The Matinee November 3rd features get-up-on-your feet tunes, emotionally-moving numbers, and a song by a band with one of the great names in music history. You will be entertained, stunned, and just amazed by the talents of these nine bands and artists. Things get started with a humdinger of a disco-pop tune.

argonaut&wasp – “Prove It To You” (Brooklyn, USA)

RIYL: Calvin Harris, Daft Punk,  Hot Chip

Electro-pop duo argonaut&wasp are back with a couple of new tunes just in time for the weekend. They released a split single, and one of which is the dance-heavy track, “Prove It To You”.

The song is quite electric with a super funky disco flair, and it is the perfect track to lead straight into the weekend. The chorus reminds us a bit of Everything Everything and the beats are very hypnotic. It is a quite an addictive track and definitely forces us to want to hit repeat again and again and again. Now this is the way to get the weekend started!

The other track is “Body Sensations”, which is also another dance-inspired single and worth checking out. With their inventive electro-pop, it’s only a matter of time before they gain more recognition.

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Drang – “Still Got Appeal” (London, England)

RIYL: Peach Kelli Pop, Cherry Glazerr, Aquadolls

It’s the weekend, which is a time to let loose and get a bit little crazy. We, of course, need a song to get us in the mood and encourage us to just dance, jump, and go ballistic. Good thing Drang formed recently and released their debut EP last month, and the title track is just the tonic for a Friday.

“Still Got Appeal” is a riot. It’s an upbeat, frenzied affair that feels like one has consumed a pound of cotton candy and is on a massive sugar rush. The melody is boppy, and the vocals are outrageously addictive. The lyrics, though, might surprise you, as Drang have written indeed a song for the weekend. It’s a song about celebrating who you are and telling anyone who doubts you to f*** off. Well, it’s more targeted at the superficial attitude that exists in the TV and film industry, but the message still applies to everyday life.

“The dizzy heights of the star machine,
They’ve run the credits, yes it’s time to leave.
This is my life, it will always be.
Your closing words in the final scene.
Angle up as you’re looking down.
They’ve written Fade Out, but you’re still around.”

Get Still Got Appeal right now on Bandcamp.

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Glassio – “Daydream” (feat. NAKAYA) (Brooklyn, USA via Dubai, London, and Paris)

RIYL: AIR, Charles Fauna, Massive Attack

Maybe you’re in the mood to dance and just want to settle in and relax. If that’s the case, then relative newcomers Glassio‘s new single, “Daydream”, is the song for you, and like the title says it feels just like a dream. The song features LA-based R&B/hip hop vocalist NAKAYA, whose sultry vocals turn this electronic number into an intimate affair. It is a dazzler of a tune that will have you imagining what the weekend holds.

The band shares a bit about their newest release:

“We were imagining Dre and AIR making a record together,” the duo explains. “‘Daydream’ is a personal ode to the times we’re living in – or for some – the times we’re fast asleep to.”

Glassio are two internationally-raised songwriters Sam R. (Dubai/London) and Charles Pinel (Paris), who obviously share an affinity for electronic music. However, if you look on their Facebook, they list everyone from Paul McCartney to Barry White to Brian Wilson to 50 Cent to Daft Punk as influences.

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Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? – “Sheep” (Kouvola, Finland)

RIYL: The Go! Team, The History of Apple Pie, The New Pornographers

Since their arrival approximately two years, Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? have been amusing indie music listeners, including us. It’s not just their name – which is one of the most outrageous yet brilliant in show business – but their varied approach keeps people on their toes. They’ve released fun and raucous songs like “Family Man” and unleashed frenetic indie rock with “Magic Swimming Pants”. The Finnish outfit take a different turn on their latest single, “Sheep”. Correction, they take different turns, as “Sheep” is a seven-minute epic.

The song is really two different tracks merged into one. The first half is gyrating, bubblegum indie-pop in the mould of The Go! Team and The History of Apple Pie. Its sweet melodies and the sugary harmonies will have people swaying side-to-side, doing a few shoulder shimmies, and dancing around. Then the song turns into something unexpected – a pop choir. The final three minutes and forty-five seconds is quite subdued and mesmerizing. Whereas the first half was the celebration of life, the second half is the eulogy to our humanity. HYESTJFAVHS have amazed us with their talents, but this time they have left us in awe of their artistry.

The song is taken from HYESTJFAVHS’ debut album, Jazzbelle 1984 / 1988, which is expected January 19th, 2018 on VILD Recordings.

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Khruangbin – “Maria También” (Houston, USA)

RIYL: Tinariwen, Bombino, Imarhan

In the 1960s and ’70s, Iran was undergoing its own cultural revolution, but it was the opposite of what happened in Russia in the 1910s and ’20s and China in the 1940s and ’50s. While the country was governed under the dictatorship of King Mohammad Reza Pahlavi – or simply The Shah – he encouraged the country to adopt Western principles with respect to secularization and modernization. Cultural and religious freedoms were practiced, and liberalization was realized. This is in stark contrast to how Iran is now perceived. The 1979 Revolution, as most know, led to the overthrowing of The Shah and the reinstatement of Islamic rule.

The memory of those prosperous and liberating days is the subject Khruangbin‘s terrific new single, “Maria También”. Infused with the sounds of the Middle East mixed with groovy, Western psych-rock textures, the song perfectly captures what Iran once was. And what it will hopefully be again. In the meantime, Khruangbin have delivered a lesson for us to remember – musically and historically.

