The Matinee August 14th has a nice sample of indie rock tracks that span genres including dream pop, amazing instrumental, singer-songwriter fare and moving  electro-synth pop. We hope you find a new favorite song or band. We have artists representing Denmark, the US and the UK today.

The Attic Sleepers – “Berlin” (Copenhagen, Denmark)

RIYL: Local Natives, Pure X, Cigarettes After Sex

The Attic Sleepers are Mathias Barfod Boll and Matias Knigge Laursen. Their newest release is titled “Berlin” and it’s a mesmerizing dreamy rock track that you can’t help but want to hit repeat.

With a popular use of percussion similar to Local Natives, it’s easy to get lost a bit in the angelic harmonies and beautiful soundscapes included on “Berlin”. As we seem to be transitioning into cooler weather for some (definitely not in Texas) this is the perfect song for falling leaves and the seasonal inner warmth that autumn often brings. The Attic Sleepers seem to have a way with creating an almost melancholic sound that still uplifts your mood.

The Attic Sleeper’s debut album Transit is out September 1st on Loftrum Records. In a live setting Mathias and Matias are accompanied by Dennis DeBannic, Aske Bramming, Mikkel Grevsen and Erik Lindkvist.

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Balmorhea – “Clear Language” (Austin, USA)

RIYL: Phoria, Sigur Rós

As far as instrumental bands go, Tycho, Explosions in the Sky and Boards of Canada are usually most notably referenced. Balmorhea is an instrumental band from Austin, TX and they are just as talented as the former we just mentioned.

They have a way of creating beautifully structured instrumental tracks that soothe and bring an immediate sense of peace, along with audibly presenting highs, lows and exciting sound that often mirror seasons in life. 2012’s Stranger was the perfect relaxation and commuter album (Just check out the track “Massollan”). It’s been 5 years now since a new full length album release and the title track confirms to us their formula is still alive and well.

“Clear Language” is subtle and relaxing as they begin with the foundation of piano along with other elements that provide that completely ethereal and beautiful soundscape which includes their signature use of classical strings.

Balmorhea will actually be launching a short tour in support of their new album starting next month. You can check out tour dates here.

The band’s new album, Clear Language, will be released September 22nd via Western Vinyl. Pre-order it here.

Balmorhea are Aisha Burns, Rob Lowe, Michael Muller, Jeff Olson, Sam Pankey, and Nick Soberon.

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Phillip Phillips – “Miles” (Albany, GA, USA)

RIYL: Gavin DeGraw, Matt Nathanson, Train

It’s been 3 years since Phillip Phillips has released any new music due to a legal battle with 19 Entertainment. 2013’s single “Home” firmly placed him high in the singer-songwriter genre and he had nice success with his 2013 album release The World From The Side Of The Moon.

With his release of “Miles” we hear more maturity from Phillips’ lyrical songwriting as well as more of a rock vibe with this single release. The motivation behind this track according to Phillips is the unending support he has had from his wife.

“Miles” is off of Phillip Phillips’ upcoming album release.

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SWIMM – “Bedrooms” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Day Wave, Mating Ritual, Sego

Swimm have just released “Bedrooms” and it’s another acoustic and chill track that perfectly frames Mr. Hess’ unique and magnetic vocals.

“Bedrooms” is a lyrical gem as it covers the joy included with the start of a new physical relationship and the feeling of hope and love that surrounds the very beginning. As the song progresses, we are reminded of the realities and fears of commitment that sometimes end up sabotaging relationships we really care about. Swimm always has a way of being transparent and honest with each new release in their song-writing and keeps the listener wanting for more.

Swimm are Chris Hess and Adam Winn. “Bedrooms” is the latest single from Swimm’s upcoming full length debut album titled Sentimental Porno.

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TENDER – “Machine” (London, England)

RIYL: Astronomyy, Handsome Ghost, XYLØ

TENDER has a new release titled “Machine” and it’s a smooth synthpop track that speaks to the sometimes ridiculous dependence some of us have with social media. It also speaks to how in relationships we can sometimes allow ourselves to be affected so much by another person we feel we might be controlled by them.

The song also might pose the question that in a way we might be like machines, repeating certain negative habits and patterns over and over again since it has become our past learned behavior.

TENDER is James Cullen and Dan Cobb.

“Machine” is taken from TENDER’s forthcoming, debut album, Modern Addiction. Partisan Records will release it on September 1st.

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Wildwood – “Secrets” (Nashville, USA)

RIYL: Elle King,  Grace Potter, ZZ Ward,

Wildwood comes from a long line of musicians and it’s only fitting her chosen artist name as a homage to her family who sang about melancholy flower in the wildwood nearly one hundred years ago. All we know about Wildwood is that she has the surname of Carter and has already accomplished so much from being a classically trained violinist and Harvard graduate.

“Secrets” has an Americana vibe combining violin with a bluesy rock vibe which can be likened to Elle King or ZZ Ward. The track frames Wildwood’s vocals perfectly as she describes a less than ideal relationship from the singer’s perspective. As the song progresses we realize that it’s time to move on as more secrets are being revealed.

“secrets” is out via South x Sea.

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