Today is a mix of six songs that will hopefully get our minds off the major flooding and destruction from Hurricane Harvey going on in Texas. Our hearts go out to those affected. For this Monday, we have a mix of heart pounding rock, genre crossing indie rock, and smooth electro/synth pop. We inadvertently have an all male cast today. Artists are representing Canada, The US, Sweden, and the UK.

Black Pistol Fire – “Lost Cause” (Austin, USA via Toronto, Canada)

RIYL: The Black Keys, Drenge, Royal Blood

Black Pistol Fire have just released “Lost Cause” and it’s an exciting indication that their new album is going to be pretty awesome. “Lost Cause” has everything you need to get up and get moving with Mr. McKeown’s growling vocals, screaming guitar and just the right amount of pounding percussion from talented drummer Eric Owen.

This duo packs a hard punch on “Lost Cause” and we are sure that their upcoming tour is going to be a showstopper. You can check out tour dates here.

Their fifth studio album, Deadbeat Graffiti, will be released September 29th via Modern Outsider. Black Pistol Fire are guitarist/vocalist Kevin McKeown and drummer Eric Owen.

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Emmecosta – “A Mountain From Us” (Gothenburg, Sweden via Positano, Italy)

RIYL: RKCB, Flora Cash, Men I Trust

“A Mountain From Us” is the newest track from trio Emmecosta. They have just released the EP titled Velour and “A Mountain From Us” is the final track to complete the EP.

It’s a fluid track that unfolds with Emmecosta’s signature vocals and post-tropical electronic vibe. It’s a great closer to the overall chillout worthy EP that will immediately put you in a calmer mood. Emmecosta share a bit about the track:

“’Velour’ is the feeling of unshakable longing for a place we’ve never been. This is a specific form of wanderlust – a craving for a distant land or a deep feeling of ‘homesickness’ for a place we have never seen. We imagine distant places through small fragments: everyday life seen elsewhere. We are going through a strange sensation of disorientation, something magical seen from far away. We fall in love with this fragment. It holds the promise for more. We move around it.” 

The single is out now via ICEA (Icons Creating Evil Art). Emmecosta are Alfonso Fusco, Aldo Axha, and Claudio Pallone.

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Josh Jacobson – “Fence” (New York, USA)

RIYL: Brandyn Burnette, Handsome Ghost, TENDER

Josh Jacobson has a brand new track titled “Fence”. The NY based artist was raised on the piano bench where he learned from the works of legends like Stevie Wonder, Bill Evans and Bach. His current influences seem to draw from current pop and r&b/soul. “Fence” is a completely danceable synth pop gem that frames Mr. Jacobson’s fluid vocals perfectly.

It chronicles an unsure relationship as Mr. Jacobson croons “I don’t know if I can make this alright/so I need time” and “My heart is still on the fence/sorry I have no defense”

“Fence” is the latest release from Mr. Jacobson. It’s part of his upcoming EP release titled First Light which will be released on his own label, Joshua Tree Records.

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King Krule – “Czech One” (Prague, Czech Republic via London, England)

RIYL: King Krule

It’s been four years since Archie Marshall has released anything under the moniker King Krule (His last release was under his birth name Archy Marshall and before that Zoo Kid). After the release of 6 Feet Beneath The Moon back in 2013, the then 19 year old was turning heads with his poetic lyrics and strong cockney inflection. He has thrown a mix of every genre under the sun around to create his unique sound. With his latest release, the tone is a bit somber and a little darker compared to past releases under KIng Krule.

With “Czech One”, we hear a jazzy hip hop foundation and Mr. Marshall’s signature poetic lyrics that include: :As simple as his faith had gone, the burning of the spire / And yet he still searched for warmth but it was cold by the fire

The video below also takes the listener on a trip in and out of Mr. Marshall’s unique reality. King Krule will be embarking on a few US/Canada dates and a European tour this fall/winter. Check out tour dates here.

The song is out on XL Recordings. Purchasing and streaming links to the song are available here.

King Krule are Archy Ivan Marshall, James Wilson, George Bass, Jack Towell, Connor Atanda, Ignacio Salvadores, and John Keek.

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Nick Ferrio – “Soothsayer” (Peterborough, ON, Canada)

RIYL: The New Pornographers, The Apples in Stereo, Stephen Malkmus

Nick Ferrio has just released a new track titled “Soothsayer”. It’s a rock track that has a bit of a throw back vibe and is a bit of a departure from Mr. Ferrio’s previous offerings which have traditionally had a folk/americana leaning.

With “Soothsayer” Mr. Ferrio takes a retro rock influenced direction which we hear a possible Beatles influence and maybe even a bit of Costello as he proclaims “It takes a village to raise an idiot“.,

Nick shares a bit about the track: “Soothsayer” is a song about getting my fortune read, getting sage advice from a close friend. It’s the first song I wrote for this album and it led me to decide to make rock and roll on my own terms.

“Soothsayer” is the title track from an upcoming album release of the same name.

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Rain On Monday – “Kill My Love” (Uppsala, Sweden)

RIYL: Fruit Bats, Phosphorescent, The Tallest Man on Earth

Rain On Monday is the project of Raimond Nurmilampi. It’s a completely relevant band name for us today as it’s Monday and there is definite rain here in Texas. “Kill My Love” has a retro 70s influenced vibe with the addition of 80s synth. The result is an upbeat and chilled out tone which also includes serious lyrical content about a certain relationship.

The track chronicles the reality of not wanting to feel anything at all if you can’t have that certain someone. Rain On Monday ponders: Can you kill my love if I can’t be with you?

“Kill My Love” is Rain On Monday’s debut track and so far it has us wondering what else is in store from Raimond Nurmilampi.

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