We head off on another globetrotting adventure on The Matinee November 7th edition. There are nine songs in this mini-playlist, and each artist / band represents a different country. In other words, no single country is represented twice. Well sort of not represented twice (you’ll see below where one artist is based in one country but was born in another).

The list is in reverse alphabetical order, although the mini-playlist commences with a song from a rising band that has become one of our favorite discoveries of 2017.


Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes – “Swim Deep” (Stockholm, Sweden)

RIYL: Young Galaxy, Wy, Makthaverskan

The band we’ve been buzzing about since the start of the year is Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes. It sure helps to have one of the best band names around, but it is the quartet’s music that made us big-time fans. Barely two years since their formation, they have received support from DIY and Billboard, and their debut single, the groovy and dance-friendly, Yumi Zouma-esque “Closer” was added to Spotify’s indie discovery playlist. It also made an appearance on a Matinee feature. Their next single, “Dreaming of You”, stirred every element of our bodies with its sultry, ’70s R&B vibe. Calling it breathtaking would be an understatement.

Today, Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes reveal their newest song, “Swim Deep”, which is stunning to the nth degree and the band’s most mesmerizing number to date. Not only that, it’s one of the best songs of the year. Every single element is executed to perfection. From the dissonant, crystalline guitar to the heart-pounding bass line to the stirring percussion to the subtle echos of the synth, the band weave a spellbinding soundscape. Co-front woman Tilde Hanson’s vocals, meanwhile, are heavenly and intoxicating. Her lyrics, likewise, are absorbing, as she captures our feelings of wanting to disappear into the abyss when things go wrong. However, with songs like “Swim Deep”, we’ll find our way out in order to revel in one of life’s great delights – music that moves and amazes us.

“Swim Deep” is from the band’s forthcoming debut EP, Four Waters, which arrives November 24th via Rama Lama Records.

Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes consist of Edvin Arleskär (drums), Tilde Hansen (vocals/bass), Siri Sjöberg (vocals/synth), and Elias Mahfoud (guitar).

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Yune – “Animal” (Aarhus & Copenhagen, Denmark)

RIYL: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Tame Impala, early Radiohead

Eurovision should have a Scandinavia-only competition because, as shown in our daily playlists, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and Sweden have developed some of the best independent bands and artists of the past decade (Finland is the place to go for metal). Many of our favorite bands of the past four years have come from these countries. We’re going to have to add young five-piece Yune to the list.

We were first introduced to Yune in July 2016 when they released “Panorama”, which was a blissful indie pop-rock tune that had us saying “Wow!” They’re back after a little hiatus with another song that will leave mouths agape.

“Animal” is the tune, and it is fantastic. It is simultaneously mysterious and sultry, possessing the cinematic grooviness of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and the sexiness of Tame Impala. Every note is deliberately delivered to create a suspenseful atmosphere between two people who may or may not spend another night together. Who is the hunter and who is the prey? Let your imagination loose and allow yourself to be Yune’s object of desire. Then return the favor and follow this band, who are on the verge of major things.

Yune are Erlend Benjamin Eggestad, Mads Flethøj Ege, Nikolaj Bugge, Tobias Andreassen, and Tobias Sachse.

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Two Cartoons – “Tyrannosaurus A.I” (Auckland via Dunedin, New Zealand)

RIYL: Pavement, Ariel Pink, Weezer

If you’ve watched the new Thor: Ragnarok movie, you would have come across Kiwi humor. Fans of Flight of the Conchords already know what this means, which is British comedy mixed with self-deprecating humor. New Zealanders don’t take themselves or many things too seriously, so everyday and everything is open to be teased and even humiliated. The new princes of comedic music in Aotearoa are unquestionably Two Cartoons. Bradley Craig and Isaac McFarlane are creative geniuses, evidenced by their last single, “Hospitality”, which addressed minimum wage jobs in the service industry. This time around, they take a piece of classic science fiction and meld it with a futuristic vision.

