Every one loves pop music. Of course, there is a lot of diversity within the genre and various sub-categories. For us, the best pop tune is one that offers something different beyond the music that occupies Top-40 radio, makes us feel good, and delivers a full story to which we can relate. Call it the trifecta – the perfect trifecta – which not every artist, even the popular ones, can pass. For Danny Lannon, it seems he’s been acing every exam because in less than two years he’s emerged from an unknown entity to one of indie’s fastest-rising artists.

Under the moniker Vacances, his previous single, “Never Give Up”, has been streamed more than 140,000 times after it included on a Spotify indie playlist. Emerging NYC producer Brothertiger later remixed it, and when this happens an artist has landed on the radar. The next step for Lannon is for him to have a permanent place on the music landscape, and his newest single is a big jump towards making this happen. He’s debuting the song today, and we are immensely privileged to share it with you.

We hope your facial muscles are ready for a workout because “Don’t Go” will leave a permanent grin on your face. Working with Alex Fitts of The Kickdrums, who co-wrote and co-produced the song, Vacances has delivered the feelgood song of the season. Heck, it might be the feelgood song of the year! The upbeat and infectious pop melody is akin to the gleeful soundscapes of Passion Pit and Ra Ra Riot. As such, you’ll be bopping around in your living room, doing a jive on the bus, or skipping across the sidewalk in exhilaration.

An optimism also rings in his message. This is a song about our friends, our family, and our communities. It is a song about us. About how forgiveness is the most powerful thing we can do, and how we together can overcome everything.

“Look in the mirror,
Not much to see
Even though age
Never meant much to me.

I won’t shake.
No I won’t shake this away.
I left it all behind,
So I ran ran ran ran.”

The song is below, and we highly recommend spinning it endlessly until it officially comes out tomorrow. Then pick up a copy on iTunes or stream it on the usual sites.

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