The Matinee September 29th includes 9 amazing track to get the beginning of your weekend started off right. As usual we have an eclectic mix of awesome indie bands and artists for your listening pleasure. We have artists representing Australia, Canada, US, The UK, New Zealand, Norway, and Sweden today. Check back tomorrow for more on our Saturday sampler and per usual our massive weekend playlist on Sunday. Happy Weekend!


The Naked And Famous – “A Still Heart” (Auckland, New Zealand)

RIYL: Billie Eilish, Phoebe Bridgers, The Naked and Famous

Before there was Lorde, The Naked and Famous were New Zealand’s biggest export. Their debut album, Passive Me, Aggressive You, was a critical darling, as it was a refreshing take on electronic, pop, and rock. The follow-up, In Rolling Waves, was an international hit while Simple Forms further cemented their status as one the country’s greatest musical exports. Now the quintet are offering something different.

In June, the band announced they were releasing stripped-backed, acoustic versions of past and previously unreleased songs. A more accurate description would be that they are re-imagining their music, demonstrating that their songs can seamlessly cross genres. The latest single they’ve touched up is “A Still Heart”, which is one that is seeing the light of day for the first time. It is a stunning number, arguably the band’s most intimate release to date. Alisa Xayalith’s vocals are radiant while Thom Powers demonstrates that he can also master the tender ballad. What else will TNAF have in store? Hopefully, a new album will be coming soon, and one that will be full of surprises (but please don’t go Ed Sheeran on us).

If you cannot spin the song above, here’s the Spotify link.

The Naked and Famous are Aaron Short, Alisa Xayalith, David Beadle, Jesse Wood, and Thom Powers.

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Avante Black – “Acid Love” (London, England via Uppsala, Sweden)

RIYL: Vérité, Woodes, BANKS

Avante Black is the indie group led by London-via-Uppsala, Sweden artist Ottilia Zimmerman Kjulsten. “Acid Love” is the newest release and it’s a laid back and chill synthpop track that captures the positive aspects of love.

Ottilia shares a bit about the track: “Acid love is about feeling confident that your feelings are being received and returned. Accepting that there’s highs and lows, losing and finding yourself at the same time. The only thing that’s certain is that you’re in love, and someone loves you too.

Ottilia’s vocals on “Acid Love” are both hypnotic and inviting.  Avante Black so far have released an impressive handful of singles that prove Ottilia’s talent and the potential for the group to breakout in a big way.

The song is out now via PIAS imprint Different Recordings.

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Brenda – “Children” (Toronto, Canada)

RIYL: OCS (fka Thee Oh Sees), Ty Segall, Meatbodies

Speaking about acid, Toronto newcomers Brenda are spinning psychedelic tunes that feel like a trip. This isn’t the bubbly, disco-swirling psychedelia coming out of Australia. Instead, the quartet are channeling the psych-rock of San Francisco and Long Beach that has long been associated with one word – delirious. And this is exactly what their new single, “Children”, is.

This slow-building throbber echoes OCS (formerly known as Thee Oh Sees) right from the lead vocals to the roaring and piercing guitar riffs. There is, however, an extra layer of creepiness in the song, which perfectly complements the eerie, Stephen King-like storyline. Even the video for the song is frightening, especially for those who have a fear of clowns. Just in time for Halloween.

The song is available on Bandcamp.

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CHILDCARE  – “Getting Over You (By Dressing Up Like You)” (London, England)

RIYL: Dreamers, MAINLAND, Joy Atlas

English alt-pop band CHILDCARE have never been considered to be ordinary. Usually it’s the oft-kilter arrangements that catch your attention, as they take the typical pop arrangement and turn it on its head and make it weird but vibrant. For their new single, “Getting Over You (By Dressing Up Like You)”, they flip the tables.

This song is arguably their most straightforward indie-pop number. There are still some trademark CHILDCARE elements, such as the shallow background vocals, the over-the-top approach, and Emma Topolski percolating bass line, but the track is definitely their most accessible. Where the band’s personality really shines is in Ed Cares’ songwriting. Hi story is amusing, but what makes it great is that it’s actually based on a real-life experience. As he explained to DIY, who premiered the song:

“After being the victim of a polite yet painful breakup, I found myself later that same day wearing one of the skirts of my former inamorata for a video shoot the band was filming. Realising this was an A* creative writing idea for a song, I quickly noted down the title ‘Getting Over You (By Dressing Up Like You)’ in my gmail drafts folder, and the song flowered from there.”

For some reason, Cares’ story doesn’t surprise us. He definitely makes us feel better over some of the things we’ve done to get over a relationship.

