It’s been four years since the Yeah Yeah Yeahs released Mosquito, and there hasn’t been any news about them getting back into the studio and recording a new album. Their performance in Brooklyn last week offers a glimmer of hope, but until they say something we’ll keep our hopes to a minimum. While we wait for Karen O-fronted band to share something new, another band has helped us ride out the wait. That band is Glass Spells, the quartet from southern California who has been blowing our minds for the better part of two years. They are essentially and literally the West Coast’s version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, although they lean even more towards the disco side of things. Well, that is until today, as they share their new single, “I Know What I Want”.

This sizzling single is freak-out disco punk that sees front woman Suz Gonzalez not only show off her Karen O-like vocals but she also unleashes her inner Siouxsie Sioux. The opening screech is eye-opening, and it immediately grabs your attention. The rest of the song is an adrenaline rush, and one feels like s/he is free-falling from 20,000 feet. Piercing synths, crashing cymbals, and chest-pounding beats and bass dominate the soundscape and create this intoxicating experiencing. Meanwhile, Gonzalez is the voice in your head, and she repeatedly asks the one question you fear to hear the answer to – “Do you want to know?” What will be our fate when this all comes to end? That is for you to decide. For us, we’re hitting repeat to experience the exhilaration all over again.

“I Know What I Want” is out on relatively new label Disco Goth. The band will be recording more music in 2018, which could mean a new album is on the way.

Glass Spells are Suz Gonzalez (vocals), Anthony Ramirez (bass/synths), Michael Rascon (synths), and Mallory Garcia (drums).

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