2017 has been a crazy year for photographing bands. I’ve managed to get a whopping 277 of them in front of my camera. I also had some firsts – first time in a photo pit, first time shooting at a festival, first time a photo has been published, as well as my first of 40 articles for The Revue.

I’ve seen some personal heroes, but mainly focused my artistic energies on smaller bands in smaller venues. You can say I’ve been photographing the stars of the future and, in some cases, bands that won’t be around this time next year.

Thanks to all of the venues, managers, bands, and PR agents that have given me access. There is nothing finer than showing your children a collection of AAA and PHOTO stickers. Here’s to an equally busy 2018.

There are literally 1000s of photos on my hard drives to choose from, but here’s a selection that make up a Festive 50. There are many more I could have included, and you can have a look at www.jampondphotography.com/gigs to see what I mean. Happy Holidays!

Ten Oldies still going strong

A Certain Ratio – shot at 229, Great Portland Street, London. The last time I saw them before this year was in 1985. Always funky as funk.

Brix and the Extricated, shot at The Roundhouse, London. Brix is still strutting her fur lined stuff.  See the Revue of the gig.

The Fleshtones, shot at Nambucca, London. Hot, sweaty and full of dirrrrty moves. And that was just the promoter. See the Revue of the gig.

Frank Turner, shot at The Roundhouse, London. While Frank may not really be an “oldie”, in this shot he was taking the role of mentor to up and coming talent, Harry Pane.

Gary Numan, shot at Standon Calling Festival. Gary stormed back into our collective consciousness in 2017 with some epic performances. See the Revue of the performance.

Miss Grace Jones, shot at Standon Calling Festival. Grace may well be going to celebrate her 70th birthday next year, but she still has the kick-ass attitude of a teenager. See the Revue of the performance.

Ride, shot at The New Theatre, Oxford. Steve Querault (pictured) and I used to work together in a record shop in the late 80s. Closest I’ve ever been to rock royalty.

Spizz Energi, shot at 229 Great Portland Street, London. Spizz Orwell – “The mercurial Peter Pan of post punk”.

The Libertines, shot at Truck Festival. I’ve never been a big fan of Pete, Carl, etc., but waited for them in a torrential downpour at a very muddy Truck. Was worth it to catch this bromance moment.

The Wedding Present, shot at The Roundhouse, London. I first saw David Gedge playing to a tiny crowd in an Oxford park in the late 80s. I’ve always had a soft spot for those 1,000 mph guitar riffs. See the Revue of the gig.


Ones to Watch in 2018

BlackWaters, shot at The Scala, London. They are rock photographers’ heaven to shoot. I could have given you 50 poses from Guildford’s finest, Max Tanner. See more poses from the gig here.

Bless. Shot at The Roundhouse, London. I’ve been asked if Joei Silvester‘s arm is really that long. You decide.

Desperate Journalist, shot at The Scala, London. I’ve since taken better shots of the band (they even used one as a tour poster). But this gig was memorable, as I first met the other half of The Revue’s “Two-headed London photography monster” there, Paul Lyme. See Paul’s Revue of this gig. 

October Drift, shot at The Lexington, London. I just love this band. I even nearly asked to become their manager, but I bought two t-shirts instead. See The Revue of this gig.

The Wild Things, shot at O2 Academy Islington, London. I love this band, too. If they are not regulars on Radio 1 (or 6) by the end of 2018, I shall eat something. (Possibly one of the October Drift T-shirts as I don’t have a hat). See The Revue of this fundraiser.

Thunder on the Left, shot at The Fiddlers Elbow, London. Carla is full of attitude and belts out some fast and furious garage/post punk/angry-pop. See The Revue of this gig. 

Bad Sounds, shot at The Scala, London. This was shot at the last gig of their recent tour. It was the first time I couldn’t move at a gig due to being buried in balloons. Dancey, indie, infectious beats, and brilliant lyrics, as well as a great sense of fun. Go and see them in 2018. See The Revue of this gig. 

