Today we share our 61 Most Anticipated Albums of 2018, a list that includes long-awaited debuts, returns of some legends, and plenty of emerging talents destined for superstardom. Some of the LPs listed have definite release dates; others are based on substantiated rumors. Then there are a few that are just us desperately hoping for a new record. Let us know if you agree with our choices or if we missed anyone.

There are many other albums that we are highly anticipating from talents on our next list – Artists to Watch in 2018 – that we will share on Friday.

A Perfect Circle – TBA

  • The venerable art-rock supergroup announced in the autumn they were returning with their fourth album – and first since 2004’s Emotive. If the first two singles (“The Doomed” and “Disillusioned”) are any indication, we’re in for a massive, mind-jarring record.

Arctic Monkeys – TBA

  • The Brit indie-rockers have been turning heads for a dozen years, which is hard to believe since it seems like yesterday when they released their debut, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not. Will album number six follow the rambunctious disco-punk of their early years or the dark, brooding approach of their 2012 masterpiece, A.M.?

Ava Luna – TBA

  • Flying under the radar, New York City experimentalists Ava Luna have dabbled in everything from alt-pop and indie rock to ambient pop. They’re essentially this generation’s Blonde Redhead, and their rumored new album could catapult them into the same stratosphere as the indie legends.

Belle and SebastianHow to Solve Our Human Problems (EP 2 January 19 and EP 3 February 16 via Matador Records)

  • The Scottish art-pop band are releasing a “trilogy” of EPs, starting last month with the first set of songs from How to Solve Our Human Problems. Their trademark charisma remains, but lyrically Belle and Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch has written his most politically-charged songs to date.

Big Ups – TBA

  • After touring with Bully the past two months, Big Ups demonstrated why they are one of NYC’s most exciting rock bands. Fans of ’80s and ’90s college radio will flock to their unpretentious, gritty, and unexpectedly methodical and explosive mix – if you haven’t already.

Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubWrong Creatures (January 12 via Vagrant Records)

  • Last year The Black Angels turned psychedelic rock upside-down with their magnificent Death Song. Now it is Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s turn to take the genre into a new direction. The San Francisco-based band have already shared four songs from Wrong Creatures, and each one has been amazing with its dark layers and throbbing melodies. As such, this LP is already a very early contender for our 2018 Albums of the Year list.

CalexicoThe Thread That Keeps Us (January 26 via Anti- and City Slang)

  • While many bands within the Americana genre trend towards the middle, veterans Calexico continue to travel down their own path of infusing Latin influences into their music. The end product is always music that is simultaneously mesmerizing yet like a breath of fresh air. Early indications of their ninth studio album, however, signal a turn to the cinematic that could yield an effort that is unforgettable.

Carly Rae Jepsen – TBA

  • The Canadian star is more than just another pop singer. Her 2015 record E-mo-tion appealed to music fans outside of just the mainstream with its smart and witty lyrical content and top-notch, insanely dancy sound. Seriously, if you haven’t grooved out to “Boy Problems”, you’re probably lying. Sure, her music is anthemic and meant for mainstream radio play, but there is an undeniable charm to her style. Since releasing E-mo-tion, she’s released a collection of songs left off of that record and even played a handful of tour dates with Symphony orchestras. 2018 may be the year she truly ascends to the heights of pop royalty.


  • Alongside Future Islands, the Scottish trio top the danceable indie synth-pop band genre. They reportedly spent most of 2017 working on new material that is supposed to be “weirder” and “more aggressive.” Does this mean a journey towards the edgier approach that Phantogram has taken recently? Or will it be more like the detour M83 took in 2016?

City Calm Down – TBA

  • A long-time favorite of ours and one of Australia’s most engrossing indie-rock bands, City Calm Down are preparing for the release of their sophomore album. For newcomers to their music, think of The National mixed with Gang of Youths – a symphonic-rock band that make the brooding immensely beautiful.

Courtney Barnett – TBA

  • Courtney Barnett just cannot stand still. If she’s not touring across the globe, she’s releasing new material. Her collaboration with Kurt Vile, Lotta Sea Lice, was one of the best albums of the year. Then late in 2017, she announced she had finished writing her sophomore album (or third, if you treat her double EP as a full-length). We cannot wait to hear the stories that music’s wittiest songwriter has to share.

