ticktock is a Danish trio comprised of Sebastian Zieler, Jacob Koefoed, and Jens Skovgaard.

The trio’s newest EP was just released last week, and we are happy to premiere the video for the EP’s title track.  “A Violence of Innocence” takes the listener on a sonic journey of trippy psychedelic vibes and pulsating synth. The video adds even more fanfare with a definite retro ’80s vibe, extensive dancing, and a proper amount of foliage throughout.

The band shares a bit about the video production:
The video for A Violence Of Innocence was a collaborative effort between the photographer Morten Jensen, lighting operator Milan Bjørnild, and assistant Nina Zieler, and us, tied together artfully by editor Martin Munck Schmidt.

“Music transports us to another place, and we wanted to give a glimpse of a colourful elsewhere. We also wanted to present ourselves as a band for the first time on camera – we’ve made a transition from a solo project to a trio since the last EP, and wanted to show who we are in a direct way that reflects our musical universe and, in its quirky, humourous, and referential way, us as people together.” says lead singer Sebastian Zieler.
Sonically, “A Violence of Innocence” has many amazing things going through it.  Sebastian’s hushed vocals standout against the Stranger Things-esque darktonica, and the song is closed out with a really harmonious chorus.

Sebastian also shares a bit about the motivation behind their newest EP release:

“For a while now, we’ve thought about positivity in music being a bit of a holy grail. We failed on this EP, really – life got in the way and a break-up and stress has had to be dealt with in song form. But we’ve tried not to off-load feelings on the listener, and instead to let them go full circle – to have each song provide a solution to the problem it presents.”

ticktock are definitely blazing their own path by melding together a myriad of genres to create their own style. Their eclectic blend can definitely prove successful with a bit more exposure (think Alt-J).

A Violence of Innocence is released via hfn music and is available here. The audio version of the song is also available below.

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