The Matinee includes 6 awesome new tracks to start your summer week off right. There are some sizzling rockers, some soulful anthems, and shimmering pop-rock numbers. It’s the perfect little playlist for a hot Monday. Artists are representing Canada, The US, The UK and New Zealand today.

The Blancos – “Fool For You” (New York, USA)

RIYL: Son Little, Hozier

The Blancos are creating some smooth soul inspired rock in roll . “Fool For You” speaks about the struggle of touring and missing his special someone. With lyrics that declare “You will always be the one” while guitars are wailing within a bluesy rock frame, it’s a stellar track that is super impressive and we could use more than two minutes and fifty nine seconds.

For currently just being a duo, The Blancos are filling a much needed void in the rock n roll spectrum and has us wondering how in the world just two people are creating their current sound. We are definitely intrigued to hear more.

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 Dead Seem Old – “Mischief” (London, England)

RIYL: Dead Seem Old

We have previously covered Dead Seem Old in the past and every once in a while, a new track emerges and reminds us that great tracks are possible with just simple acoustics and hypnotic melodies.

With Mr. Wicks’ fondness for Latin inspired guitar and the addition of simple slaps, claps or snaps for percussion, leaves us with an impressive yet simple track. As per usual, they have released a pretty awesome video to go along with their newest release titled “Mischief”. Lyrically the track chronicles the realities of choosing mischief and misbehaving.

Dead Seem Old are songwriter Thom Wicks and producer Javier Weyler.

The single is out now via Vourliotes Recordings.

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Julian Borrego – “Small Talk” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Tame Impala, Diane Coffee

Julian Borrego comes from a long line of talented musicians so it’s no wonder he has been able to foster his talent and create a very psych pop inspired tone. Previously in a band, he has since focused on his now solo project which has allowed him to craft a mixture of sounds ranging from psych, folk, soul and funk.

With “Small Talk” we have a sweet chorus that reminds a but of UMO with a completely 70s era funk vibe. It’s a stand out track that has us experiencing a great mixture of genres all wrapped up into one smooth package.

Mr. Borrego shares a bit about the EP which includes “Small Talk”: “This EP was like a crock pot of sounds and instruments, blending together and creating new tastes for myself”. 

“Small Talk” is from Mr. Borrego’s recently released EP titled Ouroboros.

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Iris Lune – “Sewing Skylines to Shores” (Brooklyn, USA)

RIYL: Bjork, Chairlift, Oh Wonder

The newest track from Brooklyn-based Iris Lune is a stellar track called, “Sewing Skylines to Shores”. The quartet has a knack for combining experimental synth with an acoustic feeling element that completely captures the listener. “Sewing Skylines to Shores”  is magnetic and quite beautiful with Ms. Ella Joy Meir’s vocals that serenade throughout.

Ella shares a bit about the motivation behind the track: “In the song, which was inspired by the story of Virginia Woolf’s suicide, the person finds his or her way to clarity and peace through parting from this world, but there are many ways to find that freedom.”

Iris Lune are Ella Joy Meir, Asher Kurtz, Aaron Liao, and Angelo Spampinato

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Racing – “If Only” (Auckland, New Zealand)

RIYL: Arctic Monkeys, The Neighbourhood, Muse

Racing are back with another impressive track titled “If Only”. We were quite blown away by their last track “The Bass” and “If Only” is continuing to confirm the quartet’s talent. We are digging the high pitched guitars that are melded with a completely dance inspired vibe. The track is addicting with a melodic earworm chorus and the added touch of their signature synth makes this one a track you won’t soon forget.

Frontman Ed Knowles, shares a bit about the track: “It’s a disco dreamscape that sounds like it’s come out of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet.”

“If Only” is from Racing’s forthcoming EP titled The Bass which will be released August 25th.

Racing are Ed Knowles, Sven Pettersen, Daniel Barrett and Izaak Houston.

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Said The Whale – “Nothing Makes Me Happy” feat. WILLA (Vancouver, BC)

RIYL: Portugal. The Man, Oh Wonder, Sylvan Esso

Said The Whale recently released “Nothing Makes Me Happy” and it’s a completely awesome track that features WILLA. It’s upbeat and one you can completely move to even though the lyrical content isn’t that upbeat.

We are totally digging the addition of vocals by WILLA and the overall addicting elements of their newest release. We hear 80s inspired synth, driving percussion laced with those sugary vocals and that killer chorus.

The band shares the perfect description of the song as well: We wrote “Nothing Makes Me Happy” with our friend Ali Milner, who performs under the name WILLA. We were thinking about friends of ours who complain about their lives even though from an outsider’s perspective they’ve got everything. It’s a very common complaint to have right now, and it’s something that is perpetuated by social media – seeing your peers share only the best moments of their lives makes everything you do feel weak by comparison. And I’m guilty of it, too! We can be so focused on the goals we’re trying to achieve that we forget to take a step back and appreciate what we have. Now that I think about it, this song is a little bit like a re-hash of ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’ but targeted at insecure, privileged millennials. *shrug emoji*

Said The Whale are Ben Worcester, Tyler Bancroft, Spencer Schoening, and Jaycelyn Brown.

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