Cowboy Junkies – TBD

  • While legends in their home country of Canada, Cowboy Junkies haven’t received the same hero status abroad. Maybe a new album will lead to more people opening their arms and ears to the alt-folk legends who in 2018 celebrate 33 years together.

DeVotchKa – TBA

  • Fans of American gypsy-folk balladeers DeVotchKa have been waiting six long years for new tunes. The band’s last effort was the masterful 2012 LP, Live with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, so technically it’s been seven years since they released a full studio album of just the band doing their more intimate, stripped-down thing. Whatever direction the band takes with the upcoming (and yet unnamed) album will be full of beautifully haunting melodies and velvet-like textures.

DZ DeathraysBloody Lovely (February 2 via I OH YOU)

  • Frenetic, fiery, and unrelenting in everything they do, DZ Deathrays’ new album promises to be another head-spinning, whiplash-inducing, hip-shaking effort. While the earlier works from Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley were more of the disco-punk variety, the first two singles from Bloody Lovely signal a slight change in approach, mirroring the blistering garage-rock of Japandroids. And this is alright by us because the LP should be another face-melter.

Echo & The BunnymenThe Stars, The Oceans & The Moon (May)

  • The Energizer rabbit has nothing on Echo & The Bunnymen, who have been mastering their craft for four decades (2018 is the 40th anniversary of their formation). The Liverpudlians’ 13th studio album is expected in the spring, so expect to hear the first singles in the coming weeks if not sooner. Here’s hoping for another Crocodiles.

Ed O’Brien – TBA

  • After 30+ years with Radiohead, guitar master Ed O’Brien will finally release his debut solo album. What to expect from the LP is unclear at this moment, but given his wide-ranging talents (and multi-cultural influences) it is sure to be an epic voyage through vivid soundscapes.

Ela Minus – TBA

  • Gabriela Jimeno is not your everyday producer nor synth-pop artist. Her glacial, ambient style is hypnotic and dark, and her 2017 EP, Adapt, was a sensational and intimate journey into hopelessness. Unsurprisingly, it was one of our favorite EPs of the year. Her discography consists of just short EPs, First Words, Grow, and the aforementioned Adapt, which makes the next chapter in Jimeno’s life an exciting one. That’s because Ela Minus ‘s first full-length record should arrive this year. Will she guide us further into the darkness or illuminate the world with lightness?

First Aid KitRuins (January 19 via Columbia Records)

  • Sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg burst onto the indie-folk scene a decade ago and have since developed into one of the most sought-after bands on the festival circuit. Their beautiful harmonies coupled with a wind-swept musical style yields songs that are warm as summer days. While their fourth studio album arrives in the dead of winter, it’ll offer some much needed warmth.

Frankie Cosmos – TBA

  • Greta Kline fronts one of the hardest-working bands in the business. They toured heavily in 2017, playing headline shows and touring with Real Estate. Two years since their last record, Next Thing, is almost alarming from a band with over 50 releases on Bandcamp. Frankie Cosmos has shared some new tunes on tour, so it’s just a matter of time before we hear more of Kline’s smart, fun, and incredibly relatable music.

Franz FerdinandAlways Ascending (February 9 via Domino Recording Co.)

  • If people aren’t convinced that Franz Ferdinand are the heirs to the Talking Heads’ throne, their forthcoming fifth album could cement that status. That is assuming that the lead single and title track, “Always Ascending”, is any indication of what the rest of the LP holds. Whatever might be on the record, one thing is certain: the New Wave/art-pop icons will deliver anthemic, dance floor-worthy songs.

GengahrWhere Wildness Grows (March 9 via Transgressive)

  • Gengahr easily could be an Artist to Watch in 2018 as their forthcoming sophomore album is one we are highly, highly anticipating. Their debut LP, A Dream Outside, was a tantalizing, euphoric escapade. The first two singles for Where Wildness Grows signal a band about to take the next step towards claiming the throne occupied by Echo & The Bunnymen for four decades.

