Music can be about much more than pleasing tunes and engaging lyrics. Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Steve Benjamins brings a touch of introspection to his single “Manhood”, exploring what it takes to be masculine at a time when male behaviour is coming under a critical spotlight.

We’re delighted to premiere the single and Benjamin’s video here today.

Sometimes less is more. The simple, slowed down eyes-to-camera stare from a group of kids is a compelling visual accompaniment to Benjamin’s anthem to being a man. Described as a portrayal of discord between pride and self-doubt through an aesthetic masquerade, the one-act scenario writes its own story over the song. Contemporary yet nostalgic, this is a cleverly produced piece of short film.

So what is the song about? Pitching an energetically percussive story of a protagonist running through life, cool and confident, we have indie pop with an urban edge. Then comes the twist we love. Dropping down, we’re taken into an inner world, crying out for love and understanding:

“Forgive me love, I’ve become lost,
I’m not as strong as I should be,
Scared you’ll find out scared you’ll see,
That I’m not as strong as I should be.”

Self-released on January 29th, 2018, “Manhood” deserves to repeat the success of “Silence”, which, with a quarter of a million streams, established a niche for Benjamins’ work. Both tracks are taken from Benjamins’ forthcoming EP, also titled Manhood.

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