“Tyrannosaurus A.I” is Godzilla meets Ray Bradbury, where a giant monster emerges from Waitemata Harbour and attacks Auckland. It snaps the Sky Tower like a twig while dismantles the Harbour Bridge, but this T-Rex is man made, as its mind is the design of artificial intelligence. Although the song is amusing and whimsical, this is Two Cartoons way of warning us of the dangers of being overdependent on technology. Granted, the story is exaggerated, but it sure is fun.

The song is taken from Two Cartoons’ forthcoming, new EP, The Great British Hangover, and it arrives November 18th.

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New Candys – “Mercenary” (Venice, Italy)

RIYL: The Wytches, The Horrors, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

There are some really cool bands emerging from Italy. Like many people, we’ve only started to pay attention to what il bel paese has to offer, and it’s a good thing because we likely would have missed New Candys.

Hollie was the first to share the music of the Venice-based quartet a few months ago with their riveting single, “Excess”. Now that their new album, Bleeding Magenta, is out, there are a few more songs to share, such as “Mercenary”. This tune is outrageously good. It’s a menacing psychedelic rocker in the mould of The Wytches and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The reverb-filled guitars are right out of Austin while the gloomy vocals take us to Translyvania, where a lone man seeks his vengeance. Now this individual could be Dracula himself or possibly the one who wishes to put a stake through his heart. Whoever may be the hero, New Candys have given him his anthem, and it’s awesome.

Bleeding Magenta is out now via Fuzz Club Records, and it can be ordered on the band’s website and the label.

New Candys are Diego Menegaldo (guitars/vocals), Fernando Nuti (guitars, sitar/vocals), Stefano Bidoggia (bass/organ), and Dario Lucchesi (drums/percussion).

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Machine Translations – “Sola” (Lennox Head, Australia)

RIYL: Deerhunter, Sonic Youth, Ride

When Spunk Records signs an unknown band, you immediately know they must be special. That they must be creating refreshingly innovative yet exhilarating music. Once again, the Aussie indie label delivers with the signing of Machine Translations, which is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist J. Walker. Fans of ’80s and ’90s indie rock better get their phones out and start adding Machine Translations to their playlists and libraries because this band will blow your mind.

Their first single with Spunk is “Sola”, and it brilliantly merges garage rock, fiery indie rock, and post-punk into one bone-jarring concoction. If they were playing at any local joint around the world, people would stop and take notice, thinking they were listening to Sonic Youth, Ride, or Deerhunter. And this is pretty much all you need to know about this “new” band, who will be rising up the ARIA charts in no time.

“Sola” is taken from Machine Translations’ new album, Oh, which releases this Friday, November 10th via Spunk Records.

The band is comprised of J. Walker, Ralf Rehak (drums), James O’Brien (bass), and Robin Waters (keys/guitars).

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Kat Frankie – “Bad Behaviour” (Berlin, Germany via Sydney, Australia)

RIYL: Feist, Bat for Lashes, Iris Lune

Are you a tap dancer or just like a cool beat and melody to get your hips shaking, shoulders shimmying, and legs flailing in all directions? Then this next song will do the trick. Kat Frankie‘s new single, “Bad Behaviour”, isn’t a dance song by any stretch of the imagination nor is it your typical pop fare. Instead, it’s a sultry and smooth alt-pop number that teeters outside the boundaries of the mainstream.

The stuttering beats and trickling percussion set the pace, offering groovy rhythms that will set your heart fluttering and your body steadily gyrating. Frankie’s vocals are calm and lush, and her near deadpan delivery hides the emotional scars of her lyrics. Listen closely and you, too, may completely empathize when she says, “You make me want to be inside”. If the words aren’t enough, then watch the video, which has couples in a wrestling ring having pillow fights. The imaginary and symbolism are immensely clever and masterfully accentuate Frankie’s storyline and message.

