The Matinee August 21st includes 6 awesome new tracks for your listening pleasure. We have anthemic indie rock, dreamy electro pop and captivating indie rock. We hope you find your new favorite song or band today and that this gets your week started off right. Artists are representing Australia, Canada, Norway, The US and the UK today.

Adrian Underhill – “Cruel” (Toronto, Canada)

RIYL: Craftspells, The Drums, Wavves

“Cruel” is an upbeat track with an awesome 70s disco vibe that has us immediately grooving. It’s the latest single release from Adrian Underhill and will be a part of his upcoming album titled CU Again.

Not only does this song have a danceable and toe tapping beat, it also brings a message of unity which the entire world could use right about now. It reminds us that everyone has an opinion or belief or that person is completely different than we are. No matter what our differences, we all need to come together and respect each other and just be decent human beings.

Adrian shares a bit about the track: This song means a lot to me. It comes from a place of honestly trying to listen and hear other people’s experience of the world – particularly those whose voices are often silenced and shut down. I think those are the voices we need to be listening to and raising up right now.”

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Anna of the North – “Money” (Oslo, Norway)

RIYL: CHVRCHES, Purity Ring, Melody’s Echo Chamber

“Money” is the newest track from Norway’s emerging synth pop duo, Anna of the North. With each new release, Anna Lotterud and Brady Daniell-Smith are mesmerizing fans with Anna’s honey dipped vocals and Brady’s upbeat and often 80s inspired synth pop. We feel the duo is on the verge of a breakout especially with Anna lending her vocals on two of Tyler the Creator’s singles off of his new album.

WIth “Money” we have a track speaking to the realities of people and relationships that are sometimes focused on superficial things like money or material things. At one time or another we have all known friends that have been in relationships with the completely wrong person and have tried to be that voice of reason.

Anna of the North’s debut album, Lovers, will be out September 8th. Different Recordings will be releasing it. Pre-order options are available here.

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The Franklin Electric – “Burning Flame” (Montreal, Canada)

RIYL: Half Moon Run, Hey Rosetta, Ben Howard

Canadian alt-folk band The Franklin Electric just released a new video for their track “Burning Flame”.  The single was released earlier this year and is part of their album titled Blue Ceilings.

We are becoming new fans of The Franklin Electric and “Burning Flame” is a stellar track that lyrically speaks to certain events in life that drive us to do certain things, or not do anything based on certain feelings for example. The video is a great visual example of the lyrics behind the song with the latter scenario. Not only are the lyrics strong on “Burning Flame” but we are provided with an anthemic indie rock ballad that encompasses us from start to finish.

Frontman Jon Matte shares about the video and the song:

“This was a spontaneous last minute addition to the record about the fire that feeds us and brings us to do all the things we do, or ignore the things we don’t do but wish we had. A voice inside most of us that can easily be ignored but the burn is a constant reminder. This video was all about the casting! I walked in the day of the shoot and met George, who plays the main role in this music video. He is the most endearing, honest, pure, yet driven 17 year old kid I have ever met. From that moment I was sold on the director’s story & concept. I invite you to meet George for yourself.”

“Burning Flame” is taken from the band’s new album, Blue Ceilings, which is out now via Indica Records. Purchasing and streaming options can be found here.

The Franklin Electric are Jon Matte, Martin Desrosby, Ken Pressé, and Adam Passalacqua.

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Haux – “Cologne” (London, England via Boston, USA)

RIYL: S. Carey, Júníus Meyvant, Axel Flovent

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Woodson Black – a.k.a. Haux. A year ago, he released his beautiful debut EP, All We’ve Known, which cemented our long-time love affair with the artist which began when he had about 100 followers.

Now, Haux is an established artist that continues to make captivating singles that we just can’t get enough of. “Cologne” is no different. It’s a beautiful and ethereal experience that mesmerizes the entire four minutes. The track is referencing one of his tour stops last year in Germany.

Haux shares a bit about his newest release: “I’ve realized there are so many places I haven’t seen in the world, so many faces that seem so familiar and yet somehow so far away. I try to imagine their lives and how they differ from my own. I know I’ll never really know, but there’s something about not knowing that gives me comfort and keeps me eager to see more people and places. There was a certain magic about Cologne. It struck me as a place that I might’ve had another life in if I hadn’t lived the life I have. When I was back home, off tour, I remembered that feeling and tried to imagine a life there and the story of what might have been”. 

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TWINKIDS – “Body Wonder” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Astronomyy, BASECAMP, Fractures

TWINKIDS have a new release titled “Body Wonder”.  The duo is comprised of Matt Young and Tokyo-native singer-songwriter Gene Fukui. “Body Wonder” is a sensual track with an R&B influence throughout.

The track also includes some added experimental elements and sparse percussion that surrounds the synth pop track.  I provides a bit of added emotion and drama that plays well with the lyrics of the song that explains a strong love that could potentially become toxic as the repeated chorus exclaims: “I won’t know how to fall if you let go of me”

TWINKIDS’ debut EP, Boys Love, is out now via Om Records. The EP title pays homage to the gay-romance manga genre of the same name.

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Why We Run – “The Day We Almost Died” (Sydney, Australia)

RIYL: City Calm Down, Snow Patrol, Tourists

Another band we’ve been big fans of are Why We Run. Their debut album, Holograms, was like a dream, evoking memories of our past and those yet to come.

“The Day We Almost Died’ is the newest track from Why We Run. We actually haven’t heard from them since their debut album. With “The Day We Almost Died” we have an all encompassing track that immediately captures the listener with the first lyric proclaiming: “In The Morning, I see Panic on My Screen”.  Even though the track is serious in nature and speaks of possible life’s regrets at the possibility of death, there is a soothing element to the chorus and the over all sound. Later on the lyrics are hopeful and state that “It’s a new day, We can overcome the worst”.

The newest track from Why We Run is a nice surprise and we always look forward to hearing more from the Australian quartet.

Why We Run are Nic Cogels, Nick Langley, Ed Prescott, and Lloyd Prescott.

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