Bite the Buffalo

Back in London’s Shoreditch. This time to Cargo for the LP launch event for Bite the Buffalo’s, Big Blind.

Cargo is a venue set in three Victorian red brick railway arches. Previously a train workshop, the ghosts of its engineers still inhabit the vaulted halls, as does an actual stuffed lion in one of the bars.

Tonight Bite the Buffalo were headlining a busy line up as part of a launch event for their Big Blind LP (released at the end of June).



Indea can probably best be described as Bloc Party meets House of Pain, but without the introspective nonsense that inhabits one of those band’s songs. I’ll let you guess which one. Their front man, Kelvin da Silva, was a perfect cheerleader for the night, stepping off the stage to sing into the faces of an enthusiastic group of supporters from North London. And of course, he was keen to shake his tongue in their direction.

For fans of the BBC soap opera, Eastenders (sorry non UK readers), I had to do a double take as, for a moment, I thought Max Branning was playing guitar.


Fun, lively, indie, rocky, dancey. I’m surprised that they don’t have more of a following.

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Temper Cartel

Temper Cartel

Oxford’s Temper Cartel delivered a slick set of upbeat indie songs that reminded me of Cast, Arctic Monkeys, and the ill-fated and tragic Viola Beach. The band is also the pet project of Mark Gardener from Ride, who acts as their mentor and produces their recordings.

I had a chat with the band after their set. They weren’t happy with it – strings broke, guitars failed to work, and apparently the bass drum was creeping across the stage. I guess they were keen to do a good job and set themselves high standards, but none of these mishaps spoiled the crowd’s enjoyment.

Temper Cartel

Here’s a bit of hidden rock trivia for you. Front man Josh told me that his favourite book is Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick. He, like me, can’t wait for the Blade Runner sequel next month. Josh also told me that his heart shaped pink sunglasses were bringing him luck. He looks like a young Robert de Niro and also has one of the coolest guitars in rock and roll. So I guess the cards are stacked in his favour.

Temper Cartel will be playing along with 32 of the best up-and-coming indie bands at The Ritual Festival in Oxford on October 21st.

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Sonitus are a five-piece, art-rock band made up of muscle men and dudes with carefully coiffured hair and beards. The band is: Russell Balogun (vocals), Dein Moore (guitar, vocals), Scott Bacon (bass), and Romulo Heredia (drums). Nathan Chan (guitar) has high heels to die for.

I’m not really familiar with the “glam goth” genre (other than Brian Moloko of Placebo and, of course, Marilyn Manson), but suspect that Sonitus could be placed in there, if not in the rock bucket.


Their sound is slick rock guitars and thumping bass lines with deep, dark vocals. The track “Kleptocracy” could be a Pearl Jam outtake.

Just don’t confuse them with the band of the same name from Poland – a quintet of older ladies who sing folk songs. Unless you like white trousers and Joan Collins‘ hairstyle.

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Bite the Buffalo

Bite the Buffalo

Bite the Buffalo are a four-piece living in Bath. Founding brothers Stos Goneos (vocals and guitar) and Miti Goneos (drums) originate from Zambia. Their music has matured in recent times with the addition of Cass Jones (bass) and Jake Meeking (guitar), allowing Stos to spend more time roaming and commanding the stage.

People would probably want to lump the band in with the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and Black Keys. BTB are a straightforward indie garage/rock ‘n roll band – fuzzy guitars and deep south-tasting growly vocals. They play the blues, they rock out, and they roll with the devil. It’s not surprising that they boast one of Robert Plant‘s grandchildren in their line up.

Bite the Buffalo

The set borrowed older songs from their earlier Blue Lips LP, interspersed with kick-ass new material from Big Blind. I can see that their opening tune, “Keys to the Coffin“, is going to a festival crowd pleaser for many years to come.

Bite the Buffalo rattled through their set at a rate of knots – high tempo, high energy, total commitment. And, thankfully, not a “Big Log” in sight.

Set list:

  • Keys to the Coffin
  • Blue Lips
  • Tell Me What the Dead Folk Know
  • Blind Drunk Lemon
  • What Can I Do?
  • Polka Dots
  • We are Animal
  • Riding/Sun
  • Dead of Night
  • I Get Down and Around
  • Parisienne
  • My Gun

Big Blind is available through Rokana Records.

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This event was promoted as one of the Upsurge series of gigs by Jar Music.

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