So, what were you doing before you turned 15 years old? It likely wasn’t recording rock songs and sharing it around the world with tastemakers applauding your work. Then again, young upstarts Kingdom of Birds, who have been releasing and recording music for more than a year, are pretty unique. They are also one of the biggest surprises of the year because it’s still hard to fathom three young adults, who aren’t even old enough to hold a learner driver’s license, can create music that sounds like it was written in the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, or early ’00s.

Since 2016, Kingdom of Birds have re-interpreted the approaches and sounds of great bands and artists like Broken Social Scene, Joan Jett, and The Runaways. They are, in other, a group of kids creating old-school rock ‘n roll and innovative indie rock. Sure, your father’s bar band might do this, but it’s highly unexpected to hear such music coming from two members who are in their mid-teens and a 10-year old drum prodigy. Listening to their latest single, “Lined Paper Song, just further boggles the mind, and we have the pleasure to share it with the world today.

This catchy, blistering rocker is straight out of the ’70s, and it could be mistaken for a song by The Runaways. Little Sam’s pummeling drumming and Zeul’s probing bass line set the stage, and they provide the perfect foils for Ása’s crunchy guitar riffs and wicked vocals. Her lyrics, meanwhile, are at times fierce and pointed, as if she’s telling all the doubters that she, Zeul, and Sam will succeed despite their negativity. She’s basically politely telling to people to take a hike.

What’s even more impressive is that Ása wrote it when she just became a teenager, further demonstrating how far ahead of the curve these future rock stars are. Kingdom of Birds, though, are still kids, and how the song’s name was decided reveals the band’s youth. As Ása describes:

“Lined Paper Song” was a lot of fun to record and is a lot of fun to play! I wrote it maybe two years ago, and it was the first time I’d ever really screamed into a microphone. Its name was a joke that we had at the time. I had written a song and no one could ever remember its name but everyone would remember that it was written on neon orange paper, so we called it “Orange Paper Song.” Later on, we were learning another new song and one of my band members asked me what it was called. It didn’t have a name so we called it “Lined Paper Song” as a joke and never ended up re-naming it.

When we recorded it, after we got a take we liked we didn’t really add much to it, just a new vocal. I think that choice really left a lot of the raw-off-the-floor energy in “Lined Paper Song.”

Hear “Lined Paper Song” in its entirety below. Kingdom of Birds again are Ása (vocals/guitar), Zeul (bass), and Sam (drums). Remember their names because it won’t be too long before the likes of Indie 88 in Toronto and then MuchMusic catch wind of them.

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