Special. That’s the title of Shelita Burke‘s forthcoming debut EP, which finally comes in less than two weeks. To date, the DIY, globetrotting singer-songwriter has shared three songs, and each one has been different. Some readers may already be familiar with each single, but it’s worth running through them one more time.

The first was “Penetrate”, which was released earlier this year and became an unexpected viral hit. This sensual number charted as high as #14 on Billboard’s “Next Big Sound” list, and it currently has been streamed over one million times on Spotify. Now this is a DIY success story.

At the end of June, she released “Penetrate (Part 2)”, which was steamier yet equally as engrossing as its predecessor. Then last month, “Photograph” was unveiled to the world, and Burke once again showed a different side to her artistry. More art-pop than electro-pop, Burke went wider screen while stripping things back to create a catchy, groovy, yet sensual number.

Today, she shares the fourth song from the EP, and not surprisingly she has delivered another surprise. With “Drive”, Burke delivers her most sultry number of the tetralogy of singles. Classic R&B textures merge with electro-pop beats, but the biggest surprise is the theatrical elements infused the song. Burke weaves in a harp sample and transforms her synth to mimic electrified strings. While the music stirs one’s emotions, her lyrics make you contemplate the times you said goodnight to someone too early.

Hear the song below in this premiere. Once again, her Special EP, which is produced by Bellringer, is out October 19th. It can be pre-ordered here.

The concept of the EP and the title song “Special” were born out of a collaboration with UK-based music industry executive Nick Halkes, who is a founder of the XL Recordings label (Adele, M.I.A) and later was the main architect behind EMI’s dance/electronic business in the UK.

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