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Jack In The Box feat. Lorna Dea – “Got To Have You” (single premiere)


Having spotted Lorna Dea as one of our ‘Artists to Watch’ back in 2016 and enjoyed her debut EP, Little Spark, later that year, we’ve been wondering when she would pop up on our radar again with more of her deliciously addictive pop sounds. Sure enough, it won’t be long before we get to hear her latest work.

Dea has been working hard on her next EP Comfort Zone, which drops next week, She’s also been having a bit of fun with Jack In The Box, exploring a quirky alter-ego that’s both curiously liberating and slightly bonkers. And to offer a taste of what is to come, we’re delighted to premiere the single “Got To Have You”, and its bizarrely entertaining video, here today.

The song tells a story of first encounters, eyes meeting across a crowded room:

‘You walk over this way,
You ask if I’m alone,
You think you’re taking me home…’

‘Now you’re standing next to me,
You can’t deny the chemistry
Losing my mind’

The arrangements and delivery are bang on the money – fresh and contemporary with an earworm of a hookline. Dea’s vocals sit neatly on top, crisp, clear and full of personality.

Then there’s the video.

Anyone who has seen Dea (to rhyme with “tea’) perform live will know that she’s stunningly stylish. With a background in photographic modelling, she presents herself with the ease of someone who is used to being beautiful. The video that accompanies “Got To Have You” proves Dea doesn’t take herself too seriously. Hair awry and lipstick on teeth, this is Dea as you’ve never seen her before. With cutaways to gorgeously eccentric retro clips, we’re given an amusing mini-film that adds an alternative interpretation to the track.

Take a look at the video below, or if you prefer, listen in to the audio.

Released by Big Help Music, “Got To Have You” is available to pre-order here, alongside the forthcoming EP Comfort Zone, which can be pre-ordered here.

Lorna Dea is already back in the studio, collaborating with multi-award-winning producer-songwriter Fred Cox (Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Izzy Bizu), so it’ll be worth keeping up with her to hear the results – here are the links you need:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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  1. Susan Dziombak

    Slightly quirky, different from your normal style of music which shows you musical versatility. FAB!! Can’t wait to listen to your new EP.

  2. Bud Dziombak

    Wow, a step away from your musical “comfort zone” see what I did there, looking forward to hearing more of your “stuff”

  3. You look crazy but sound amazing. Pretty much what I’m used to by now 🙂 good stuff

  4. A great artist! Love watching her perform fortnightly at The Fusilier and The Bear!! Xx

  5. I actually can’t wait for the release of your Eap, this write up and your song and music video is amazing!

  6. Thank you for such an amazing write up, this style of music is different from what I am used to but I was delighted to feature on this track and try something new, I am so glad it has been received with such positivity.
    I love how bonkers the video is, we had so much fun filming it ☺️

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