Thirteen months ago, we debuted Cuesta Loeb‘s second single, “Dive”. The edgy but dreamy number introduced the world to a young woman who had the songwriting chops of Fiona Apple, the artistic brilliance of Emma Ruth Rundle, and a voice akin to Hope Sandoval. In the past year, she released a couple of more singles, including the enrapturing indie folk-rocker, “Charlotte Hill”.

When “Charlotte Hill” was originally released, it left us stunned. At the time, we mentioned how Loeb’s gorgeous vocals contrasted to the song’s gritty vibe, which was highlighted by the reverb-drenched guitars and heavy rhythms. As her voice floats above the music, she shares a story of a young woman trying to find her voice and have it heard. Her lyrics only add to the realism of Charlotte Hill, where we’re left pondering if we are her. Today, Loeb shares its video, which we are pleased to premiere today.

Like the song, the video is simply but powerful. Three settings are presented with each one reflecting different and contrasting sides of the protagonist. In the bright sunshine, there is the darkness of Loeb’s costume and her emotionless expression. The dark, secluded room is broken up by Loeb’s white attire and passionate vocals. The forest represents hope with its neutral but subtle tones.

Watch the video below and be struck by its beautiful landscapes and imagery. A description of how the video was made follows.

Loeb is in the process of recording new material for her forthcoming, debut EP with the assistance of her sister, Lizzy, who is now a member of Loeb’s backing band performing the duties of guitarist and backing vocals. For those in the Los Angeles area, look for the Loeb sisters performing in a venue near you in the coming weeks and months.

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The Making of the “Charlotte Hill” Video

We shot this video in the Salton Sea in California with the incredibly talented cinematographer, Steven Soria, and his crew. The Salton Sea is such an amazing, otherworldly place. It used to be a vacation spot, but now is almost completely abandoned because the sea water gets so salty in the summer that all the fish die and their bones wash up on the shore. The smell is overwhelming, especially at nighttime. The view is expansive, thought-provoking, and is just amazing. It was perfect place for this song. We had an amazing time shooting it, especially building the fire at night. We ran out of kindling and had to burn some of my clothing. So worth it!

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