Fans of world music tend to be restless souls who crave beats that speak to their adventurous spirits. Wanderlust carries them to exotic locations around the globe where they savor the tastes and sounds of the local cultures. The memories of those adventures become forever linked to a particular soundtrack – whether it’s swaying to shaabi or Tuareg artists in Northern Africa, watching ceilidh dancing in Scotland, or chilling to reggae in the Caribbean. The distinctive sounds of each region have hypnotic effects on locals and visitors alike. This is part of the allure of Moreno Visini – a.k.a. The Spy From Cairo (and f.k.a. Zeb) – whose newest offering casts an entrancing spell on all who listen. Should you call The Spy From Cairo a musician or a magician? The tricks he plays on your ears will leave you awed and wanting more, as you can hear on this new single.

“Shaabi Dub (Good Things)” draws primarily from Egyptian/Middle Eastern influences while its dub elements form its electronic foundation. You find yourself drawn into its mind-mellowing layers from the first notes and unable to resist its allure. The Italian-born, New York City-based musician/producer with Eastern European gypsy roots transports listeners to the hot sands of Egypt during this four-plus minute excursion.

His deft fusion of genres is built upon a creative blending of old-world instruments (like the lute, oud, saz, and sitar) into electronic soundscapes. The result is mesmerizing. You need not understand the lyrics of “Shaabi Dub (Good Things)” to appreciate the beauty and truth its melodies convey: we are all connected on this earth, warmed by the sun wherever it shines. Music transcends the barriers of language, politics, and religion, uniting us together in its rhythms.

The song is on The Spy From Cairo’s upcoming third album, Nothing New Under the Sun. This follow-up to his 2012 LP, Arabadub, is available for pre-order on Bandcamp via Wonderwheel Recordings ahead of its December 1st release date.

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