Alert the Medic formed in Nova Scotia in 2006 and wasted no time in releasing their self-titled debut album later that same year. Soon after refining their lineup and sound, the band gained recognition with multiple nominations at the 2008 East Coast Music Awards. Their follow-up album in 2009,called We, the Weapon,  spawned four radio-played singles.

Last month, they released their fourth album, Let Them Have Their Fun,  and with it their biggest hit to date, “Corporate Kid”. On this significant momentum, the band is currently rocking clubs across Canada.Should they come to a location near you, get out there and join the party! As their House of Targ gig demonstrated, everyone will surely have a great time.

At the House of Targ, the band was supported by three local artists/ bands: Hearts&Mines, Josephine Leone, and Keek, who combined to give the fans a complete dance card for the evening.

note: photographer arrived too late to photograph Keek.

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Alert The Medic
Alert The Medic
Alert The Medic
Alert The Medic
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