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No matter your age, most everyone has a soft spot for ’80s music. Unlike any other period, the music of that era was vibrant and infectious. Our parents called the songs naive and endlessly hopeful, but for us they defined a generation that felt liberated and cherished its individuality. Even today, we still grin and momentarily escape when the radio plays a classic ’80s song, or when an unabashedly retro band rekindles the decade’s magic. Today, a new project officially launches that has us smiling and reminiscing about our favorite John Hughes films.

Meet Radio Wolf, the alter-ego of longtime musician and producer Oliver Blair. For years, the Canadian-born Blair dabbled in London’s underground electronic and alternative scenes under the alias Kindle, eventually gaining recognition for his dark and moody instrumental electronic-rock. More recently, he has been producing songs for independent artists while also remixing music by the likes of Ladytron, Client, Robots In Disguise, and Miss Derringer. But the desire to create something all his own still nagged at him, thus leading to this new project.

Radio Wolf is the sum of Blair’s many biographical parts: the electro-pop pageantry of Ladytron; the electronic, guitar-driven music of Kindle; and the nuanced touches of a deft producer. These influences are integrated into a sound that is undeniably retro yet still modern. We are pleased to premiere Radio Wolf’s debut single, “Song on the Radio”.

Featuring the lovely vocals of Marika Gauci (of former indie band Hotel Motel), “Song on the Radio” could be from the soundtracks of Pretty In Pink or The Breakfast Club. The buzzing synths, the groovy percussion, and the clean guitar lines echo a time when New Order and OMD dominated the Billboard Charts. Gauci’s sensual vocals echo the charismatic charm of Belinda Carlisle. For nearly four minutes, you become completely lost in this number – just like the great songs of the ’80s.

Although Blair took several years to come to this point in his career, the writing of “Song on the Radio” didn’t take much time. As he explains:

“I wanted the finished song to be a kind of retro-futuristic love note to the great, driving, pop/rock anthems of the 80s – but re-imagined to shine through a modern [vision]. I hooked up with singer/songwriter Marika Gauci – she has this unique, velvety, seductive voice. I’d previously played guitar in her cult band Hotel Motel. She crafted lyrics and a vocal melody, recording a demo take in her home studio. We never re-recorded it because it was perfect!

“Her lyrics and vocal interpretation of the sound imbued the whole thing with a great sense of longing and romance. I consequently revisited the demo to produce even greater synergy between the vocals and the music.”

Hear this perfect track below. “Song on the Radio” is the lead single from Radio Wolf’s debut EP, Rock ‘n’ Roll Forever, that arrives October 31st. In addition to Gauci, the record features guest vocals by Sarah Blackwood (Client), Kelli Ali (Sneaker Pimps), and Holly Dodson (Parallels).

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