There is a fine line between being a pop star and a great singer-songwriter. The two are not mutually exclusive. Look around and how many of today’s top-selling artists would you consider to be great songwriters? How many even write their own songs? There are, however, some exceptions where the pop star is a great songwriter. Shelita Burke is one of them.

You might be familiar with her name because you may have seen her at one of the 150+ concerts she’s performed across the globe. The more likely reason is that you heard her single, “Penetrate”, which was released earlier this year and became an unexpected viral hit. Produced by Marcus “Bellringer” Bell (Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, Nicki Minaj), this sensual number charted as high as #14 on Billboard’s “Next Big Sound” list. With more than one million streams on Spotify and a fanbase that has grown into the tens of thousands, Burke is undoubtedly 2017’s breakout star.

Still maintaining the DIY spirit, Burke released “Penetrate (Part 2)” in June, and it amassed a couple of hundred thousand streams. The song demonstrated her ability to create an electrifying number without compromising its drama. Her newest single is another step in her journey to become a massive pop star and intelligent songwriter, and we are immensely privileged and excited to bring to you “Photograph”.

Whereas her previous two songs were more expansive in their approach and production, “Photograph” is more stripped back. Some would even say it is simpler. However, only the truly great artists can take simplicity and turn it into something that is vibrant, rich, and just outstanding. The beats and production work are delicate, mimicking the rhythms of a slow heart beat. The synth, meanwhile, is slight and only make an appearance to add a bit of tension to the song.

What stands out, however, are Burke’s intimate yet urgent vocals and her songwriting. “Photograph” is undoubtedly a love song, but one that is steeped in memory. It is not the yearning of a person with a broken heart, but one who chooses to re-live a time when she was the happiest. A time when everything was perfect and happiness was more than just a dream.

“We went to the park, and I felt magic.
You held my hand, and I knew you were for me.
We laid in the grass and I started dreaming.
Like impressions from a photograph
From your memory.
Like impressions from a photograph
Will you think of me?”

We’ve all had these moments, and Burke has beautifully reminded us that they should be celebrated and never to be forgotten.

“Photograph” is available right now on Burke’s website. There, her forthcoming EP, Special, can be pre-ordered. Bitcoin payments via Blockchain will be accepted on the site, and those purchasing the record now will get a copy of “Photograph”.

The single will be officially released on September 22nd, where it will be available on on iTunes, Spotify, and over 50 other stores.

Her Special EP sees the light of day on October 19th. The concept of the EP and the title song “Special” were born out of a collaboration with UK-based music industry executive Nick Halkes, who is a founder of the XL Recordings label (Adele, M.I.A) and later was the main architect behind EMI’s dance/electronic business in the UK.

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