“Bad Behaviour” is Frankie’s first solo single in nearly five years. Her new album, Bad Behaviour, is set for release on February 2nd via Grönland Records.

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IsKwé – “Healers” (Hamilton, ON, via Winnipeg, MB, Canada)

RIYL: Björk, Austra, Sarah Slean

Identified as one of ten artists to watch by CBC Music, IsKwé, which means woman in her native language, recently released her new album, The Fight Within. Imagine for a moment the powerful lyricism of Buffy Sainte-Marie or Sarah Slean combined with the lo-fi electronica of Björk and Austra, and that is the music of IsKwé. In other words, she is a force of nature within the Canadian music scene. As an illustration of her talents is the powerful “Healers”.

Anyone with even a minimal knowledge of Aboriginal culture understands the importance language, stories, and identity are. For centuries, they have fought to protect their heritage, and this continuing battle is the focus of “Healers”. For IsKwé, specifically, it’s ensuring that her Cree and Dené roots can continue to flourish and live alongside within the broader Canadian culture. Her lyrics are to the point but poignant, offering a window into the wishes of many Aboriginal peoples.

“This nation
Want us to blend into one face.
Still trying to recruit the dominant race,
But we’re not backing down.
We stand strong in our homeland.
We be fighting for our freedom,
For thee
Language of our children,
So they can walk with their heads high today.
Can’t keep a red man down
From helping his next man we send.
We stand strong on our front line
Our hearts and children.”

Purchase/Stream The Fight Within today at Apple Music/iTunes and Spotify and simultaneously learn Canada’s past while discovering its future in IsKwé.

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Hanne Kolstø – “E vi åleine” (Oslo, Norway)

RIYL: M83, Phoenix, Goldfrapp

There aren’t too many occasions where we are left dumbfounded, but in the case of Hanne Kolstø that adjective is an understatement. The veteran Norwegian artist will release her eighth album in 2018. That’s right, eight records. EIGHT RECORDS! Somehow she has remained under the radar, which really is a crime. Part of the reason is that most of her music is in Norwegian, but in this day and age language should not be a barrier. It’s not an excuse for people, including us, failing to pay attention to her craft. Better late than never, right? Her new single should have people swarming to her discography because “E vi åleine” is a dazzler.

As Hollie said, the song has a strong French flavor, where the multi-time Norwegian Grammy winner has merged the euphoric pop of Phoenix with the teeming bright lights of M83’s early works. The mix of synths and guitar are fantastically merged together to create an uplifting and exhilarating sound. However, “E vi åleine” isn’t a dance theme nor a song about love. It is a protest song, an anthem for the people to stand up against inequality, hate, and injustice. Loosely translated, “E vi åleine” means “we are angry”, making this song one for all of us.

Jansen Records will release Kolstø’s new album, which does not have a title nor a release date at this time.

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DRÆMINGS – “Loveless” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Pr0files, darkDark, Frankie Rose

Back in April when DRÆMINGS released “Great Escape”, we mentioned that the LA-based outfit was embarking on something exciting with their Gothic darkwave or doomgaze, which is the term they use to describe their music. Led by Munich-born Kimi Recor, the quartet’s self-titled EP was critically acclaimed, as critics and fans flocked to their ’80s inspired mix of industrial, synth-pop, new wave, and electronica. As great as the EP is, the band takes another massive leap forward with their latest single.

“Loveless” is a whirlwind number that feels like a wizard conjuring a spell of enchantment. The urgent percussion; the swirling, harsh waves of synth; and the eerie, lingering guitar create an atmosphere that belongs on the sets of Underworld or even Blade Runner. Recor’s distant and haunting vocals add another element of suspense, as she guides us into a world where sadness, loneliness, and gloom reign despite how technology has made the world smaller. If anything, it’s made us even more isolated. Umm,  this band is so good.

The band is comprised of Kimi Recor (vocals/guitar), Thorson (bass/synth), Christopher Vick (guitar), and Nathaniel Meek (drums).

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