When a band sounds as good in real time as they do in a studio, like  Fly My Pretties do, they may as well forego the whole studio experience and just release a live album. And that’s exactly what the New Zealand super-collective are doing. Tomorrow, they will release String Theory (The Complete Show), which features 18 songs from their most recent tour across Aotearoa. One of those numbers is an unexpected gem – “Black Hole”, for which we are pleased to premiere the video.

The video, of course, is a live rendition of the song, performed and written by New Zealand legend Tiki Taane. If you don’t know who Taane is, just do a Google search. The Coles Notes version is that Taane is one of the most sought-after sound engineers in the country, having worked with bass and drum stars Shapeshifter and pop sensations Six60. When he’s not busy mixing songs, the social, political, and cultural activist / singer-songwriter is dabbling in everything from dubstep and reggae (with his former band Salmonella Dub), rap, hip-hop, folk, experimental rock, punk, and good old-fashioned alt-rock. The latter two genres is where he has taken “Black Hole”.

Unlike the smooth and intimate numbers we’ve come accustomed to hearing from FMP, “Black Hole” is a blistering, edgy number. In other words, it is the fireworks show that follows the parade. At times, the song teeters on the edge of Rage Against The Machine’s raw power and other moments it explodes of Rise Against’s intensity. Like these bands, Taane has written a song that is basically one big middle finger at all those individuals who try to knock us down. As he explains:

“Black Hole” is about all the negative things in your life that pull you down! Whether it be someone you unfortunately know or some kind of addiction that’s sucking all your energy in a really bad way. And imagine you’re 15 years old and you’ve snuck out of your parents’ house to go to a party. There are heaps of shitty punk metal bands playing and this is one of the songs that’s blaring.

The video is below, which demonstrates the sheer power of the band. An audio version is also provided at the very end if that is your preferred platform.

String Theory (The Complete Show) will be released on Friday, August 18th via Loop Recordings. Here is the short link to the platforms to buy or stream the LP. The entire album is streaming right now over at Ambient Light.

In addition, check out pics from their last Wellington show here, and Tiki Taane features prominently in the photo essay.

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