We’ve changed things up today, so instead of the Melodic Tonic we’re sharing The Matinee November 15th edition. The mini-playlist’s tile might be different and the author is the other guy, but one thing is definitely the same – you’ll only find great new music from around the globe. And since we’ve already stirred the pot, the artists/bands are listed in reverse alphabetical order.

Wild Child – “Think It Over” (Austin, USA)

RIYL: Rilo Kiley, Jenny Lewis, Feist, Jenn Grant

Two years ago, Austin collective Wild Child experienced their big breakout with their third album, Fools. Their mix of Americana, indie folk, and folk-pop made them a festival dream since their music and stories appealed to everyone. They easily could continue down this path and be known as the next The Head and The Heart or The Lumineers, but they have opted to change course. At least that’s the indication their surprise new single gives.

“Think It Over” is a shimmering indie-pop tune that echoes Jenny Lewis’ solo work and when she fronted Rilo Kiley. Canadian music fans, meanwhile, may hear Feist or the underrated Jenn Grant. Although this number is immensely catchy with its funky bass line and the sultry melodies led by the heavenly vocals of Kelsey Wilson, one thing has remained the same – the band is still a classic one. There aren’t any synths nor beats, but instead the band turns back the clock to the ’70s and ’80s and utilize their classic instruments (fiddle, keys, guitar, bass, and drums) like what Earth, Wind, and Fire once did. The result is a song that sounds classic yet in this day and age of electronica refreshingly new.

“Think It Over” is the lead single from the band’s forthcoming, new album, Expectations, which arrives February 9th via Dualtone Records. Pre-orders are available here.

Wild Child are Alexander Beggins, Kelsey Wilson, Sadie Wolfe, Matt Bradshaw, Tom Meyers, Tyler Osmond, and Cody Ackors.

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Th Da Freak – “Infandous” (Bordeaux, France)

RIYL: Ty Segall, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Jay Reatard

Every week needs a scorcher. A song that just screams turn up the volume, flail your head and hair around, and rock hard. Doing this week’s duties are Th Da Freak, who hail from Bordeaux, France. It is not necessarily the first place one would look for a psychedelic rocker that combines Ty Segall in his early days and the another-dimension aesthetics of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, yet this little band is changing everyone’s perception of the city known for its wine. Their latest single, “Infandous”, specifically will replace the images of vast vineyards with dark, dingy basements.

“Infandous” is a menace, and it is downright awesome. Through the shallow vocals, the reverb-drenched guitars, and the punishing rhythms, Th Da Freak take us back a good twenty-five years to an age when bands unleashed hell and weren’t afraid of the consequences. When bands stood up and said, “F*** the system”. The song’s title, after all, means something extremely terrible, which does not describe this song. Instead, it likely describes the world we currently live in.

The song is from Th Da Freak’s forthcoming new EP, Infandous, which is due December 1st via Howlin’ Banana Records and Noise Caliphate Records. It’s not exactly a Christmas album, but it will likely grab everyone’s attention.

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Pavlove – “Give Me All You’ve Got” (Ghent, Belgium)

RIYL: Best Coast, Dick Diver, Mac DeMarco

It might be autumn and it might be getting cold, but let’s go to beach! Or let’s turn up the heat inside and pretend we’re having a beach party because Pavlove‘s new single, “Give Me All You’ve Got” is a sweltering jangle-pop tune. This song has summer written all over it.

Buzz is building for the quartet in their home country after their song “Because of You” was included in the film Charlie en Hannah gaan uit. But for music fans, especially those who don’t speak Flemish, it is their music that will have you hooked. On this single, Pavlove converge the playful jangly surf pop-rock of Mac DeMarco with the smooth, oceanic breezes of Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno (Best Coast). The result is a song that will have you doing several shoulder shimmies, a few shakes of the hips, and possibly setting eyes on someone across the room (if you’re alone, just look at yourself in the mirror).

The storyline of the song, too, is exactly about this. So if you find yourself in this situation, take a deep breath, ask that someone to dance, and enjoy yourself. Let “Give Me All You’ve Got” be the song you’ll be playing all night long.

According to their Facebook page, Pavlove will be sharing more news soon. We’re anticipating that their new album is on its way, which could make Ghent’s hidden gems into a worldwide phenomenon.

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On The Wane – “Sultry Song” (Kyiv, Ukraine)

RIYL: The Oblivians, The Horrors, FEHM

It was only a month ago when we were introduced to Ukrainian band On The Wane, whose mixture of Goth-rock, post-punk, and doom-gaze perplexed yet mesmerized us. This is a band unlike no other, creating music that is simultaneously eerie yet enrapturing. Demonstrating that “Human Race” is not just an accident, they share their latest, creepy single in “Sultry Song”.

The title is somewhat misleading, but then it isn’t. In terms of the former, “Sultry Song” won’t seduce you like the great romantic tunes in history. It won’t leave you breathless nor have you think about the one who got away. This tune will, however, steal away your attention and hypnotize you with its harrowing and dark soundscape that is occasionally brightened by a dissonant guitar. The vocals are those of an enchantress, whom you cannot see yet desire her. As such, you are hooked and slowly reeled into this mysterious world. Or maybe this is another dimension where darkness is beautiful. Exactly how many bands can make you think these thoughts? Not many, making On The Wane one of the more unique and exciting bands around.

“Sultry Song” is from On The Wane’s new album, Schism. It drops November 20th with pre-orders on Bandcamp.

Anna Lyashok (drums/vocals), Daria Maksimova (bass/vocals), Eugene Voitov (guitar), and Eli Demyanenko (guitar).

