We have another nine new music selections for your listening pleasure. There’s quite a bit of variety on this one from cinematic songs that belong in an IMAX film to classically told stories to upbeat earworms. The Matinee October 12th has something for every mood.

Ceiling Demons – “The Rose” (North Yorkshire, England)

RIYL: Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Nick Cave

Ceiling Demons have developed a reputation for their innovative take on hip hop. From infusing classical and rock music to adopting a spoken-word approach, they have never been ones to take the easy path and follow the leads of established hip hop groups. For “The Rose”, they go even further out of their comfort zone and deliver a massive surprise. And it’s wonderful.

This song is incredible. It is a masterful mashup of Leonard Cohen’s and Tom Waits’ vivid songwriting, Nick Cave’s darkness, and Johnny Cash’s broodiness. Even Psy’s harrowing vocals follow somewhere between these four legends, and his storytelling, too, would fit perfectly alongside their great works. “The Rose” is a dedication to all those who have passed but have not been forgotten. For Ceiling Demons, the song means even more for them, as they’ve lost a very close friend not long ago. This is their song to him.

“Comfort me with your rose.
My body lies where flowers grow.
Somewhere in the end when we lose all hope,
And drowned in drink
And burned in smoke.
I hope you know that
You’re the life within the rose.”


The song is the lead single from the band’s new album, Nil, which is out now on Win Big Records. Pick it up on Bandcamp.

Ceiling Demons are Psy Ceiling, Dan Demon, and Beat Demon along with Sam Reed and Chris Shaw.

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DANCEHALL – “KO” (London, England)

RIYL: Twin Peaks, NE-HI, Heyrocco

Most people who first come across DANCEHALL likely thought they were going to hear some EDM anthem. Then when the crunchy guitar, probing bass line, and explosive drumming arrive, all assumptions are thrown out the window. The London-based trio are undoubtedly a post-punk rock band, whose sound is more like the outfits coming out of Chicago than London. Like Twin Peaks and NE-HI, they play every song like it’s the last one they will ever record. Their new single, “KO”, is no different.

For under three minutes, DANCEHALL get the adrenaline flowing with a high-energy, unrelenting banger. It’s the prototypical post-punk song, and we love everything about it. Heck, the song has us doing our best air-guitar, air-bass, and air-drumming interpretations. Lyrically, the song is an anthem for those who just want to live life as it is. Whether you’re a slacker, apathetic, or even a work-hard, play-hard bloke, this song is for you.

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HOLY WARS – “Cruel World” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Chelsea Wolfe, Paramore, Evanescence

Kat Leon’s – a.k.a. HOLY WARS – new album, Mother/Father, is just around the corner. Specifically, it drops November 3rd, and the LP promises to be one of the most emotional ones of the year. Mother/Father is not simply another record, but it is Leon barely her sole following the passing of her parents within a short period of time. She’s shared three songs to date, and all of them have been pulverizing. Her latest single sees her go in a slightly different direction musically and thematically.

“Cruel World” is a heavy, dark, pulsating rocker that is both edgy and haunting. The instrumentation is fantastically paced, creating an eerie canvas for Leon’s soul shattering storyline. This time around she’s not addressing her parents’ passing, but instead how much of the world has turned into blood-thirsting vampires. Everyone wants a piece of us, consuming our energy, our blood, and our souls for their own betterment. Sure tomorrow is Friday the 13th and some of the demons will come to play, but everyday they’re around us as Leon brilliantly reminds us.

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Magnus Bechmann – “Bruises” (Sandvika, Norway)

RIYL: Teenage Fanclub, Two Door Cinema Club, Max Frost

And the next Norwegian sensation has arrived, and there have been quite a few in the past two to three years, such as Sløtface and Anna of the North. Twenty-one year old Magnus Bechmann has every chance to be as popular as his countrymen and countrywomen. He’s taking a different approach, though, in creating indie-pop music that is akin to the days when Teenage Fanclub, Death Cab for Cutie, and Two Door Cinema Club were the big names in the business. Take for instance his new single, “Bruises”, which will be stuck in your head for days if not weeks.

The song seamlessly seamlessly combines groovy pop-rock, radiant disco-pop, and shimmering electro-pop. Consequently, it’s extremely difficult to be stationary while this song plays in the background. If the uplifting vibe doesn’t move you, then maybe Bechmann’s lyrics will. His message is a familiar one that never grows old – to never give up even against the greatest odds and all the bruises one may have. The young man’s new song could not have arrived at a better time because we could all use a pick-me-up.

The single is out now via French indie label Yunizon.

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Minor Premiers – “Oh My My” (Brisbane, Australia)

RIYL: Big Tooth, The Arkells, Big Star

From one country’s future sensation to another, we head to Australia to meet a band that should be on the accelerated path to indie success. Meet Minor Premiers, who released their debut single, “Oh My My”, just a month ago (although on most streaming platforms just this week) and has already been played by Triple J. Minor Premiers are not quite like other Aussie bands, though, as they channel some of the great American groups. Touches of Big Star, Wilco, Dr. Dog, and My Morning Jacket can be heard throughout this calm and pleasantly groovy tune.

