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Float Fest 2017 Wrap Up


Wet Hot Texas Summer

There are constant music festivals and outdoor events going on in the state of Texas throughout the year except during the summer season. Local meteorologist sometimes urge their viewers to stay inside during the day when temperatures can reach up to 105 degrees. But near the end of July, Float Fest braves the heat and invites people to join them in San Marcos Texas for their annual summer festival.



Float Fest just completed their most successful weekend in their four-year history. The numerous packages they offer – a mixture of concert tickets and the option to camp and tube down the river near the festival grounds – sold out a month beforehand. Carnival and helicopter rides were an additional attractions that helped pass the time between performers.

This year’s line up blended all music genres. ZEDD, Girl Talk, and Snakehips satisfied EDM enthusiast. Weezer and Cage the Elephant brought classic hard rock guitars and drum tones while MGMT, Neon Indian, and Passion Pit offered synth-driven indie music. Mac Miller and Mike Jones were the big hip-hop acts, and local hometown heroes Walker Lukens and Wildchild joined the line-up as early daytime performers.

Here are quick takes of some performers

Weezer: The band played numerous hits between their opening song “My Name is Jonas” and their encore “Buddy Holly”. My only gripe about the set is that it didn’t contain any songs from their beloved fan favorite album, Pinkerton.

Cage the Elephant: This band is my favorite band to photograph. They have a classic rock, flashy Rolling Stones vibe when they perform. They know that crowds love when singers and guitarist walk off the stage to interact with them, or do crazy jumps off the drum riser. And that’s what they did for their entire 18 song set, operating on high energy and not missing a single beat.   

Girl Talk: 20+ guests, armed with confetti canons and toilet paper launchers,appeared on the stage at the start of the set.They remained on the stage dancing throughout the entire concert as Gregg Gillis grooved beside his Macbook Pro and occasionally jumping onto his DJ table to hype the crowd. The entire show turned the festival into a dance club.

MGMT: The band is back after being on hiatus for the past two years. Their set consisted of their previous material, and songs from their upcoming album Little Dark Age. Welcome back MGMT.

Neon Indian: The band doesn’t have as much name recognition as the headliners, but they matched their performance skill. Alan Palomo and his band performed while the sun was looming over the crowd, and it showed. Their high energy performance left them all drenched in their own sweat when they walked off stag

 Any upcoming announcements regarding Float Fest 2018 can be found on their website.

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