Restless soul. Globetrotter. Dreamer. A life-long dreamer and wander. All these terms apply to Pauline Andrès, who has long searched for a place that will allow her to realize her most cherished dreams and, thus, to call home. Born in France and having lived in Berlin up until last year, Andrès has always been like a square peg in a round hole. She’s not an electronic artist nor one focused on pop or rock. Instead, her fascination with Patsy Cline and June Carter has led her down a path where she reinvents classic country music.

Her 2016 album, The Heart Breaks, for instance, possessed the beautiful simplicity of the ’50s and ’60s. Her stories, however, were not about romantic nights nor yearning after a loved one. On the contrary, she sang about the resilience and strength of a woman who experienced one disappointment after another. Not surprisingly, the record was critically acclaimed for its authenticity and Andrès’ fantastic songwriting, but that wasn’t enough to keep her stationary. Shortly after the LP’s release, Andrès did what she’s often done. She packed up her suitcase, her guitar, and whatever money she had and took a leap of faith. This time, she’s landed in Music City. That’s right, she’s in Nashville, Tennessee.

There she found her motivation to write her third album, Fearless Heart, which will be released in February 2018. Today, she unveils the record’s lead single, the aptly titled, “Loneliest Girl in Nashville”. In a mere five minutes, the song is everything you need to know about Andrès. It is classic country music akin to Cline, Carter, and Lucinda Williams. It’s the type of music that embraces you like a warm blanket on a cold night.

The story, meanwhile, describes her move to the US with $25 in her pocket and a guitar in her hand. She reveals nights sleeping in a car and hanging out in bars until morning because she has nowhere to go. This is the song of a fighter. Of a woman who does not know the words, “Give up” or “Surrender”. As Andrès explains:

“‘Loneliest Girl in Nashville’ is about taking yet another chance in another town… I think a lot of people of my generation in their 20s or 30s can identify (with this), as we move from town to town to try our luck and find a better job, a better life. Even if we don’t always really believe in our chances and even if it’s heartbreaking and tiring to always say goodbye and start over again. On a more “first degree level”, it also shows some of my own doubts about the music industry and the glitter and glow that comes with a city like Nashville.”

Hear the song below. Let’s hope she has finally found her home.

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