The term cinematic is used (and likely over used) to describe music’s effect on its listeners. These songs feature spellbinding compositions or are reminiscent of ’80s coming-of-age movies. Rarely, though, is a song cinematic in both its sound and story because writing a fresh, innovative, yet personal tale in five minutes or less is an immensely difficult task. So what Museums have achieved on their latest single can only be deemed a remarkable achievement.

“Winter 91” is a beautiful modern fairy tale. The composition is a wonderful mix of post-rock and dream-pop, with instrumentation executed with delicate precision. The result is a soundscape that is simply breathtaking and dream-like. Frontwoman Chelsea Hicks Bryan’s rich yet tender vocals are mesmerizing, and her story is equally as memorable. Co-written with Nashville-based singer-songwriter Ellen Picker, “Winter 91” is about Chelsea’s grandmother and how she vicariously re-lives her youth through her grandchildren. In particular, her grandson (Chelsea’s brother) reminds her of a lost love, their “shotgun wedding” while he was ill, and the times they had.

“Saw you in the window of Winter 91
You were holding my brother
And thinking of your son.

Your wrists were growing thin
But the light was in your eyes
Saw the veins in your skin
You were tired in your smile.

No matter our age, one can still hope to fall in love again.

Hear “Winter 91” below before it is officially out tomorrow. Also included are two other singles – “Lucy” and “Soft Speak”. All their music is available for purchase and streaming on Bandcamp.

Museums are Chelsea Hicks Bryan (vocals), Jason Morrell (guitar), Samuel J. Kim (synth/Ableton/producer), and Austin Sanchez (drums).

If you’re in the San Francisco area, catch Museums with Spelling, Leviathe, and GLO on October 24th at the Elbo Room. Details are available here.

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