There are as many bands in New York City’s five boroughs as there are delicatessens and pizzerias. With so much selection, how does one rise above the pack and become among the Big Apple’s elite? There’s the easy way out – imitation. Then there’s the less road traveled – create something new and different, which is full of depth and subtle complexity yet appeals to all. This is the route that Bodies Be Rivers have chosen, following the paths that eventually led to stardom for St. Vincent, The National, and Sharon Van Etten.

The alt-pop quartet have gradually shared music since their formation in 2014 with their last release being last year’s 7″ split single with Lacrymosa. Today, they debut their newest song in “None The Wiser”, which is the first step to something grander.

The song is the sound of autumn. It is filled with beauty, intimacy, grace, and breathtaking moments, akin to a quiet drive through the Green Mountains of Vermont or the Blue Mountains of Australia as the leaves change color. These times are filled with introspection, where the reds, yellows, and oranges have us recall the stories of our childhood and the hard lessons learned. Bodies Be Rivers’ front woman Lauren Smith shares one of her recollections about growing up and a specific time when she was lost. Where she felt out of her element.

“I tried to tell you,
But found it hard to say
That I prefer your shadow
And all your shades of grey.

I cut the wires.
You were none the wiser.
Nothing in this room will turn on.”

“None The Wiser” is an open number. It’s refreshingly different, yet its story is one with which everyone can empathize. Should Bodies Be Rivers continue to craft such stories, they’ll soon join the ranks of NYC’s music elite.

The song is from the band’s forthcoming debut album, Things I’ll Tell You When You’re Older. It is expected in 2018.

In addition to Lauren Smith, Bodies Be Rivers are Thomas Stephanos, Summer Stephanos, Jason Lawrence, and Matt Moon. Follow them at:
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Featured image by Kevin Bay.

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