Glen HansardBetween Two Shores (January 19 via Anti- Records)

  • When it comes to singer-songwriters, few match the lyrical beauty and intimate delivery of Glen Hansard. It seems every song the Irishman crafts is destined to become a classic. Throughout his nearly 30 years as a performer – from fronting Irish legends The Frames to his Oscar-winning duo The Swell Season and as a Grammy-nominated solo artist – Hansard has proven himself as one of indie music’s finest troubadours. The latest singles from Between Two Shores (“Wreckless Heart” and “Setting Forth”) brim with soulful optimism to help listeners navigate their way through uncertain seas.

Grimes – TBA

  • Claire Elise Boucher – a.k.a. Grimes – has teased fans for a few months that her newest album is on the way. She promises that her fifth record will consist of “unexplored sonic landscapes”. No one has any idea what this means, but Boucher has never let us down during her decade-long career.

Hockey DadBlend Inn (February 9 via Kanine Records)

  • If you’re looking for some fun, nonchalant, surf-rock then look no further than Hockey Dad’s forthcoming album, Blend Inn. There will be, however, a few surprises coming from the Aussie duo of Zach Stephenson and Billy Fleming, as an early listen reveals the pair maturing as songwriters without compromising their entertaining style.

Holly Miranda – Mutual Horse (February (TBC) via Dangerbird Records)

  • Our early pick for the one album that should not be overlooked is Holly Miranda’s Mutual Horse. The Detroit native personifies what an artist is – a wonderful songwriter and storyteller, a gifted multi-instrumentalist, and an approach that can captivate and leave you breathless one moment then blow your mind the next.

Interpol – TBD

  • Last year, stoic indie-rock / post-punk band Interpol re-released their debut album, Turn on the Bright Lights, to celebrate the LP’s 15th anniversary. The release seemed to be a means to buy the quartet some time, as they have been working on their sixth studio album for over a year. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that a new record will arrive this year since it’s been four years since they released their memorable El Pintor.

Jack White – TBA

  • Jack White has confirmed that he’s working on a “bizarre” new album, which is “practically done”. Of course, given White’s propensity for riddles and cryptic messages, these terms could mean a lot of things. As such, let the speculation and office pools begin on what White has in store and when we will hear the LP in its entirety.

Jonathan WilsonRare Birds (March 2 via Bella Union)

  • Jonathan Wilson might be the most underappreciated and underrated person in all of music. As a producer, he’s worked with Conor Oberst, Father John Misty, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Chris Robinson, and a host of other talented artists. He’s also a trailblazer who is credited for reviving the Laurel Canyon music scene in the late 2000s. His music channels that famous neighborhood, where his songs leave listeners in a state of sublime ecstasy. When his sixth album arrives in March, we hope he will finally get his due.

Kraków Loves AdanaSongs After the Blue (spring via Better Call Rob Records)

  • A year ago, Kraków Loves Adana dazzled us with Call Yourself New, which was an intense, brooding but gorgeously cinematic effort and one of the year’s most underrated. While their third album looked introspectively, their forthcoming LP, Songs After the Blue, promises to be politically- and socially-charged – and also one of 2018’s most beautifully brooding outputs. This could be the record that gives the German duo their much-deserved recognition.

Kyle CraftFull Circle Nightmare (February 2 via Sub Pop)

  • Kyle Craft is among the new generation of great singer-songwriters, standing alongside Kevin Morby, Trevor Sensor, TORRES, and a few others listed below. Yet for some reason, he still lurks just outside the spotlight of wider acclaim and recognition for his artistry. But when his third album arrives, maybe others will share our opinion that Craft is one part Dylan and another part Rodriguez.

Lady Lamb – TBA

  • Aly Spralto has been largely quiet in 2017, poking her head on social media occasionally but offering little else in the way of what she’s been doing. Then nine days before Christmas, she revealed she’s been writing new songs for much of the year, which gives hope that album number six will arise this year. Her last release was an incredibly personal EP, Tender Warriors Club, which was devoid of the loudness of songs like “Bird Balloons”, and thrived in the quietness. While Tender Warriors Club was undeniably an incredible record, fans of Lady Lamb are looking forward to hearing a new full-length with the full force and fury we know she can whip up.

LomaLoma (February 16 via Sub Pop)

  • What do you get when you cross Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater and Cross Record’s Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski? You get the latest supergroup in Loma, the Texas-based trio that will release their debut album next month. Don’t expect blazing indie rock; instead, prepare to be taken on a captivating trip full of sonic enchantment.

