The Matinee November 27th includes 6 new tracks to kick start your week. We have a great mix of tracks ot get your Monday started off right. Artists are representing Australia, Canada, Finland, The US and The UK today.

Billy Raffoul – “Difficult” (Nashville, USA via Leamington, ON, Canada)

RIYL: Joe Cocker, Hozier, Ray Lamontagne

Billy Raffoul is back with another single titled “Difficult”. After hearing new and unreleased material at ACL Fest earlier this year, it’s nice to continue sharing the 23-year old’s talent. Raffoul has those soulful and unique vocals that you won’t soon forget (much like Joe Cocker or even Jeff Buckley with his almost perfect range).

“Difficult” is another forlorn love song that speaks about that relationship that is possibly on the verge of ending. Raffoul has a way of hooking the listener in with his unforgettable vocals. Once the song begins, the listener is drawn in even more with a super anthemic chorus and lyrics you won’t soon forget. Raffoul’s songwriting style is transparent yet also relatable regarding different relationship and love issues.

Mr Raffoul has been touring a bunch with the likes of Mondo Cozmo and Kings of Leon, which is definitely gaining him fans. He also was featured on a recent AVICII track earlier this year (“You Be Love”).  Next year he will be supporting ZZ Ward on tour. Hopefully sometime next year, he will release his debut album, which he is completing in between his aggressive touring schedule.

“Difficult” is out now on Interscope Records.

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CHILDCARE  – “Put Down Your Pen” (London, England)

RIYL: Dreamers, MAINLAND, Joy Atlas

CHILDCARE has a new song called “Put Down Your Pen”. The track is a bit more brooding than some of their previous releases. It starts off with a languid bassline, but then gives the listener a wake up call as the guitars erupt with a nice energy shot almost midway through.

The only elaboration co-front man Ed Cares gives about the track is, This song is about a penfriendship I had with someone.” As the lyrics mention, “I know I’m givin’ up on you, but I need me more than I need you.”  If anyone might be a holding a pen while listening, it’s possible it’s been dropped or even entirely forgotten shortly after the 2-minute mark hits.

“Put Down Your Pen” is out now via Elephant Records.

CHILDCARE are Ed Cares (vocals), Emma Topolski (bass), Rich Legate (guitar) and Glyn Daniels (drums). The song is out on Elephant Records.

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Fickle Friends – “Hard To Be Myself” (Brighton, England)

RIYL: Sylvan Esso, Oh Wonder, Paperwhite

Dream-pop experts Fickle Friends shared last week a new tune called “Hard To Be Myself”. It’s a great track that forces you to move with their shiny upbeat synth and frontwoman Natti Shiner’s shimmery vocals.

Ms. Shiner also shares a bit about the theme from their forthcoming album: “This album mostly talks about the feeling that like you don’t fit in your own life and are forever craving something else.” 

“Hard To Be Myself” captures the reality of insecurities around others as the lyrics explain:

“Do you cure the nervousness?
Cause every word you say, I’m thinking less
It’s a trick to second guess me
Like you would a lover
I’m a constant state of war
Why am I afraid of being sure
So fill me up, I’m insecure”

Fickle Friends’ long-awaited debut album, You Are Someone Else, comes out March 16th, 2018 via Polydor Records (UK/Europe) and Interscope Records (US). Pre-orders are available here, and there is also an option to purchase the album and get a ticket to one of their upcoming gigs.

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The KickDrums – “Love Is Fine” (Cleveland, USA)

RIYL: Big Data, The Black and White Years, White Arrows

“Love Is Fine” is the first new single from The KickDrums in over two years. The band took a bit of a hiatus to work on other projects, but they’re finally back and with a bang!

The new song is a cool amalgamation of rock with a hint of synth-pop and hip hop all packaged up nicely with some killer bass. Its lyrics speak to a relationship where two were at one time sync even though the relationship obviously has its flaws. The chorus states “You somehow read my mind” and “You see through me so easy”.

It’s nice to hear something new from The KickDrums and it will be interesting so see what else comes from the creative mind of Alex Fitts.  A debut EP  will be coming sometime in 2018

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Lake Jons – “Breathe Out The Fumes” (Helsinki, Finland)

RIYL: James Bay, Local Natives, Milky Chance

Lake Jons return with another beauty of a song in “Breathe Out The Fumes”. The Finnish trio have all the combined ingredients to connect with those loving the vocal prowess of James Bay or Milky Chance and the ethereal harmonies of Local Natives.

“Breathe Out The Fumes” is a stellar track that tackles the age old problem of truly being yourself. It starts out acoustic based and slowly adds addicting harmonies and driving percussion that completely holds your attention.   The song is about self confidence and self empowerment and the lyrics prove that the trio’s songwriting ability is top notch.The song encourages:

we can’t go hiding ourselves just because
somebody says we’re not allowed to disclose
you know eventually we’ll break the glass
nobody else can say what you feel

The band consists of Jooel Jons, Mikko Pennanen and Jaska Stenroth. Their self-titled debut album is due out January 19th via AntiFragile Music.

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Odette – “Collide” (Sydney, Australia via England)

RIYL: Ella Eyre, Lianne La Havas, Meg Mac

Odette is a singer-songwriter out of Sydney, and she is making waves overseas. After listening to her newest single, “Collide”, it’s apparent why every producer is clamoring to work with this young and talented artist. At just 20 years old, she is turning heads in the music business and gaining fans along the way.

Her vocals are timeless yet strong and her songwriting ability is also quite impressive. Odette shares a bit about her newest release:

“This song was written around the same time as Watch Me Read You. It’s a very personal song written for someone I was involved with at the time. It’s about a yearning for a connection that ultimately doesn’t exist.”

In one word, the track is mesmerizing, as the piano sets the stage and her vocals are at the forefront throughout the entire track. The harmonies are exquisite and her soulful style sets her apart from other female synthpop mavens or singer-songwriters. We do look forward to hearing more from Odette.

“Collide” is out now via Universal Music Australia.

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