In all likelihood you cannot hear the entire song, but the video, which is below, is well worth watching. It adds extra insight into the meaning of this song.

“Maria También” is from the band’s forthcoming, sophomore album, Con Todo El Mundo, which is out January 26th, 2018 via Dead Oceans.

Khruangbin are Laura Lee (bass), Mark Speer (guitar), and Donald “DJ” Johnson (drums).

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Mt. Joy – “Silver Lining” (Los Angeles via Philadelphia, USA)

RIYL: The Lone Bellow, The Lumineers, The Head & The Heart

Philly natives Mt. Joy are back after a short hiatus. The wait, though, was worth it as “Silver Lining” is a beautifully constructed number with an acoustic foundation that still ends up rocking. Although the Americana flair is enticing, the songwriting is what makes every My. Joy song stand out. Every single is a story that challenges listeners to reflect on life and possibly ponder a deeper meaning behind each story. No wonder Dualtone Music Group recently signed them!

On “Silver Lining”, guitarist/vocalist Matt Quinn is trying to find some solace after tragedy. In this case, the friends in his community lost too young individuals to drugs, and Quinn recounts the devastation felt by all from their passing. His words are heartfelt and transparent, which only cements are fandom for the band and should draw new ones into their orbit.

Mt. Joy are Matt Quinn, Sam Cooper, Michael Byrne, Sotiris Eliopoulos and Andrew Butler. The band is currently touring with Whitney and The Revivalist, and in 2018 they will open for Neko Case. Tour dates and information are available here.

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The New Spring – “The Moon” (Copenhagen, Denmark)

RIYL: Paul Simon, Slow Dancer, Anthonie Tonnon

There aren’t many artists today that make you recall Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, or Paul Simon, which makes Danish singer-songwriter Bastian Kallesøe one of the most interesting and unique individuals around. Under his project The New Spring, he had us dreaming in technicolor with his last song, “Gershwin Wakes Up Dreaming”. His newest dazzler has us reminiscing of a beautiful summer day in the ’50s in Paris. This is how romantic and stunning “The Moon” is.

The song is what folk-pop should always sound like. It’s not the Ed Sheeran-type drivel, but rather it is intimate and naturally ravishing. The lyrics should be poetic and delivered with warm and emotion. This is what Kallesøe does, drawing us in with his unique, soft vocals and titillating melodies and rhythms. The object of his desire is indeed the brightest object in the nighttime sky, as he serenades the moon.

“In the dim light we go whistling through the corridors.
Blue eyes, green eyes, grey eyes,
They’re tired and they close when nothing is between
The miracle world and the things wanting to be seen
By the moon.”

The song is taken from The New Spring’s forthcoming new album, Wholly Wholly. It arrives February 2, 2018 via Tambourhinoceros, and pre-orders for the vinyl are available here.

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Pinegrove – “Intrepid” (Montclair, NJ, USA)

RIYL: Car Seat Headrest, Modern Baseball, Mitski

Before Pinegrove exploded in 2015, they were one of Nick’s favorite hidden gems, dating back to their 2010 Mixtape One. His description of the band started by Evan Stephens Hall and Zack Levine perfectly captures their essence:

“Their sound is rich with creative electric guitar and drum interplay that leaves delicious little hollows for their lyrics to jump out and hit you.”

Pinegrove’s appeal, as such, spans generations. Their ’70s folk-rock vibe have older fans thinking of Neil Young; Crosby, Stills, & Nash; and Tom Petty in their youths. For younger fans, Pinegrove are among a new wave of singer-songwriters and soul-searching indie-rock bands who represent their fears and hopes. With “Intrepid”, Pinegrove have delivered another thought-provoking single. Through the wail of the intensifying guitars and rhythms, Hall shares a story of two people and their fate in this ever-changing world. Can their love and commitment withstand the chaos or do they set them aside to tackle more pressing matters. It’s a beautiful piece of songwriting by a band that continues to defy the odds.

“Through broke signal like what type of world we wanna live in?
Do we curl inwards or live long together in forgiveness?
And you said do we bend our lives to it darlin’?
Then we did.”

The single is out on Run For Cover Records, and it’s available for purchase on Bandcamp for the price of name your own.

Pinegrove are in Iceland this weekend, and they will then return to the US for a handful of gigs. In March, they will be in Europe and Australia. Tour dates and information can be found here.

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R. Missing – “Unsummering” (New York City, USA)

RIYL: Nite Jewel, Yumi Zouma, Psychic Twin

While Friday nights can be exciting, it is also an occasion for mystery. Who doesn’t want a bit of suspense in their lives? Now not everyone, including ourselves, are able to actually experiences such events, but we can fantasize about them, especially when a song like “Unsummering” fills the air.

Written and produced by New York City duo R. Missing, whom we know nothing about, this darkwave enchantress is beautifully hypnotic. The brooding and daunting synths and beats create an atmosphere of isolation and of the unknown, of the darkest alleys in the Big Apple and its most secretive establishments. This place, however, could also be inside the mind of a person trying to escape the chaos of the urban jungle. The haunting vocals and gripping storytelling give the indication that one wishes to find her sanctuary, her Eden. We, though, may have just found our little haven and a new favorite in R. Missing. Now we need to learn who they are.

The single is the title track of R. Missing’s EP, which is out now on Talitres. Get it here.

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