Nearly a year ago to the day, Calgary-based indie label Treeline Recordings released their first album. It wasn’t, however, any ordinary record. Founder Ryan Montemurro wanted to create a compilation featuring some of the best talents in Canada in order to raise funding for the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada. Thirteen artists and bands – including The Operators, The Barenaked Ladies, Chad VanGaalen, Nap Eyes, and Kevin Drew – donated songs to Taking It to Heart, Volume One.

Montemurro is back with Taking It to Heart, Volume Two. Like the first time, he has assembled a fantastic group of artists. This time they come from both sides of the 49th Parallel. Matthew Sweet, Spiral Stairs, Marlaena Moore, and Dan Mangan – whose 2007 demo of “Garçon Means Boy” was premiered on Monday over at Exclaim! – have contributed unreleased and new material on this round. Cloud Nothings, too, have shared a song, which was premiered on Pitchfork yesterday.

The fundraising record will be released on October 13th (pre-order it here). Today, we have the privilege of sharing the third song from the compilation, The Wet Secrets‘ number, “Tidal Wave Of Hate (Baby Let’s Surf)”. Never heard before, this groovy tune will get you slowly moving your hips. Listen closely to the lyrics as well because the band tell a humourous tale of simultaneously hating and liking someone. We’ve all been there before, although maybe our story isn’t as funny and cool as this tune. Hard to believe the band isn’t including the song on their forthcoming new album, which they are currently recording and plan to release either late 2017 or in 2018.

The Wet Secrets are Lyle Bell (bass/lead vocals), Trevor Anderson (drums/vocals), Kim Rackel (trumpet/vocals), Emma Frazier (trombone/vocals), Paul Arnusch (keys/congas/vocals), and Christan Maslyk (saxophone/timbales/vocals).

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