Lucy DacusHistorian (March 2 via Matador Records)

  • After leaving plenty of mouths agape with her debut album, No Burden (a 2016 favorite album of ours), Lucy Dacus is set to create a permanent spot at the top of the indie pedestal with Historian. Expectations are that she will build upon her splendid combination of lush vocals, intimate songwriting, and bone-jarring, indie-rock approach, yielding an album that could be 2018’s equivalent to Angel Olsen’s My Woman.

Marlon WilliamsMake Way for Love (February 16 via Dead Oceans)

  • New Zealand artist Marlon Williams is truly a chameleon, as he can seamlessly move from crooner to classic rock star to alt-country and folk balladeer. His voice, too, takes on many tones depending on the style, which was evidenced on his smashing debut LP (another 2016 favorite). One thing, however, remains constant – he’s an incredible storyteller. If the whimsical “Vampire” and the lovely “Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore” offer clues as to what is to come, then Make Way for Love should be one entertaining and varied compilation.

Mitski – TBA

  • We know Mitski Miyawaki has been working on music for her next album, although getting the downtime to write songs has been challenging since her breakthrough, Puberty 2 (which was one of our favorite albums of 2016), has kept her busy. Should Miyawaki release her next LP, expectations are it will be come out in the 2nd half of 2018. Otherwise, here’s hoping for an early 2019 release, so we can be enraptured by her lush vocals and stirring stories.

MobyEverything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt (March 2 via Mute)

  • The man who opened the gateway for producers and electronica to enter the mainstream is returning with his fourteenth album later this winter. Credit to Moby for not deviating too much from his original approach, which merges the dark with the light in spectacular fashion. Richard Melville Hall may be 52 years old, but he’s still at the top of his game with few equals.

My Bloody Valentine – TBA

  • After 24 years away, My Bloody Valentine made a triumphant return in 2013 with the critically acclaimed MBV. That LP made its way onto several “Best of” lists from Pitchfork, Stereogum, Consequence of Sound, and many others. Frontman Kevin Shields has confirmed that their fifth album is in the works, and a 2018 release is probable. After Slowdive’s and Ride’s stellar comebacks, we definitely need more shoegaze to quench our insatiable thirst.

My Brightest Diamond – TBA

  • One of the most innovative artists residing in NYC is My Brightest Diamond, the project of multi-instrumentalist Shara Worden. For nearly two decades, she’s crafted deeply complex and dynamic music that ranges from emphatic alt-pop, sizzling psychedelic pop, and haunting Goth-rock. Will she continue to wage war on our sonic sensibilities, or will she lead us down the rabbit hole and take us to a place of transference? Given Worden’s unpredictability, she’ll likely deliver something completely unexpected.

Natalie Prass – TBA

  • At the end of April last year, Natalie Prass announced that her second album was mixed and mastered. Now all we need is a release date. Prass’ self-titled debut album was named to several “Best of” lists in 2015 (including our own) and was a marvel with its orchestral pop and an old-school soul approach. Will Prass stay in the ’60s and ’70s, or will she take a giant leap into the future?


  • Armed with frontwoman Stina Wappling’s Master’s in Psychology degree and a propulsive, synth-pop approach, trio NONONO are not your typical pop band. While they achieved immediate success in their home country of Sweden in 2014 with their single, “Pumpin Blood”, they could reach new levels of popularity in 2018 with the arrival of their yet-to-be-titled sophomore album.


  • By now most people know Ó is the new name of experimental pop-rock outfit Eskimeaux, the Brooklyn-based projected fronted by Gabrielle Smith. While the band released an EP in 2016, it has been nearly three years since their last full-length, O.K. In between pictures of Smith’s dog Frankie on Instagram, there have been photos of the band working on something. And while nothing has been properly announced, it’s incredibly likely we’ll have a new record from them in 2018. Given Smith has a tendency to create songs that reflect the times, Ó’s newest output could possibly be their darkest and hardest-hitting yet.

OughtRoom Inside The World (February 16 via Merge Records & Royal Mountain Records)

  • After frontman Tim Darcy released his solo debut album, the excellent Saturday Night (a 2017 favorite), the Montreal-based, experimental rockers will soon unveil their newest creation. And creation is the correct noun if the rest of the album follows the approach of the crooning, disco-Gothic lead single, “These 3 Things.”

