Is there a more beautiful instrument to hear than the crystal clear tones of the harp? Long restricted to classical music and off-Broadway plays, artists like Joanna Newsom and Loreena McKennitt helped bring the elegant instrument to the mainstream. The harp, though, still remains underutilized, even by harpists themselves. Take for instance Portland-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Lily Breshears and her project Sheers. Including Daniel Rossi and Aaron Stern, the chamber dream-pop band have released a handful of songs and an EP, but the harp played a supporting as oppose to a lead role. That is until now, as the trio unveil its dazzling power on their new single, “An Occasion”, which we are pleased to premiere today.

Like a butterfly gliding in the gentle breeze on the first day of spring, Breshears voice and the harp float harmoniously together. The song feels a great fairy tale coming to life. We’ve been taken to heaven or maybe it is Neverland, somewhere exotic and gorgeous that only our minds can contain its beauty. But listen closely and you’ll hear a touch of darkness that drips in Brashears’ words. The world she, Rossi, and Stern have taken us is indeed deep inside us. It is the feeling of loneliness and frustration, where the only person who can hear you is yourself. It is that foreboding feeling of not being heard nor seen. And yet despite the darkness of the song’s message, the music is the guide that takes us into the light, making us hope and believe that our day will come. Believe that Sheers’ day will come.

“An Occasion” is the lead single from Sheers’ forthcoming EP, which is out April 4th. The band promises more harp and an increased exploration of electronic textures.

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