Racing at Meow, Wellington

On Saturday night, Auckland-based Racing brought their The Bass EP tour to Wellington’s Meow. It was the last stop of the band’s cross-country tour, and the quartet didn’t hold anything back, playing for nearly 90 minutes.

Before describing the band’s music and show, it is important to describe Ed Knowles’ presence. Imagine for a moment that Dr. Frankenstein was tasked with creating the ideal front man, what would he look like? In all likelihood, he would takes bits and pieces of Simon Le Bon, Bono, Samuel T. Herring (of Future Islands), George Michael, Brandon Flowers, and even Axel Rose. The energy of these six men, particularly in their primes, is contagious, and some of them even did some crazy things on stage. The vocal range would be mind-boggling, where within a single 4-minute song the front man would run the whole gamut of octaves. This is Knowles in a nutshell. If he had a larger stage, we’re sure he would have been dancing, crawling, and slithering his sweaty body all over it.

Racing at Meow, Wellington

Racing’s music is also a mash-up of the bands that these men lead. Rock, pop, disco, electro-rock, and indie converge into one delirious and exhilarating sound. Meow at moments felt like it was housing an arena-rock show and other times it was spinning like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. The band played their entire catalogue of music, which includes The Bass EP (hear it on Spotify) and their self-titled debut extended player (also on Spotify). It’s safe to say everyone in attendance extremely enjoyed themselves. No wonder these guys are fan favorites across New Zealand. Now they just need to get themselves heard overseas.

Photos provided by Stella Gardiner.

Racing are Ed Knowles, Sven Pettersen, Daniel Barrett and Izaak Houston. Their music is also available for purchase on Bandcamp. Support this band and help them get over to North America and Europe.

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