CHILDCARE are Ed Cares (vocals), Emma Topolski (bass), Rich Legate (guitar) and Glyn Daniels (drums). The song is out on Elephant Records.

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Fenne Lily – “Three Oh Nine” (Bristol, England)

RIYL: Dido, Aldous Harding

It’s been awhile since we’ve shared a song by Fenne Lily, the young singer-songwriter from Bristol who first blew us away with “Top To Toe”. Her latest single, “Three Oh Nine”, is one that you should be sitting down for because it will knock you off your feet. It is truly an “OMG” moment from the first notes to the last.

Guided by the soft touches of the piano, a titillating bass line, and a trembling drum, Lily’s intoxicating, smokey vocals grab hold of your soul and never lets go. It is a voice to remember and one you wish to hear every morning. There is, however, a mournful yearning in her voice, as she tells the tale of not only losing someone she loves but also losing a part of herself. Like Lily in this song, “Three Oh Nine” will leave vulnerable and emotionally naked.

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Fever High – “Spy” (Brooklyn, USA)

RIYL: Frankie Rose, Kristin Kontrol, Pet Shop Boys

If you want a song that puts FUN into music, look no further than Fever High‘s new single, “Spy”. This catchy earworm of a song will have you asking the same question as us, “Why haven’t we discovered them sooner?”

“Spy” be considered the sequel to The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” except that it is much less creepy and several notches more exhilarating. It buzzes with the infectious synth-pop of the ’80s, which anyone who lived during that time will tell you made you want to dance and lose yourself. Those who did live during that time may be stimulated to dust off their denim jackets, their bandanas, and neon leggings. Oh, don’t forget to make your air as big and puffy as possible.

“I am a spy, and I’ve come to spy on you.
Every night I watch you in your sleep.
Gamma eyes sees what I can’t see.
Every hour, each and every day.
You can try to shake me,
But you can never get away.”


Fever High are Reni Lane and Anna Nordeen. Their debut album, FHNY, comes out November 10th.

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Halcyon Drive – “The Birds” (Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: City Calm Down, Foals, TV on the Radio

Halcyon Drive recently released “The Birds” at the tale end of last month and the single is quite a captivating indie rocker.

The trio have combined an amazing sound for just three as “The Birds” exude the perfect mix of anthemic indie rock and mesmerizing synthpop.The lyrics capture escapism or the eventual realization that a relationship is about to end.  “I’ve been working on rising with the morning sun. When the birds get up, I’m scared that you will join them.”  The parting lyrics speak of a waning love with “It’s a cruel love when the fire in your eyes is lost” and “I’ll be leaving now, I’ve just got to be anywhere but here.”

“The Birds” is the most recent release from Halcyon drive and is part of their upcoming untitled 2018 debut album. As each single is released the band will embark on single tours. Current available dates are here.

Halcyon Drive are Michael (guitar/loops/vocals), Max (drums/vocals), and Basil (bass/synth/vocals).

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SHORE – “Drove Road” (Swindon, England)

RIYL: Day Wave, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Smiths

SHORE have recently released their debut EP titled From The Start. “Drove Road” is one of the singles from the release and we are captivated by the melancholic vibe mixed with jangly guitars. The songwriting is also notable as the theme throughout the EP captures perspectives from frontman Harry Leigh and others as he notes his “10 years of observation” on “Drove Road” .

So far the 5 track offering from SHORE provides a promising future for the quartet who have landed opening gigs for bands like Getrz. SHORE is now frimly placed on our radar and we will be keeping tabs on new releases in the future as they have been moved to our ‘ones to watch’ list.

Shore are Harry Leigh (vocals/guitar), Nick Tucker (backing vocals/lead guitar), Ben Tinson (backing Vocals/bass/synth), and Matt Bateman (drums).

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Tuvaband – “Trees” (Oslo, Norway)

RIYL: Laura Marling, Marissa Nadler

Tuvaband can always be counted on to provide relaxing, calming music, which is perfect to end the work week. Their songs are the musical equivalent of a massage, except they’re working their magical touches on our emotional and psychological pressure points. This underappreciated talent is why we became immediate fans when we heard “(It’s Not About) Running”. For their new single, they’ve applied their sprawling, bedroom folk-pop to the outdoors, writing a song for Mother Nature and the environment.

“Trees” is a stunning, delicate number. The composition is minimalist but still dazzling. Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser’s vocals are haunting yet engrossing while Simon Would’s stirring guitar sounds distant but immediate. Listen to Tuva’s lyrics, though, because her tale is not one of doom and hopelessness. Rather, her words are poetic and inspiring, telling us that there is more we can do than just to fell trees and people.

The song is from Tuvaband’s forthcoming debut EP, Mess. It drops November 1st via Brilliance Records.

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