The Matinee September 25th has six awesome new tracks to get your week started off on the right track. We have artists representing Israel, Norway, Sweden and the US today. We hope you find your new favorite track or band today.

Axel Mansoor & Louis Vivet – “Hit Rewind” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Brandyn Burnette, FRND, RKCB

“Hit Rewind” is the newest release from Axel Mansoor featuring Louis Vivet. It’s a super upbeat, end-of-summer anthem that is a complete ode to California. The infectious beats on the new track are hard to resist as the addicting pop melodies flow seamlessly throughout.

Mr. Mansoor has just a handful of tracks and after his single “Wasted My Love” had explosive traction, he is well on his way to becoming a strong contender in the indie synth-pop arena. The collaboration with Mr. Vivet on “Hit Rewind” was a smart move to continue to elevate their talent and gain new fans every day.

Mr. Mansoor usually takes more of an acoustic-based route to back up his songwriting, so combining Axel’s clean minimalist approach and Louis Vivet’s talent for earworm quality synth-pop, the result is quite impressive.

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Document – “Habit” (Tel Aviv, Israel)

RIYL: Pavement, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.

Document is creating pretty impressive post-punk goodness with their newest single, “Habit”. The Tel Aviv-based band has been around since 2013, and they are getting ready to release their debut album. Frontman Nir Ben Jacob was born in Israel but has lived in Guatemala and Florida so he shares a bit about the meaning behind “Habit”: 

It’s semi-autobiographical, describing moves to different continents and having nowhere to belong. It explores the idea that people are who they are because of where they are born and where they have lived. How do you define yourself if you’ve moved between cultures? In the US you are literally labelled an ‘alien’. You feel isolated, you spend time alone, becoming a habit to yourself..” 

Aside from delivering hard hitting post-punk rock similar to Dinosaur Jr., the band is also exploring dis-connectivity and digital addiction. The combination of awesome guitar riffs, sometimes forceful vocals and important lyrical themes prove the quartet’s growing talent.

“Habit” is the third single released from the band’s forthcoming debut album titled The Void Repeats.

The group consists of Nir Ben Jacob (vocals, guitar), Yaniv Brenner (guitar), Amir Reich (drums) and Amit David (bass).

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Eli Raybon – “Computer, Don’t Kill Me” (Los Angeles via Lafayette, LA, USA)

RIYL: Talking Heads, David Byrne, Rick Astley, Ariel Pink

Eli Raybon is not even of legal drinking age yet in the US, but he has been writing, recording and performing music for years. The small town Louisiana native recently moved to Los Angeles and his latest EP, Green, chronicles the move to LA and finally pursing a career in the music industry.

“Computer, Don’t Kill Me” is Eli’s newest single release and it takes a total ’80s synth-pop turn as he continues to remind us a bit of Rick Astley. The lyrics poke fun at the reliance we have on computers in our daily lives and what might happen if it had a mind of it’s own. Mr. Raybon shares a bit about the track:

I was finishing some mixes for Green and my computer kept freezing, making an unpleasant grinding noise. I realized how much pressure I put on it every day, and how I always expect it to just deal with the workload. It got me thinking: What if it gets sick of dealing with all of it and decided to kill me? As soon as the phrase ‘Computer, Don’t Kill Me’ came into my head, I knew I had a song. The personification of the computer is a little absurd, but the song is still genuine and perhaps a little tragic.”

Mr. Raybon is completely expanding his sound, as his first album was mostly indie-rock based. He has now added more electronic elements that accentuate a quirky and unique touch to his music.

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Hanna Turi – “Four Leaf Clover” (Stockholm, Sweden)

RIYL: Anna of the North, Linn Öberg, Sia

Hanna Turi has just released “Four Leaf Clover”, and it’s a completely addicting synth-pop gem. Ms. Turi’s atypical vocals immediately capture your attention, as the beat continues to pulsate and provide an unforgettable ride as the track expands into a glorious synth pop anthem.

Most of Ms.Turi’s tracks were previously recorded on piano and with 2017 she has embarked on a new direction that will undoubtedly pay off. She shares a bit about her updated sound:

“I was used to making up the arrangements of my songs on the piano in the rehearsal space but was getting tired of falling into the same musical patterns. I started working with a producer, Kristoffer Nilsson, and we played around a lot in the studio searching for a new approach. Some of these songs were written from a single beat or a cool sound.”

“Four Leaf Clover” is out now on all digital platforms.

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IFFY ORBIT – “Not Good Enough” (Oslo, Norway)

RIYL: Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Wombats

IFFY ORBIT are creating some pretty awesome tunes as of late. The Norwegian band have just released their debut album, which includes “Not Good Enough”. It’s a dreamy, psych-inspired track that speaks to living up to others’ expectations, which can sometimes feel like a bad dream.

With “Not Good Enough” there is nothing bad about this track as it captivates the listener throughout and adds some pretty amazing soundscapes as well. IFFY ORBIT share a bit about the new album:

“Our first album «Slow Times» reflects on our adolescence, growing up, slowly moving on into adulthood. It’s a difficult time, learning about your place in the world, what you want to do and how you spend your time, and the sacrifices you have to make to get where you want. It’s an album by youths, for youths.”

Slow Times is out now via Toothfairy. The band is comprised of Markus Eide Anskau, Erik Mathias Samkopf, Eirik Aas Grove, Kristoffer Robin Moe Severinsen, and Teodor Dysthe Lyngstad.

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Plastic Picnic – “Bite” (Brooklyn, USA)

RIYL: Local Natives, Swimming Tapes, Ten Fé

Plastic Picnic just released “Bite”, and it’s a gem of a track that is an ode to all of the interesting people they have met after moving from Seattle to NYC.

Plastic Picnic are creating amazing and dreamy soundscapes with perfectly placed synth and hazy vocals. “Bite” is a totally addicting track and is another single from their upcoming EP which will be released via Highland Park Records. The band seems to have an underlying ’80s influence going on witch is awesome but mixed in with an almost surf rock vibe.

So far we have heard impressive songs released with previous titles “Berkeley” and “Miss It Still”.  Plastic Picnic’s upcoming EP could easily be in contention for one of our year-end best-of lists. “Bite” is a perfect track to spin during your weekend chill out festivities.

Plastic Picnic are Emile Panerio, Lincoln Lute, Gordon Taylor and Marshall Hunt.

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