Pearl CharlesSleepless Dreamer (February 2 via Kanine Records)

  • Pearl Charles has been performing for nearly decade, either as the drummer for indie heavyweights such as Father John Misty and The Growlers or through her own solo project. This is a pretty impressive resumé for any person, but Charles is just 25 years old. In 2015, she released her fantastic, self-titled debut album, which was a throwback to the ’70s. Her sophomore album likely will traverse similar channels and lead listeners to recall the excellence of Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac.

Phoria – TBA

  • It might be wishful thinking to hope a band who had one of the most stunning albums of 2016 and arguably the song of that year (“Loss”) will release a new album in 2018. The Brighton quintet have been in and out of the studio this past year, but the question is, “Are they working on new material or producing other artists’ work?” We’ll find out soon enough.

Phosphorescent – TBA

  • Matthew Houck hasn’t made a peep about whether a new Phosphorescent album is coming any time soon. Following 2013’s magnificent Muchacho, a 2013 and all-time favorite, fans are unsurprisingly getting antsy. Late-2017 tour dates, however, offer a glimmer of hope that Houck and friends are laying the ground for big announcements in the coming year. We’re crossing every digit in the hopes something is forthcoming.

Poliça & stargazeMusic for the Long Emergency (January 16 via Transgressive & Totally Gross National Product)

  • Just when you think POLIÇA have pushed every imaginable limits, they have found a way to extend the boundaries. The Minneapolis-based band’s newest album sees them collaborate with Berlin-based, symphonic collective stargaze. It is safe to assume Music from the Long Emergency should be one of the year’s most stunning and stellar (literally and figuratively) records of the year.

RhyeBlood (February 2 via Loma Vista Recordings & Last Gang Records)

  • Few bands can rival the breathtaking intoxication of Rhye, the project of Canadian-born singer-songwriter and vocalist Mike Milosh and Danish multi-instrumentalist Robin Hannibal. Their long-awaited sophomore album that arrives in four weeks should continue their trend of taking listeners on a blissful, sonic escapade. Just saying their name takes us to such places.

Screaming FemalesAll At Once (February 23 via Don Giovanni Records)

  • One thing Screaming Females are not is shy. The New Jersey trio are one of the great alt-rock/post-punk bands of the past decade, yet somehow despite releasing six albums have flown under the radar. This is a band not to miss in 2018, and their seventh studio album, All At Once, could be their OK Computer, except a lot harder, edgier, and explosive. Just hearing (and if you can get to a show watching) Marissa Paternoster perform is worth the price, as she is one of the great guitarist in music.

She Keeps Bees – TBA

  • Jessica Larrabee and Andy LaPlant have never shied away from controversial subject matters nor challenging the establishment. Whereas some bands avoid being called politically- or socially-engaged groups, She Keeps Bees embrace the label. Their music, as such, is always fearless, poignant, and intellectually stimulating. It makes their long-awaited fifth LP a must hear, and hopefully it will arrive this year.

Slothrust – TBA

  • Slothrust gave us a covers EP to remember with Show Me How You Want It To Be. Now we await for the trio to release album number four, and if history is any indication it should arrive in the summer or fall of 2018. And given the importance of the year when it comes to US politics, we’re anticipating Slothrust to release their most politically-charged, socially aware, and hardest album to date. Having said this, they’ll likely release a serene, ambient record. It really could go either way from these grunge loving former jazz students, and that’s why we love them.

Snail Mail – TBA

  • In 2016, Lindsey Jordan released the perfect EP with her debut, Habit. It was full of conviction and confidence from a young woman that many had yet to discover, and, thus, made our year-end favorite EPs list. It flew under the radar for a while, but got picked up by Matador for a re-release in 2017. That, plus a handful of shows with bands like Priests and Beach Fossils put them front and center in front of audiences that most certainly would dig their sound. With several tour dates announced for the first quarter of 2018 and following an appearance on NPR’s Tiny Desk, the only thing holding Jordan and her mates back is a debut album. That should arrive this year.

