The Matinee September 4th is an eclectic blend of indie rock tracks that will get you moving on this holiday Monday (for US folks anyway). We hope you find your new favorite song or band today. Artists are representing Sweden, the US and the UK today.

Beachtape – “Through & Through” (Brighton, UK)

RIYL: Dinosaur Jr, Mudhoney, Sarn

Beachtape have just released a new single titled “Through & Through”. It’s another laid-back, fuzzed-out rocker that makes for a great end-of-summer jam. With a combination of feel-good vocals, garage-inspired guitar riffs, and extremely melodic harmonies, it is hard not to fall in love with Beachtape. The band has been making DIY tracks for a few years now and have just recently signed to PNKSLM Recordings.

“Through & Through” will be included on Beachtape’s upcoming Hold Music EP which will be released September 8th.

Beachtape are Rory Sear, Leo Kenyon, Andy Kemp & Dan Mcauliffe.

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HOLY WARS – “Back To Life” (Los Angeles, CA)

RIYL: Chelsea Wolfe, Kate Bush, Evanescence

It was earlier this year that we became mesmerized by Kat Leon – a.k.a. HOLY WARS. She is back with a brand new track, “Back To Life”.

Leon shares another personal track that addresses her struggles back in 2015 when she lost both her parents. The guitar riffs start off Weezer-ish but explode into a harder, goth-rock number that embodies the feelings Ms. Leon is experiencing through her emotional pain. “Back To Life” is also the first song written after her devastating loss.

HOLY WARS’ transparency and authenticity regarding her experiences with death is raw and real, yet also a testament of her resiliency. She is the embodiment that life does get better after tragedy and loss. Through her music, hopefully she can offer healing to others currently in the middle of their pain. Mother/Father will be released November 3rd.

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NONONO – “Masterpiece” (Stockholm, Sweden)

RIYL: CHAIRLIFT, In The Valley Below, MS MR

NONONO exploded onto the scene a three years ago with the super infectious, whistle-filled single, “Pumpin Blood”. After launching into indie stardom, the band took a hiatus while Stina Wappling wrapped up her masters degree in psychology. They are back with a new track, “Masterpiece”.

With “Masterpiece”, the familiar and unique vocals of Wappling return, and the expertly crafted beats courtesy of Astma and Rocwel provide the power pop ballad canvas for Wappling’s lyrics.

At first, the track sounds like a proclamation of confidence, yet the background in the song is even more clever. Wappling shares about the meaning of the song:

It’s about socially constructed reality and how a subjective thought or idea turns in to an objective truth if enough people gets contained by it. It could be a hype, a trend, a brand and really the whole society we live in is built and formed by our, from the beginning, subjective ideas. I think the line between subjective and objective truth is very fascinating and wanted to explore it. If someone ever claims ‘Masterpiece’ to be a Masterpiece it will be a very ironic victory!”

NONONO is comprised of vocalist Stina Wappling and production duo Astma & Rocwel. The trio is working on finishing up their upcoming album.

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The Rigs – “Fall or Fly” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Phantogram, BROODS, darkDark

“Fall or Fly” is the newest from L.A.’s The Rigs. Born out of the desire to create, TJ Stafford and Caitlin Parrott began collaborating in 2014. The duo have been successful at combining pulsating synth-pop with an alternative edge, and their music has been featured on multiple TV shows.

“Fall or Fly” includes emotive vocals, distressed melodies and unexpected instrumentation that easily captivates the listener. The dual vocals work within the track, and the anthemic indie rock melodies set against surging beats makes the end result quite exciting.

Lyrically, the song is speaking to a relationship that is pretty much falling apart. WIth two songwriters involved in The Rigs, there is no shortage of meaningful content to go along with their killer combination of vocals and beats.

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Sad Palace – “Frostbeat” (Hampshire, England)

RIYL: Circa Waves, Thumpers, Wild Cub

“Frostbeat” is the newest track from UK outfit Sad Palace. It’s an melodic, indie-pop track that mesmerizes the listener throughout. It starts out mellow and then grows into a fuzzed out rocker with killer guitar riffs all encompassed by completely addicting melodies.

Sad Palace so far seem to have the winning formula for drawing in the listener while creating indie-rock tracks that feel new and fresh.

They share a bit about the motivation behind the track:

“Frostbeat was written in the spirit of loneliness that I think everyone experiences at some point. When the desire for intimacy with someone shapes the way you look at people around you, you start to overthink every interaction as if an encounter with a stranger could lead to something deeply meaningful, in a way that satisfies your desire. Kind of selfish in a way…”

The single is out now via Kissability.

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SEAZOO – “Shoreline” (Wrexham, Wales)

RIYL: Belle and Sebastian, Yo La Tengo, Super Furry Animals

Welsh quintet SEAZOO have just released “Shoreline”, which is an energetic track that definitely gets you moving. With unique vocals, killer basslines, and screaming guitars, the song is definitely one that motivates you to do anything but sit still.

With a sound reminiscent of Yo La Tengo, we are all ears and excited to hear more. We can only imagine the live experience after hearing just a few tracks from SEAZOO.

“Shoreline” is the second track from their debut album which is expected in November. It should be a fun one!

SEAZOO are Ben Trow, Llinos Griffiths, Mike Smith, Steffan Owens and Dan West.

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