The melody is like a gorgeous summer day at the beach – smooth, breezy, and intoxicating. The vocals, too, lull the listener into a mid-afternoon daze, allowing us to escape reality momentarily. As the song develops and reaches its crescendo, the multiple influences can be heard. The guitar riff during the bridge, for instance, is akin to Nels Cline’s spellbinding arrangements on “Impossible Germany”. There is one thing missing from this song, though – an extended jam session. Hopefully they saved that for the live show.

Speaking of which, Minor Premiers will be in Melbourne on November 3 and then playing a hometown show on November 11. In the meantime, support the band by purchasing the song on Bandcamp.

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Miss World – “Click And Yr Mine” (London, England)

RIYL: Dream Wife, Shit Girlfriend, Let’s Eat Grandma

Natalie Chahal is awesome. End of debate. Whether she’s performing with Laura-Mary Carter as Shit Girlfriend or through her solo project, Miss World, she’s crafting fantastic and immensely witty songs. There is definitely a tongue-in-cheek element to her approach and even persona, but look beyond the cover of the book to really discover what Chahal is about. She’s no Barbie doll nor is she here to perpetuate longstanding social norms and gender roles. On the contrary, she’s on a mission to tear them down.

Her latest single, the garage rocker “Click And Yr Mine”, is the latest installment in the London-born singer-songwriter’s arsenal. This time around she’s taking on many elements of the world. On the one hand, she’s expressing her independence, where she does not need a man to make her feel whole.

“I don’t need no boys
Telling me what is wrong in my life.
If I don’t have a choice,
I’ll buy that dress and wear it tonight.”

On the other hand, she’s sharing her observations on how people, including herself, have become overly dependent on the internet. Heck, our lives revolve around social media and the ease of clicking a button to order something online. Surely, there are more things to do with ourselves than to scouring websites and taking selfies for Instagram and Snapchat? Right?

The song is taken from Miss World’s debut EP, Waist Management, which sees the light of day tomorrow – Friday, October 13th – via PNKSLM Recordings. Pre-order it here.

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MRCH – “My Mistake (Phoenix, USA)

RIYL: Phantogram, CHVRCHES, Purity Ring

While much of the music world has gone in a electronic direction, one genre has slowly been pushed to the backburner and that is synth-pop. There are still some great synth-pop bands, and artists like St. Vincent are experimenting with it. However, the genre has not yielded a star performer since Phantogram, CHVRCHES,  Grimes arrived on the scene nearly a decade ago. Maybe Phoenix duo MRCH will end the skid.

One listen to “My Mistake” is all that is needed to realize that Mickey and Jesse Pangburn have the talent and sound to be the next Phantogram or Purity Ring. Like the aforementioned groups, MRCH deliver a song that is sultry, sensual, gritty, and suspenseful. It’s perfect for a night club, spun in the halls of a dormitory, or heard within the isolation of one’s headphones. Whether you’re listening to the song alone or with your closest friends, everyone will get lost in the shimmering and dark vibrancy of MRCH. What a way to be introduced to a new way.

The single is from MRCH’s debut album, Reactions, which is out today. It’s available on Bandcamp.

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plant cell – “birth of the plan(e)t cell” (Tokyo, Japan)

RIYL: Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Mono

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for an eye-opening experience, which is something you don’t always read when it comes to music. In the case of “birth of the plan(e)t cell” by self-described “Japanese & Chinese Flowergaze orchestra” planet cell, this song truly is one that will have your eyes widening and your ears perking up. This post-rock, shoegaze masterpiece is incredibly gorgeous and spell-binding. It is so stunning that it should be on a future IMAX film about space or birds or the ocean.

The song has the ethereal power of Mono and the interstellar majesty of Explosions in the Sky. What makes the song sensational is the restraint shown by the young collective. They could have easily fired up the guitars and amped up the reverb to blow our minds, but instead they rely on subtly to leave us aghast and wanting more. Calling themselves an “orchestra” as oppose to a band is indeed appropriate.

plant cell are Eriko (vocals/guitar), Masaki Sato (vocals/guitar), Kiwako (bass), Nao (piccolo/bass), Sino (drums), and Makiku (guitar).

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Warbly Jets – “Ride” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: The Horrors, Temples, early Oasis

Next week, Warbly Jets‘ long-awaited, self-titled, debut album arrives, and it should accelerate the band’s ascent to the top of Los Angeles’ music scene. But unlike many of their contemporaries, the quartet of Samuel Shea, Julien O’Neill, Dan Gerbang, and Justin Goings are reviving ’90s Brit music with a twist of neo-psychedelia. For their newest single, they literally and figuratively take us on a “Ride”.

Whereas their last single, “4th Coming Ride”, was a cosmic delight, “Ride” is a smooth yet sweltering number. It’s a song meant for spinning with the top down on the convertible while cruising along Venice Beach with your best buds. The ending is superb, where everyone in the car will be thrusting their heads like Doug and Steve Butabi (that’s a reference to the Saturday Night Live skit and later movie Night at the Roxbury that starred Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan).

Warbly Jets drops October 20th via Rebel Union Recordings. Physical copies can be pre-ordered here or get it on iTunes.

If you’re in the LA area, the band will be hosting an album release show at the Moroccan Lounge on Thursday, October 19th. Details are here. Catch this band who could very well be the next Temples.

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