You often hear the phrase, “It’s a young person’s game”, when it comes to most professions. Finance, advertising, marketing, and sports are all littered with hungry, young career-minded individuals looking to make their mark. Music, for the most part, is no different, although 2017 has been the exception to the rule. The year has seen several veteran bands make comebacks and release incredible albums, such as Slowdive, LCD Soundsystem, and Ride. Other established artists and groups, such as U2 and Foo Fighters, are looking to cement their places in the upper echelons of music with new albums coming. Now it’s veteran singer-songwriter Brad Peterson‘s turn to make a comeback.

A rising musician back in the ’90s, Peterson shared the stage with Jeff Buckley and Radiohead. Just as his career was about to take off, everything came to a halt as a spinal injury left him partially paralyzed. Writing and recording music became secondary, as Peterson had to re-learn how to brush his teeth, get dressed, and tie his shoes. After months of excruciating rehab, Peterson has once again picked up his guitar and pen, and he’s preparing to release his first album in years.

The Ellipsis Album will be released in ten days – Friday, September 22nd to be exact – which Peterson wrote, recorded, and produced himself. He’s shared a few songs from the album to date, and they’re all available on SoundCloud. For good measure, he’s unveiling one more single today, which we are pleased to premiere.

“Clap Your Hands” is, as one would expect, an uplifting and spirited affair. It celebrates the power of music and how it can unite a country and bring people to their feet. Given Peterson’s own experiences, the song likely holds a deeper meaning for him. Hear the song or watch the video below. Take a moment a swell to read what Peterson has to say about its development. His description is right below the audio.

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About “Clap Your Hands” by Brad Peterson

“Hands are the fundamental percussion instrument. From Chuck Berry to the Stones to the Kinks, this song pretends to be little more than a song about hand clapping. I once walked down an ancient stone Calle of Madrid and heard the distant sounds of clapping. Following my ears through the labyrinth of twists and turns, I came to an open window, inside which was a flamenco dance instructor and a group of teenage girls in chorus. There may be deeper implications on the universality and uniting nature of music, but in the end I let the tape roll, clapped my hands for a few measures, and, viola, instant song. The recording process took a few hours from start to finish and didn’t even bother changing the faders from the default position.”

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