. No Middle Name – “Saturday Girl Sunday Boy”
  13. Fizzy Blood – “Pawn”
  14. Dazey and The Scouts – “Groan”
  15. Annabel Allum – “Rich Backgrounds”
  16. Slumbers – “Doboom Soom”
  17. The Water Cycle – “Prep School Girls”
  18. Slowlights – “I Try So Hard”
  19. Honey Lung – “Sophomore”
  20. M*A*R*S* – “Spring Time Blues”

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