Summer is almost over, but that doesn’t mean we cannot escape from our surroundings. Music is and will always be the one thing that allows us to go somewhere far, far away or maybe that journey is an introspective one. To accompany you on your travels, we present the Weekend Showcase 3.32 edition.

Once again, we have scoured the planet for the best new music, in our humble opinions of course. This week’s playlist features 53 songs. The bands and artists represent 11 countries, including: Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, Iceland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the United States.

The playlist and tracklisting, as usual, follows the list of articles from the past week. Note the Spotify playlist only has 43 of the 53 songs. There is also an additional playlist list, one featuring classic songs and it’s dedicated to Belle and Sebastian drummer Richard Colburn’s abandonment at a Walmart in North Dakoka.

Enjoy the great music and discover music’s hidden gems.





  • The Matinee August 15th – Crys Matthews, DAKOTA, Francis, Happy Abandon, Happy Hollows, Holy Family, Lazy Days, SHINERS, Worst Place
  • Melodic Tonic ’17 August 16th – Birds of Bellwoods, Dream Wife, Eagle Rock Gospel Singers, Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, Imitating Aeroplanes, Kiasmos
  • The Matinee August 17th – Julien Baker, The Beautiful Ghosts, The Boxing, Chad VanGaalen, A Giant Dog, Makthaverskan, Prom Queen, Sophisticated Dingo, Yumi Zouma
  • The Matinee August 18th – Alvvays, Crush Hour, Geowulf, hd haussmann, HEARTSREVOLUTION, Lenore, Nelson Can, Nona The Band, Stalgia
  • Saturday Sampler August 19th – Church Girls, JOSEPH OF MERCURY, Men I Trust, Milk Teddy, Pinkshinyultrablast, Ramonda Hammer, Ruby Fray, Sam Evian, Shout Out Louds


Weekend Showcase 3.32 Tracklisting

  • Alvvays – “Plimsoll Punks” (Toronto, Canada)
  • hd hausmann – “of tiredness of sleep” (London, England)
  • The Districts – “Salt” (Philadelphia via Lititz, PA, USA)
  • Ramonda Hammer – “The Man Who Sold the World” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • DAKOTA – “Wanderlust” (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • TENDER – “Machine” (London, England)
  • Yumi Zouma – “Depths (Pt. I)” (Christchurch, New Zealand)
  • Nelson Can – “Break Down Your Walls” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Dream Wife – “Fire” (London, England & Reykjavik, Iceland)
  • Geowulf – “Drink Too Much” (London, England via Sunshine Coast, Australia)
  • Balmorhea – “Clear Language” (Austin, USA)
  • PEP – “Run” (New York City, USA)
  • Crys Matthews – “We Must Be Free” (Herndon, VA via Richlands, NC, USA)
  • Prom Queen – “End Of The World” (Seattle, USA)
  • Lazy Day – “Hiccup” (London, England)
  • Nona – “Fathers Day” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Milk Teddy – “New York Rhapsody” (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Lenore. – “Ether’s Arms” (Portland, USA)
  • Arrows Of Love – “Parts That Make The (W)hole” (London, England)
  • Kiasmos – “Blurred” (Reykjavik, Iceland)
  • Crush Hour – “Starting Again” (Sydney, Australia)
  • Stalgia – “Talk To My Skin” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Holy Family – “Erratic” (Montreal, Canada via Gothenburg, Sweden)
  • SWIMM – “Bedrooms” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Mermaidens – “Satsuma” (Wellington, New Zealand)
  • SHINERS – “Just Got Paid” (London, England)
  • Francis – “Swing” (Falun, Sweden)
  • DAKOTA – “Silver Tongue” (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Wildwood – “Secrets” (Nashville, USA)
  • Sam Evian – “Need You” (New York City, USA)

Supporting labels: 37 Adventures, Art Is Hard Records, Burger Records, CascineClub AC30, Erased Tapes, Fat Possum, Flemish Eye, Flying Nun Records, I’m Not From London Records, Loftrum Records, Lost & Lonesome, Lucky Number, Matador Records, Melodic Records, Merge RecordsNew Professor Music, Partisan Records, Piaptk Records, Polyvinyl Records, Propeller Recordings, Royal Mountain Records, Run For Cover Records, Saddle Creek Records, Schoolkids Records, South x Sea, Strangers Candy, Sub Pop, Tendril Tales, Transgressive Records

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