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Morning TV – “Let It Lie” (Sydney, Australia)

RIYL: Lush, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Fazerdaze

It has been over a year since we have heard from Aussie dream-pop quartet Morning TV. It’s not their fault, however, because in July they released their debut album, Sun (pick it up on Bandcamp). Just its name, the record indeed feels warm and induces smiles throughout its seven songs. Arguably the most radiant of the song is “Let It Lie”, and you might want to stop everything you’re doing because this song will make you lose focus and possibly leave you breathless.

The jangly guitars and the soft, percolating rhythms are the beautiful canvas. They are the beautiful landscapes that you see while traveling across a country – wheat fields, mountains, rolling hills, rock coastlines. Front woman Brit Ward, meanwhile, is the wind gently blowing through your hair, and her dreamy vocals have that same soothing and comforting effect. All you can do is breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the experience, allowing the scenery and its sounds to mesmerize you. Allowing you to move on from the past and look forward to what lies ahead on the road, just like what Ward says to us in this song.

In addition to Brit Ward (vocals), Morning TV are comprised of Tim Cummings (guitar), Cameron Crew (drums), and Ana Fajardo (bass).

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HOLY – “Heard Her” (Stockholm via Umeå, Sweden)

RIYL: Tame Impala, Masasolo, DIIV

After essentially going off the grid for over two years and distancing himself from everything, Hannes Ferm – a.k.a. HOLY – is back. His debut album, Stabs, received positive reviews, including from The Line of Best Fit. But instead of releasing new music immediately, he took a self-imposed break. We likely won’t ever know the reasons for the hiatus, but the most important thing is he’s back and creating refreshing psychedelic pop music. In September, he released a double single in “Premonition / ◯ / It Shines Through”, which was the perfect pick-me-up. This time around, he takes us on a heavenly journey with the wistful “Heard Her”.

The song is like a Salvador Dali painting coming to life or alternatively a Tim Burton film. It is full of color and vibrancy due to the multiple layers and effects that have been infused. It all sort of feels like we are either living inside the zaniest carnival or spiraling down the rabbit hole and making our way to Wonderland. And this all happens in the first three minutes of the song because at the bridge Ferm throws an unexpected curveball. The song essentially pauses, making us feel like we’re moving in slow motion. The melody picks up again and this wacky but fabulous journey continues. We won’t have to wait long to know how the trip ends, as on January 26th, 2018, HOLY’s sophomore album, All These Worlds Are Yours, will be released. PNKSLM Recordings will have the honors of presenting it to the world.

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Hirola – “Fields” (Bristol, England)

RIYL: Maribou State, North Downs, Pedestrian

Look out Maribou State there is a new group coming to take your mantle as the UK’s greatest darkwave band and their name is Hirola. We don’t know much about the duo other than that LTO was once with the enigmatic group Old Apparatus and edapollo has released singles with Bad Panda Records and Svnset Waves. But if the two continue to make music as enrapturing as “Fields”, their identities will once day be revealed. Right?

In the meantime, sit back and be transfixed by this dark and hallucinating song that sounds like it could be on an episode of Stranger Things or Twin Peaks. The production work is low-key, yet a sinister environment is created. Everything moves a melodic pace, which further heightens the suspense and drama. When the low dub of the vocals arrive, delirium occurs and there is no escaping Hirola’s grasp. Then again, something this fascinating should be absorbed and experienced again and again.

“Fields” is taken from Hirola’s forthcoming, self-titled EP, which will be released on Phantom Limb and can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp.

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Headcut – “Melters” (London, England)

RIYL: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Le Butcherettes, Siouxsie Sioux and The Banshees

Wear a Siouxsie Sioux and The Banshees T-shirt and you’ll catch our attention. Create music that channels the legendary band while adding some Yeah Yeah Yeahs-esque disco punk, and you will definitely have us take notice. This is exactly what Holly Mullineaux has done through her project, Headcut, and her new single, “Melters”.

This tune is pretty awesome. It’s even more impressive that Mullineaux played all the instruments. She had help with the mix, but she’s a one-woman band who is making plenty of three-, four-, and five-pieces look foolish at this time. In listening to the harrowing “Melters”, which sounds like the anthem for a group of vampire slayers, one would believe a full ensemble was creating the dissonant, crystalline chimes, the teetering percussion, and the bellowing bass line (which is outstanding). Nope, it’s the work of one woman who now has our undivided attention. Imagine what she could do with a full band behind her? Mullineaux’s potential is off the charts. The next Karen O? We think so.

Edit: She does not play the drums, but she still kicks major behind

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Drahla – “Form Of Luxury” (Leeds, England)

RIYL: Sonic Youth, Wild Flag, Eagulls

We owe a big apology to Drahla for not sharing their music sooner even though they’ve been releasing new material for over a year. Better late than never right? Well, may be no. We’re feeling sheepish right now because this trio has the potential to be this generation’s Sonic Youth. Seriously, from their gritty, indie-alternative rock and post-punk mix to their vocal delivery to their socially- and politically-charged songwriting, the Leeds-based band could ascend to the heights of the iconic NYC outfit. Take their latest single, “Form Of Luxury”, for instance.

The throbbing bass line, the stammering and oft-kilter guitar riffs, and the grueling, punk-ish drumming are right out of the NYC music scene of the late ’70s and early ’80s. The deadpan delivery of the male and female vocals, too, point to Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon with the lyrics to match. On this track, Drahla target the materialism that reigns in this world, and where people are concerned more about their “first world problems” than the plight of the planet.

If the threesome are already creating songs like this, imagine what they’ll be doing three to five years from now. We’ll be paying attention and hopefully everyone else will, too.

The song is taken from their new EP, Third Article, which is out November 24th and can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp.

Drahla are Rob Riggs, Luciel Brown, and Mike Ainsley. They are currently on tour, and dates can be found and ticket information are available here.

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