Bexatron, shot at 229 The Venue, London. I tried to see them a couple of times before this gig. They are still breaking through, but with the charismatic Bex at the front of the stage, I suspect that won’t take long.

Moonlandingz, shot at Truck Festival. Elias came onto the small stage carrying two beers and a fag. Bonkers music followed. One of the best albums of the year, too. See more about their performance.

VITO, shot at The Fiddlers Elbow, London. Photographed these Geordie guys a couple of times in 2017. Indie of the highest order and canny lads too.

Weekend Recovery, shot at The Black Heart, London. I’m sure that Lori and her band will get their big break in 2018 and hope to be there with my camera when she does.

And I could have added photos to this section of:

  • 485C
  • Alaskalaska
  • Anteros
  • Aphty Khea
  • Asylums
  • Boxed In
  • Centre Excuse
  • Charly Bliss
  • Dishy Tangent
  • Fickle Friends
  • Fight Milk
  • Garage Flowers
  • Grapefruit
  • Sink Ya Teeth
  • Stereo Honey
  • St Phnx
  • The Family Jools
  • Vukovi
  • Yak
  • Yonaka
  • Young Romance

And many more!

Hadn’t seen this ten before, but was impressed when I did

Barr Brothers, shot at Alexandra Palace, London. First band I shot at this venue. Also the only band I’ve photographed with a full size harp. (The band that is, not using one as a camera). I wonder who gives that a lift to their gigs. See The Revue of this concert. 

Beautiful Mechanica, shot at 229 Great Portland Street, London. Usually a three-piece, but were one down on the night. Seem to be a regular support band for 1980s revivalists, only I think they are much younger. Or they have a portrait in an attic.

Cabbage, shot at Standon Calling Festival. Paul had been raving about this lot, so I thought I would check them out. Lively stuff. See the Revue of the festival.

Echo of the Bear, shot at Brixton Jamm. London. Recent pic of an acoustic set. I’ve included it as all the stage lights failed. Rather than wait for them to be fixed, Alex continued the gig lit by iPhone torches. I guess in the old days it would have been Zippos.

John Hassell and the April Rainers, shot at Proud Camden, London. John is better known as the bass player from The Libertines. Enjoyable pastoral noise from the Anglo-Dane mod-revivalists. Big names playing tiny spaces are always cool to shoot See The Revue of this gig.

Nadia Sheikh, shot at Cargo, London. Stumbled across Nadia at the start of the year. She plays solid indie-rock. Her photo is also one of my most liked posts on Instagram – many of those likes coming from Spain. A true international talent. See The Revue of this gig.

Romeo Stoddard (and son), shot at The Roundhouse, London. I’ve never listened seriously to The Magic Numbers (Romeo’s band). Loved his intimate set in the upstairs bar and even had his son on stage to sing a duet. Ahhhh factor 10.

Suicide Generation, shot at The Finsbury, London. I tried not to like them, as they basically have limited musical ability. But they had me hooked by the end of a very energetic support slot. I’ve also taken pride in the fact that I’ve never used a flashgun – except this once! See The Revue of the gig.

The War on Drugs, shot at Alexandra Palace, London. Easy on the ear, but great show in a massive hall. It felt like a very grown-up concert compared to the back rooms in pubs I normally shoot in. Good band name too. Don’t do drugs kids, OK? See The Revue of this concert. 


Ten crowd pleasers

Alvvays, shot at KOKO, London. Only gig I’ve been to where photographers were banned from the pit. But I’ve forgiven them, just. See The Revue of this gig. 

British Sea Power, shot at Shepherds Bush Empire, London. Seemed to be everywhere this year, but I only saw them three times. Each time with a whole load of foliage. I have tried to be a Bad Bohemian throughout 2017.

Editors, shot at Standon Calling Festival. I last saw them in a small theatre in Bristol after the second album. Surely they are going to follow the likes of The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, and U2 into mega-venues. Tom Smith certainly has the moves like Jagger. See the Revue of the performance.

