We pride ourselves on sharing the best new music from around the world, and the Weekend Showcase 3.44 edition is truly a global one. Fifty-three (53) song occupy the mega-playlist with artists and bands representing 16 countries. There are some from the US, but the majority of the songs are from one of these places: Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Sweden, and Wales.

The playlist and tracklisting, as usual, follows the list of articles from the past week. The SoundCloud version has all 53 songs while the Spotify version includes 45 tracks.

Enjoy the great music and discover music’s hidden gems.




  • The Matinee November 7th – DRÆMINGS, Hanne Kolstø, IsKwé, Kate Frankie, Machine Translations, New Candys, Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes, Two Cartoons, Yune
  • The Matinee November 9th – City Calm Down, Dama Scout, Dead Pretties, Evil Astronaut, Indigo Husk, Marlon Williams feat. Aldous Harding, Sjowgren, The Wombats, YAZ
  • The Matinee November 10th – The Boxer Rebellion, Bryde, Dream Lake, Mavis Staples, The Medicine Dolls, Oh Pep!, Pussy Riot, Superchunk, Violetta Zironi
  • Saturday Sampler November 11th – Bee Bee Seas, Black Honey, The Dunts, Fovea, Greta Van Fleet, Holly Miranda feat. Kyp Malone, Makeout Point, Now Now, Sigrid



Weekend Showcase 3.44 Tracklisting

  • Aly & AJ – “I Know” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • The Wombats – “Lemon to a Knife Fight” (Liverpool, England)
  • Bee Bee Sea – “Sonic Boomerang” (Castel Goffredo, Italy)
  • Indigo Husk – “Waste Of A Year” (London, England)
  • IsKwé – “Healers” (Hamilton, ON via Winnipeg, MB, Canada)
  • Oh Pep! – “Half Life” (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Sjowgren – “Waiting Room” (San Francisco/Oakland, USA)
  • Violetta Zironi – “Don’t Make Me A Fool” (London, England via Correggio, Italy)
  • Two Cartoons – “Tyrannosaurus A.I” (Auckland via Dunedin, New Zealand)
  • Superchunk – “What a Time to Be Alive” (Chapel Hill, NC, USA)
  • Tuvaband – “Mess” (Oslo, Norway)
  • Dream Lake – “Runaway” (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • DRÆMINGS – “Loveless” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Now, Now – “Yours” (Minneapolis, USA)
  • VAZ – “Solitary Ghost” (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Sigrid – “Strangers” (Ålesund/Bergen, Norway)
  • The Dunts – “Dimitri” (Glasgow, Scotland)
  • Holly Miranda – “Exquisite” feat. Kyp Malone (Detroit, USA)
  • Stillwave – “’94 Civic” (Utrecht, Netherlands)
  • FKL – “Violence” (London, England and Seattle, USA)
  • Pussy Riot – “Police State” (Moscow, Russia)
  • Yune – “Animal” (Aarhus & Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • New Portals – “Chasing Shade” (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
  • Fovea – “Cost Of” (New York City, USA)
  • Kat Frankie – “Bad Behaviour” (Berlin, Germany via Sydney, Australia)
  • Bryde – “Desire” (London, England via Milford Haven, Wales)
  • Lahayna – “Butterfly Bomb” (London, England)
  • Dama Scout – “Toothache” (Glasgow, Scotland and London, England)
  • Marsicans – “Throw Ourselves In” (Leeds, England)
  • The Gloomies – “Space” (feat. Madeline Follin)” (Encinitas, CA, USA)

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