Spiritualized – TBA

  • Spiritualized were supposed to release their new album in 2017. Then again, many had hoped it would have arrived in 2016. However, as project mastermind Jason Pierce has indicated the next Spiritualized album could be his last, it is understandable that he and his mates are taking their time to perfect their eighth record. Until it arrives, we’ll continue to add Spiritualized to our Most Anticipated Albums list.

Sunflower Bean – TBA

  • Tour dates announced for 2018? Check. New single released at the end of 2017? Check. A wave of publicity and increased social media presence? Check and check. The odds are pretty good that star indie trio Sunflower Bean’s sophomore album will arrive this year, and it follows on their fabulous debut and a 2016 favorite, Human Ceremony. Trying to predict what their second effort holds is difficult. It could be Fleetwood Mac in its approach (like lead single “I Was a Fool” indicates) or maybe they’re following in Wolf Alice’s footsteps to deliver something that is all over the board but brilliantly executed. Either way, Sunflower Bean appear to be standing at the threshold to rock superstardom, and their next album is likely the key.

SuperchunkWhat A Time To Be Alive (February 16 via Merge Records)

  • Long-time indie-rock stalwarts Superchunk will unveil their eleventh album in a little over six weeks time. Whereas many similar bands and artists attempt to catch up with the times, these living legends are sticking with the approach that made them one of rock’s biggest influences. Plus, they’re reminding us there is still a place for guitar-driven music and for bands not afraid to rattle the status quo.

The Twilight Sad – TBA

  • Fans of Scottish indie rock trio The Twilight Sad know that 2018 marks the band’s 15th year together. They also know that frontman James Graham has been dropping blatant hints about a follow-up to their 2014 LP, Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave. A new album will coincide nicely with The Cure’s 40th anniversary concert in London this July where The Twilight Sad will perform along with Slowdive, Ride, Editors, Interpol, and more. While their brooding tunes are far from sunny, a new LP should blow some cool Scottish winds into this heated, contentious world.

Thom Yorke – TBD

  • Perhaps this is a case of wishful thinking since Radiohead will be touring in 2018. However, a global tour has never stopped Thom Yorke from writing, recording, and releasing new music. Assuming he does release something, will it be from his solo project and as a follow-up to their 2014 LP, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, or the second chapter to Atoms for Peace’s 2013 debut, Amok? Expect the unexpected, which is another reason why Yorke is on this list.

Vampire WeekendMitsubishi Macchiato (TBA)

  • One could make a very strong argument that Vampire Weekend put the hipster into indie music with their approach that infuses instruments, approaches, and textures from multiple cultures. Whereas many bands view music in a linear fashion, the NYC-based outfit view things through a multi-dimensional prism. Not surprisingly, their fourth album, Mitsubishi Macchiato, is on virtually every music outlet’s Most Anticipated Albums list (not to mention an early contender for best album title).

Warpaint – TBC

  • It might be a bit overzealous on our part to think Warpaint will be releasing an album only two years since Heads Up. What Emily Kokal, Theresa Wayman, Jenny Lee Lindberg, and Stella Mozgawa have shown us, however, is that they never rest on their laurels. Instead, they are always working and looking to share something new. So we wouldn’t be surprised if they released a new LP or EP before they head out in May to support Harry Stiles’ global tour.

The Wombats Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life (February 9th via Kobalt Music)

  • Entering their 15th year as a band, The Wombats are still finding ways to make their music sound fresh and new instead of resorting to the conventional tactics many veteran groups and artists have used. Their new album should have longtime fans in a celebratory mood while introducing a whole new generation to what great indie pop sounds like.

Yo La Tengo – TBA

  • Yo La Tengo aren’t the types to announce tour dates without anything new to offer, so it’s safe to predict the indie legends will have something in their back pocket by the time March arrives. Throughout their 34-year history that spans 14 studio albums, they have long been influenced by the state of the world. As such, a new album should most definitely be on the way.

Young Fathers – TBA

  • One of the most innovative bands to arrive in the past five years have been working on new material for the last year. Things started off on a high for cross-genre trio Young Fathers (some refer to them as alternative hip-hop) as they shared previously-released and new material for the T2 Trainspotting soundtrack. They did comment in the fall that they were planning a follow-up to their 2015 LP, White Men Are Black Men Too. For as long as we’ve known this Scottish trio, we can count on them to release some of the most poignant songs of the year, like “Lord”.

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