Jaws, shot at Truck Festival. Second of the two, packed-out gigs I saw them play in 2017. Suspect I should have also had them in the ones to watch out for in 2018. One of the nicest band managers, too (may be one of their Dads). Have a look at The Revue of the festival.

Laura Mvula, shot at Standon Calling Festival. A big voice and a big white keyboardy-thing. See the Revue of the performance.


Nothing But Thieves, shot at Community Festival, London. A rare smile – someone had thrown a sweet at the stage from the crowd, which was caught by Conor Mason. Audience participation gratefully received. See The Revue of this festival.

Slaves, shot at Community Festival, London, although they played on pretty much any raised flat surface they could find in 2017. This picture was taken just before the UK election, although the message probably still applies 😉 See The Revue of this festival.

The Big Moon, shot at Truck Festival. Enjoyable hard working, all-women band, destined for bigger stages and later time slots.

The Wombats, shot at Community Festival. Festival stalwarts. Not sure they were covering “Catch a Falling Star” or “Reach for the Stars” as this photo was shot, but a good Christmas-y pic, nevertheless. See The Revue of this festival.

Idles, shot at Standon Calling. One of the most engaging post-punk bands out there. Even Tarquin and Mary Berry saw them in 2017. See the Revue of the performance.

Finally, ten more that will stick in my memory

Tom Grennan, shot at Standon Calling. All the people in the press tent were telling me to go and photograph him as he was going to be the next big thing. I found him singing in a beer tent, but he won’t be playing these venues for long. See the Revue of the festival.

Black Honey, shot at the Shepherds Bush Empire, London. They played a support slot, and I was the only photographer there to see it (bizarre since the folks here at The Revue are massive fans). So you are looking at a unique image!

Julien Baker, shot at the Union Chapel, London. First time shooting there, and I struggled a bit with the light. Julien, however, commanded the stage and helped to create some atmospheric images. The Revue of this concert.

Kagoule, shot at The Scala. I caught up with Kai (pictured) just before he went on stage at Truck Festival and showed him a pic from this set that is on the back of my business cards. What a nice bloke! See The Revue of this gig. 

Lone Taxidermist, shot at the Electric Ballroom, London. First time rubber featured as stage uniform, and the first time I was sprayed with whipped cream at a gig. Was it music, a happening, or performance art? Who cares, it was surreal! See The Revue of this experience.

The Priscillas, shot at The Finsbury, London. Sometimes I wish I was about 30 years younger and female. Then I could join The Priscillas, if I was a bit more flexible too. See The Revue of this gig.

Pumarosa, shot at Truck Festival. Shot them a couple of times this year – the second time the other photographers told me to stop singing along to the songs! Truly excellent band and their live show doesn’t disappoint either. See more Pumarosa in The Revue of the festival, and check out their album, which made our Favorite 50 Albums of 2017.

Russian Circles, shot at Heaven, London. Been a fan for a while. Nearly had a heart attack when they played their first song of the three we were allowed to shoot in total blackness. This photo has been my phone screen saver ever since. Makes me think of a Roman gladiator resting after a battle.

Tugboat Captain, shot at Proud Camden, London. Had a totally wild crowd in a small venue which included the singer’s Mum live streaming the gig on her iPhone. They are also using a photo I took of that gig as their Facebook page banner, so gotta like them. But don’t book them to support your band because they will steal your show.

!!! (Chk Chk Chk), shot at Standon Calling Festival. I’m losing count of how many times I’ve seen Nic Offer and the gang. (Each time my wife says, “What again?”).  They are my best kept secret – the pit would get flooded if other photographers found out how amazing they are to shoot. Damn it! Cat out of bag time! See you soon guys. See the Revue of the performance.


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Marcus Jamieson-Pond is a regular gig reviewer for The Revue. His other write ups can be found here. To see full sets of photos from more than 275 other bands shot in 2017, visit www.jampondphotography.com.

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