You’re never too old to believe in fairy tales or fantasies. They are the temporary outlets from reality, where for a moment we can pretend to be a hero, royalty, a character from another dimension, or even a celestial being. Or maybe the stories take us to imaginary and mythical place, where we dance with the fairies and elves in the enchanted forests or travel to deserted islands to test our strengths against mythology’s greatest creatures. Music, too, can replicate the feeling of escapism, sending us to serene and beautiful place. This is exactly what Caitlin Comeau-Jarvis has achieved as Lavender Child and her debut single, “Happy Illusions”.

The fantasy-like, alt-folk approach she uses is reminiscent of Joanna Newsom while her vocals lie between Sarah McLachlan and Sharon Van Etten. When these elements are put together, there is only one possible outcome – absolute serenity. As the piano, strings, and percussion subtly fill the air, Comeau-Jarvis’ lush voice gently leaves the listener in a trance and in a state of bliss. The euphoria is later transformed into wonderment, as the song reaches its breathtaking finale. Like the great stories in history, the moment is unforgettable. It is memorable.

If this is just the tip of the iceberg for what is to come, then Caitlin Comeau-Jarvis‘ name will eventually be mentioned alongside Canada’s great singer-songwriters with “Happy Illusions” being the opening of her own fairy tale.

The gorgeous video to the song is below. In addition, the audio version has been provided should that be your preferred option. Comeau-Jarvis shares some insights about the song and video.

“‘Happy Illusions’ was inspired from a weekend at an outdoor music festival. The environment alone was stunning; lush forests with enchanting art installations throughout the trails. The unsettling ambivalence of the place came from the juxtaposition between the people and the peaceful surroundings. My head spun from the irony both in relationships to nature and each other. I heard so many people say that they loved one another, which conceptually was beautiful but realistically had me questioning the authenticity of the community. I sat down with Toronto director Dylan Mitro who understood the song completely and came to me with the video conceptualized. ‘Happy Illusions’ is a song about the experience of love and the human connection to nature and whether that connection can be genuine when under the influence.”

Lavender Child will release new singles over the coming weeks and months, leading up to her debut EP, Reflections. Follow her on social media to get the latest updates.

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