Can you believe that it’s already the final week of August? Summer is almost but the music still sizzles, and the Weekend Showcase 3.33 edition is the evidence. Fifty-four (54) songs are on the playlist, and the artists represent 16 countries. They include: Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, and the United States.

The playlist and tracklisting, as usual, follows the list of articles from the past week. Note that the SoundCloud playlist has all 54 songs (but requires a Go account) while the Spotify playlist has 49 songs.

Enjoy the great music and discover music’s hidden gems.




  • The Matinee August 21st – Adrian Underhill, Anna of the North, The Franklin Electric, Haux, TWINKIDS, Why We Run
  • The Matinee August 22nd – Alex the Astronaut, Baby in Vain, Blankenberge, Hero Fisher, MOSS, Pelorus, Wesley Fuller, Whispertown, The Zephyr Bones
  • The Matinee August 24th – Chelsea Wolfe, Weaves, Elsie and the Vibe, FM-84, Holiday Ghosts, METZ, Roger Harvey, Rome Is Not A Town, Surf Rock Is Dead
  • The Matinee August 25th – Baula, Dog In The Snow, KARMS, Mogwai, Moon Taxi, New Portals, Pink Milk, Tennis, WHARVES
  • Saturday Sampler August 26th – Beaches, Bend Sinister, Boneage, The Caress, Cina Polada, The Death of Pop, Lupa J, SOAR, Vera feat. Okay Kaya


Weekend Showcase 3.33 Tracklisting

  • MOSS – “My Decision” (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Beaches – “Arrow” (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Mogwai – “Eternal Panther” (Glasgow, Scotland)
  • METZ – “Mess of Wires” (Toronto/Ottawa, Canada)
  • New Portals – “Feel Good” (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
  • Boneage – “Greater Scheme” (Moscow, Russia)
  • Radio Wolf – “Song on the Radio” (feat. Marika Gauci) (London, England)
  • Hero Fisher – “Push The Boat Out” (London, England)
  • Nicole Atkins – “Sleepwalking” (Nashville via Ashbury Park, USA)
  • Grizzly Bear – “Losing All Sense” (Brooklyn and Los Angeles, USA)
  • Tennis – “No Exit” (Denver, USA)
  • Pelorus – “Dawn” (Bristol, England via Wellington, New Zealand)
  • Pink Milk – “Awakening of Laura” (Sweden)
  • Whispertown – “Born To Ride” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Weaves – “Walkaway” (Toronto, Canada)
  • Cults – “I Took Your Picture” (New York City, USA)
  • The Caress – “You’re Always Miles Away” (London, England)
  • Why We Run – “The Day We Almost Died” (Sydney, Australia)
  • Blankenberge – “Falling Stars” (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
  • Alex the Astronaut – “Not Worth Hiding” (Sydney, Australia and New York City, USA)
  • Haux – “Cologne” (London, England via Boston, USA)
  • Baula – “Nova” (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  • Wesley Fuller – “Someone to Walk Around With” (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Lupa J – “Keep Back” (Sydney, Australia)
  • TWINKIDS – “Body Wonder” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • FM-84 – “Never Stop” (feat. Ollie Wride) (San Francisco, USA / Brighton, England)
  • The Zephyr Bones – “Juglar Child on the Carousel” (Barcelona, Spain and Chile)
  • Sophie Coran – “All That Matters” (Philadelphia, USA)
  • KARMS – “We Always Lose” (Dublin, Ireland)
  • SOAR – “Fatigue” (San Francisco, USA)
  • Moon Taxi – “Two High” (Nashville, USA)
  • WHARVES – “Love Decide” (Lennox Head, Australia)

Supporting labels: 1965 Records, Athenian Aura, Atlantic Records, Battle Worldwide, Black Hair Records, Buzz Records, Chapter Music, Chunksaah RecordsCordova Bay Records, Dangerbird Records, Different RecordingsDiscos DeKirlian, Excelsior RecordingsFather/Daughter RecordsFierce Panda, Funnel Music, Graveface Records, Indica Records, Kanine Records, La Castanya, Liberation Music, Memphis Industries, Minkowski Records, Mosy Recordings, Native Sound, Om Records, PNKSLM Recordings, RCA Records, Rock Action, Royal Mountain RecordsSalinas Records, Sargent House, Sinderlyn, Sony Music, Spunk Records, Startracks, Strangers Candy, Sub Pop Records, Temporary Residence, Warner Music Canada, and Winspear.

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